Reader Requests: dry cleaner and piano tuner


Can you help out these requests with recommendations for service providers here in Colorado Springs? Please leave as much detail as you wish, including prices, opinions on quality, etc. – and don’t forget to put contact information for the business you’re recommending if they can’t easily be found on Google!

Heather says she’d “like to find an excellent, yet affordable, piano tuner that can also do minor adjustments (some notes sound tinny).”

Erin and Rachel would both like recommendations on a dry cleaner – one specifically on the “east” side of town, and in Stetson Hills.  Affordable quality is key!

Please leave your recommendations in the comments.  If you’re reading via RSS or email, please click over to the site to answer any of these requests.  There’s a wealth of information in the Reader Requests archives. You can also submit a request!



  1. We’ve been very happy with Continental Cleaners. We have used Leather and Lace, a bit further away and a bit more (but still not bad), for special occasion dresses with stains and they did a fantastic job! They were recommended to us by a bridal store and a lady who does alterations. They know how to protect more delicate items. Totally worth going to if you have a pricey item that needs some TLC.

  2. We had a GREAT piano tech come out last year – except I can’t remember his name! I remember that he was the pianist at Light in the Forest Church in Black Forest, but I can’t even find their website to see if I can figure out his name.

    Anyway, he was great and honest. Told us our piano wouldn’t hold a tune unless we got a humidifier, but adjusted a few notes that were REALLY bad and then just charged us for a service call ($30, I think?). Anyway, I would recommend him if I could figure out his name! :)

  3. I’ve always had great luck at Borg Warner cleaners. They’re at Peterson and Palmer Park if that’s not too far away. The owner is very nice, and they have been taking care of me for over 8 years. Prices are also very reasonable compared to a other shops in the area!

  4. David Huggins is a wonderful piano tuner. He is one in 2500 world wide who has more extenisive training than your average piano tuner. I believe it was $65-$85 a couple of years ago (uuggghh my daughters have been nagging me to have him come again…keep forgetting).
    Here’s some info on him and his contact info.

  5. We worked with Gordon Malik and were very pleased. He offered reasonable prices, was very professional also patient with my boys (4 yrs and 18 mos. old) watching him. He was honest about our antique piano and what might need to be done, and he didn’t try to sell us anything additional. Visit his website for more information:

  6. I have a great piano tuner. His name is John Koiter and I believe it’s under Koiter piano. If you need his number I could find it.

  7. We use Super Quality Cleaners. I think they have several locations around town, but the one I go to is at Woodmen & Lexington next to Starbucks. They are the cheapest I’ve found and we’ve never had any problems with their services.

  8. I don’t use dry cleaners much, but the one time I did, I used Summit Cleaners. There’s three locations in the Springs – the one furthest east is at 6945 Austin Bluffs (I used the Briargate location). I had a bridesmaid dress cleaned which they did a great job on – looked brand new and cost $9 (is that a good price?). The only bad thing was that I didn’t know that the sew-in bra cups should NOT be dry cleaned (where I had the alterations done didn’t tell me). When I got the dress, the cups were falling apart, and it was obvious that one had fallen out and they re-sewed it in…upside down. So anyway, bottom line is that they cleaned my dress fine. Just disappointed they didn’t say anything about the bra cups when my husband picked it up.

    Thanks for the suggestions on the piano tuner!

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