Best heavy cream in town

Target Market Pantry Heavy Whipping Cream

Market Pantry Heavy Whipping Cream, $3.79

We’ve found Target’s Market Pantry heavy whipping cream to be thick and yummy. WalMart’s is a little cheaper, but is only slightly thicker than whole milk – big thumbs down.

Sam’s Club carries Sinton’s heavy cream for $2.34, and it’s very thick, too, but it’s not ultra-pasturized, which means it goes bad much faster than the Market Pantry brand.   King Soopers carries Meadow Rich heavy cream – good quality, but runs around $5-6 last I checked.

Oh yes, and Target’s brand comes in a plastic bottle with a screw-on top, a huge step above all of the rest.

We’ll make a special trip into Target just for heavy cream.   We could get it cheaper elsewhere, but when we considered the price, quality, and shelf life, Market Pantry won out.

Are there any items that you’ll pay a little more for or make a special trip for?   What are they and why?



  1. Organic milk. It’s expensive, but it tastes SO much better than regular milk. I really enjoy your blog, even though I don’t comment. Thanks for helping me save so much money! I signed up for your grocery budget workshop in August. looking forward to meeting you :o)

  2. Awsome! There is a soup I make that my family loves, and I just takes a little heavy cream. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Bounty paper towels is an item we are willing to pay the price for. Generic paper towels don’t cut it for us.

  4. Taget is the ONLY place I buy Half and Half for my coffee. Just 1.99 for 32 ounces. No one can touch that price.

  5. That’s the heavy cream SugarFreeSheila uses! I love it too.

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