A video tour of my coupon box

Here’s how I organize my coupons! Since first doing this video, I’ve transitioned my method a little bit – read more about how to use this method but not clip quite so many coupons as I used to.

There’s a big chapter on organizing your coupons in Grocery University, my audio series designed to teach anyone how to save big on their groceries!  The student workbook also includes a list of suggested divider categories as well as close-up pictures of how mine is assembled.  Use coupon code COUPONBOX to save $10 on the Grocery University audio series + student workbook + rock bottom price list (limited time only!).

More couponing tips here.



  1. Awesome, Carrie!! This helps a lot. I have an expanding file since I start “really” collecting only a month or 2 ago, but it’s way too tight, so I need to look for a box like this, or slightly smaller. I love your subcategories and how they’re in a folded piece of paper. Genius. :)

  2. Aaron Z says:

    Thanks, I have been waiting to see how you did your coupon box. The video was very helpful.

  3. Tiphanie says:

    Hi Carrie,
    This is a cute video! I went to your workshop last month and have enjoyed copying your coupon storage system. It was soooo helpful to get your category list and then customize it for myself instead of starting from scratch. I especially like the idea of folders for each category. I made mine out of cardstock in different colors for the general categories like food, frozen, health and beauty and household. I also made a separate folder for each store like Target, Costco, Safeway, Albertsons, King Soopers and I’m using them for the print-out catalinas for each store as well as the store coupons.

    My main comment concerns the size of the box. I’m just getting started so I don’t have as many coupons as you, but I wanted to share my spacer idea. I bought the same kind of box from Target, knowing I’ll eventually need one that big, and found that a large sized sliding match box (6″x3″x2″) works well as a spacer to hold up the folders. My box is a little over half full, and by turning the matchbox the long way, it holds the folders up. When I add more, I’ll be able to turn it for another size spacer and then even be able to stand it on it’s side when I only have about two inches of space left. I wrapped it in pretty paper so it wouldn’t look odd bringing a box of matches into a store! With the spacer in the back of my box, I’m also able to add a pair of school-sized scissors for clipping, a highlighter, pen, pencil and a small pad of paper for making lists. You could even use the matchbox as a storage area for restaurant coupons or something if you want!

  4. This really answered a lot of questions that I had. My expandable is so full that I can’t find anything. Thanks!!

  5. Carrie,
    I referred back to this video today to get better organized as I just purchased a coupon box. I wanted to let you know I just bought a box at Wal-mart (Chapel Hills) that I think will work well, especially considering printable coupons. I thought others might like to know. It was $1.99 on an endcap of an aisle across from prescription drop-off. It’s a Sterilite box with an end-snap lid and is just wide enough to fit printable coupons.

  6. I am a newbie to using coupons and I found this video inspiring!!! Thanks! Is it too late to sign up for the coupon-ing workshop on Feb 15th at the Rockrimmon library?

  7. Thanks for the video, Carrie! Thank you also for your site. It’s extremely helpful and I view it everyday!

  8. Great video — an awesome tip on the handled-boxes snapped off!! UGH!

  9. SeungHee says:

    It is my payback time to the Springsbargains.com and Carrie, in a nice way.
    I have been blessed through this blog and saving tons of money but eating abundantly than ever. BUT…BIG BUT… I’m going overseas for a year next week, so…..I’d like to give away my coupons to somebody who has just started couponing with full of amazement at Carrie and other ladies who find great deals but has no stock of coupons from previous months. I’ve been buying at most three newspapers, but every week is different. There are coupons from February and are in original coupon booklets. Of course some coupons have already been gone but I haven’t used them since the middle of April pretty much…. Well, just leave a reply here and I’ll choose somebody. Or Do you want to choose, Carrie, which I don’t mind? I just want to give my precious coupon books to the right person.

    • What a thoughtful idea SeungHee (just commenting)

    • Carrie Isaac says:

      SeungHee, if you want to leave your contact info here and have someone contact you, that would be great! You could also bring them to the coupon exchange next Monday at Champp’s: http://springsbargains.com/mark-your-calendars-coupon-exchange-and-u-pick/

      Thanks for thinking of us!

      • Dear SeungHee,
        I am from NE Ohio and would love to utilize your coupons (that is if no one else has asked). :-) I am a wife and mom of 3 and have just recently begun to coupon. I am learning fast how to save a lot of money. I would be willing to pay for the shipping – I’m not sure where you are located. Please email me and let me know.

        • SeungHee says:

          can you post your email address here then I’ll email you.

          Thank you.

      • Hello SeungHee,
        I have just begun to coupon and would love to use your coupons (that is if know one else has asked):-). I don’t know where you are at but I would be willing to pay for the shipping. Please email me and let me know.

  10. Vitalia Gonzalo says:

    Enjoyed seeing this type of “box.” I took my 5 yr old’s shoe box and used legal sized envelopes and colored the tips of the envelopes for color coding and put a bright colored paper in each envelope so that I could put my MQ’s in the front and Target ones in the back, since I seem to have a lot of Target coupons and like them to be easy to find too. I broke down everything like I have 3 frozen envelopes: one for pizza (lots of those), one for dessert (like ice cream) and one for the rest (misc) and I split up cereal and makeup into 2 categories each since I had so many of those and others as well. I decoupaged the shoebox to make it sturdier, using mod podge and scrapbook paper and decorated it super cute and I LOVE it way more than the binder, which I found to be too heavy, bulky and tedius. I had to recently start a 2nd shoe box for all of my restaurant, other stores and things I don’t really buy on a normal basis.

  11. I’m hoping that there is someone out there that would be willing to help out a “beginner”? I’ve been wanting to coupon for some time now but, have strongly considered couponing even more so since my car accident; I rolled my car 8-10 times (per the police report) and was ejected 80.2 ft., I rely on public transportaion for much of what I need to do since I don’t have a vehicle, which has caused me to live on a Very tight budget.
    If there is anyone willing to help me learn the easiest way to do couponing, I’d love to be your student.
    Thank you for your time.

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