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Reader Melissa saves bundles of money by skipping the fancy gyms and working out at Fitness 19!   She emailed me to let me know that they’re running a great special right now – you can join for a $9 enrollment fee and then pay $9 each month.

Melissa’s savvy enough to know that there’s usually a “catch”, so here’s what she found out about it:

The current deal at Fitness 19 is this: $9 dues each month and $9 enrollment fee. The first month, you are required to pay your first and last months’ dues and a $59 dues lock in fee. This allows you that you’ll keep the $9/month fee for life. This adds up to $86, but after the first month, you’ll be locked in at $9/month with no contract. They are also offering a 2 week free trial, so if you’re hesitant, stop in and try it out. They also have childcare.

Of course, the downside to cheap gym membership is that you might convince yourself that it’s not a big deal if you make it to the gym since you paid so little! ;)   There’s just one Fitness 19 in Colorado Springs, at 5980 Stetson Hills Blvd.

By the way, I know one of the women that does childcare at this location and she’s a sweetheart! :)



  1. FYI … child care is typically $2/hr for the first hour of your workout, and $1/hr thereafter. However, they do offer a flat per month fee too. I think for my three, I can pay $20/month for unlimited child care …. so, do factor into the $9 month membership that childcare is on top of that. My membership is $6/month because I referred friends during a promo they ran & they deducted $2 per friend off my membership – awesome!

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