Cheapest places for school supplies this week!

Here are your school supply deals for this week!   Instead of breaking it down by store, I’ve grouped it by item to make it a little easier to compare prices.

Keep in mind that a lot of these amazing deals are “while supplies last” (particularly at the office supply stores) and will sell out fast, if they haven’t already.   I don’t think office supply stores will give you a raincheck, but I suppose you could ask!   You could also try pricematching at Walmart or Target, though whether or not they will match store brand items to store brand items will vary based on the store and cashier.

These sales are good through July 25 (King Soopers are good through July 28).   I’ve made every effort to make sure I include the correct brands, sizes, and varieties, but you’ll want to look at your ads to make sure you purchase the correct thing, especially if you’re doing a rebate item.

King Soopers: Office Works 4 oz Glue – 50 ¢
King Soopers: Elmers 4 oz Glue – $1
Target: Elmers glue sticks 2 ct – 20 ¢
Office Max: Glue Combo Pack, inclues 4 oz white glue and 2 glue sticks – 50 ¢ (limit 3)
Walgreens: Penway 4 oz Glue – 39 ¢

Filller Paper
King Soopers : Top Flight, Wide or College Rule, 150 sheet count – 50 ¢
Office Max: 25% off all filler paper
Walgreens: Penway College or Wide Ruled, 260 or 280 sheets – $1.50

King Soopers: Top Flight Wide or College Rule, 70 sheet count – 33 ¢
King Soopers: Top Flight 3 Subject Notebook, 120 sheets – $1.50
King Soopers: Top Flight Wireless Notebooks, Wide or College Rule 80 Sheets – $1
Target: 1 Subject Fashion Notebooks – $1.50
Walgreens: Penway 3 Subject Notebook, 120 sheets – 99 ¢
Walmart: Trapper Keeper Notebook, College or Wide Ruled – 50 ¢

King Soopers: Esselte Two-Pocket Portfolios – 11 ¢
King Soopers: Mead 5 Star Portfolios – $1.25
Office Depot: School Grade Portfolios – 5 ¢ each (limit 5)
Walgreens: Penway 2 Pocket Folder – 9 ¢ (limit 12)

Target: Rulers – 20 ¢
Office Depot: Office Depot Brand Acrylic Ruler FREE with $10 minimum purchase (limit 3)
Walgreens: Penway Flexible or Wooden Ruler – 19 ¢

King Soopers: Office Works Soft Pink Eraser or 15 Count Eraser Caps – 50 ¢
King Soopers: Office Works Eraser Combo Pack – $1
Target: 2 Count Pink Erasers 25 ¢
Office Depot: Paper Mate Pink Pearl Eraser 3 ct – 99 ¢
Walgreens: Penway 2 Count Pink or 15 Count Cap Erasers – 29 ¢

Colored Pencils
King Soopers: Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 count – $2
Target: Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 count – 88 ¢
Office Depot: Crayola Colored Pencils 12 count FREE with purchase of Crayola Washable Markers 8 pack ($3.99)
Office Max: Schoolio Von Hoolio Colored Pencils, 12 count – 25 ¢ (limit 3)
Walgreens: Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 Count 99 ¢
Walmart: Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 Count $1

Office Depot: Scholastic Standard Crayons, 24 pack – 25 ¢ (limit 3)
Walgreens: Penway 24 Count Crayons or 8 Count Jumbo Crayons – 49 ¢

King Soopers: Crayola 10 Count – $2.50
Walmart: Crayola 10 Count Classic Markers – $1

Target: Various, 8 Count – $1.50
Staples: Zebra Cadoozles 0.7mm mechanical pencils, 10 ct – FREE after rebate
Office Max: Zebra Z-Grip Pencils 7 count – $2.50
Office Max: Dixon #2 Pencils 10 count – 50 ¢ (limit 3)

