Snowboots clearance at WalMart


Lori emailed to let me know that her WalMart has snowboots on clearance from $3.50-7.00.   Not sure which location this was.   I got myself some snowboots on clearance (after waiting around two winters to get a good deal!) in January… I had no idea they still have snowboots in stock!

Looking for more good deals on snow boots? Here’s some on Amazon.

OH YEAH!   I keep forgetting to tell you – use the $2 Olay Bar Soap coupon at WalMart (on the 2 bar package) to get it free.   It should be just under two bucks. Free soap!



  1. FYI the Walmart on Platte and Chelton has there Olay bar 2 packs a 2.49 or something close to that not 1.97.

  2. I found the same price $2.49-ish) for the Olay Bar 2packs at the Falcon walmart…so I passed for now. If there is a better price on them in town, I’d love to know! :)

  3. Yesterday I found the price of $2.48 at the walmart on gymboree.

  4. Oops I mean Razorback Rd

  5. Falcon Walmart has some snow boots on clearance – not many, but a shelf-ful

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