Dillards: New Year’s Day clearance sale


Dillard’s is having their traditional big clearance sale on New Year’s Day – 50% off all previously reduced merchandise!  I called the locations at both the Citadel Mall and Chapel Hills Mall to confirm that they are doing this sale.  The Chapel Hills Mall location also said they’ll have markdowns of 70-75% off original prices in the housewares department.



  1. Jenny Driscoll says:

    I hit the Citadel today with 2 kids and a mother-in-law in tow, and scored some great deals. Big for me was the Stride Rite shoes, even in wide–which my kids need–for about $10, and some Skechers tennies for $10. Got pajamas for $5 per piece, and $5 shirt and $5 skirt from the juniors dept, and $30 cashmere sweater. Didn’t see much in the way of little kid clothes. The ladies shoe dept. was nuts. There were some great Merrell boots for $50 down from $150 that seemed like a hot item.

  2. jan watters says:

    I drove 70 miles one way for your one day sale today only to find out kids coats were excluded, why? Even some of the clerks didn’t understand why. They said this is the first years kids coats were excluded. There were tons of unhappy customers.

  3. Is the sale still going on or was it just on New Year’s Day?

  4. Why did the shoe department staff change the way they set up the shoe for the New Years shoe sale from having easy excess shoe racks to rows of tables! There were shoes dropping off the tables immediately, which caused complete chaos with boxes and shoes scattered everywhere! This was the worse idea for the customers and the employees. I hope after the employees had to reorganize the shoes once the craziness was over, they realized they should have just stuck to what works….RACKS!

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