Staples: Zebra Sarasa retractable gel pens, medium, black, 5 count – FREE after rebate
Target: Various, 5 Count – $1.50
Office Depot: Paper Mate 12 ct – 25 ¢ (limit 3)
Office Depot: Paper Mate, assorted types and counts – $2.99
Office Max: Zebra Z-Grip Pens 4 count – $2.50
Office Max: Pentel RSVP Ball Point Pens 5 count – $2.50
Office Max: Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens 3 count – $2.50
Walgreens: Paper Mate 1.2 Prism Pens 10 count – 19 ¢ (limit 6)
Walgreens: Pilot G2 Gel Pens, 2 Count – FREE after Register Reward (Pay $1 at checkout and you’ll receive a coupon for $1 off anything in your next order)

Staples: Pentel HandLines retractable assorted highlighters 4 count – FREE after rebate
Office Depot: Accent, Sharpie, Expo, and Pentel, assorted types and counts – $2.99
Office Max: Pilot Frixion Erasable Highlighters 3 count – $2.50
Walgreens: Penway – 9 ¢ (limit 12)

Composition Books
King Soopers: Top FLight Marble Composition Notebooks, 100 sheets – $1
Target: Black or Assorted Colors – 50 ¢
Office Max: Wide or College Ruled – 50 ¢

King Soopers: Fiskars Kids Scissors, Blunt or Pointed Tip – $2
King Soopers: Office Works Kids Scissors – $1
Office Max: Westcott Microban Splat 5″ scissors $1.49 (limit 3)

Construction Paper
Target: 96 Sheet Pack of 9×12″ Construction Paper – 88 ¢

Staples: Buy Any Backpack, get 100% back in Staples Rewards – FREE after rebate

Happy back-t0-school shopping!   Leave a comment if you’ve found a hot deal at any other these stores, or another store!   And, if you’ve been to any of these stores and found out they’re sold out of certain items, I know your fellow shoppers would love a heads up so they don’t waste a trip.



  1. My kiddos are a bit too young still but I just wanted to let you know that this was really nice of you to do for everyone that has school age children

  2. Aw, thanks, Kelly! My kids aren’t quite school age yet, either, but I’m hoping to be able to snag some crayons for cheap! :)

  3. Stephanie says:

    Thank you!! this helps so much! I bought $20.00 worth of supplies last week at Staples for $5.00!! I always dread school supply shopping because everything is so expensive and I always wait till the last minute. Thanks to you, I can do a little here and there and save tons!!!

  4. This is also a great time of year to pick up extra school supplies for Operation Christmas Child and makes the cost of putting together a box not so overwhelming come November.

  5. Walmart has the Crayola washable markers for $2 (worth getting so the clothes don’t get stained) and 100 ct. of blank 3×5 cards for 44 cents
    Walgreens has the Dixon 32 10 ct. of pencils for 29 cents and box of tissues for 89 cents They also have the larger glue sticks (which most of the schools require) buy 2 get 1 free for the name brand(works out to $1.33 each) or 99 cents each for the off brand. I’m not sure this will be the best deal on these yet though.

  6. Forgot to say that Walmart has the Rose Art glue (which I don’t recommend-it’s runny and takes longer to dry) for 20 cents and the good Elmer’s school glue for 25 cents.

    Has anyone found a good place/price for the Prang watercolors yet?
    Walmart doesn’t carry them anymore and they are the school suggested and after volunteering and seeing them in use, they really are better than the crayola or cheaper brands.

  7. I have 3 school aged kids and I can’t thank you enough for posting these deals. This will help us tremendously.

  8. The King Soopers at Woodmen and Academy was out of the wide-ruled filller paper this morning, according to my husband (who did the grocery shopping–what a guy!).

  9. How easy are the Staples “easy rebates”? I was thinking about taking advantage of the mechanical pencils one, but I don’t want to waste my time if the easy rebate isn’t really that easy, you know.

  10. The easy rebates at Staples are very easy! Just go to the website and enter the information from the rebate receipt. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete. They mail you a check in about 4 weeks.

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