Buy 10 save $5 – another hot mega event at King Soopers!

Woohoo! Another Mega Event at King Soopers, and it’s a big one.  You can jump straight to the Mega Event if you like!  I’m guessing we’ll have more deals to add as you guys look at the ad and go in-store, so feel free to add your finds in the comments.

See the links at the bottom of the post for viewing the entire ad online, and for the King Soopers coupon policy.

If the whole concept of coupon shopping is new to you, you might want to think about signing up for the next couponing workshop on February 13th!

Meat, Dairy, and Frozen

USDA Choice Boneless Half Ribeye $4.99/lb
Rating: 4, maybe a 5?

Turkey Breast, Bone-In 99¢/lb
Rating: 4


Blueberries (6.5 oz) $1.50
Rating: 3

General Grocery and Household

Mission Tortillas Caseras $1.25
Use $1/1 insert coupon or printable (registration required)
Net cost at checkout: 25¢
Rating: 5 – Mission Foods is sponsoring my trip to the BlissDom blogging conference, but that in no way affects my opinion that this is a great deal! :)  This sale does run for a couple more months.

Orowheat English Muffins (6 ct) B1G1 Free
Net cost at checkout: about $1.80
Rating: 4

Rold Gold Pretzels $1.99
Use $1/2 printable from
Net cost at checkout: $1.49
Rating: 4-5

Power Bars 79¢
Use $1/5 insert coupon
Net cost at checkout: 59¢
Rating: 5

Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips $1.99
Use $1/2 coupon found in Optimum Wellness booklet at King Soopers
Net cost at checkout: $1.49
Rating: 3 – they’ve gone lower before

Huggies Diapers (jumbo pack) $8.99
Use $1/1-2.50/1 printables from
-or/and- use e-coupons from or Soft Coin
Net cost at checkout: $6.49-7.49
Rating: 3, maybe a 4 if you’re brand loyal.  A better deal at Target this week, I think.

Weekend Sale – Friday through Sunday Only

73% Lean Ground Beef (5 lb roll) 99¢/lb, limit 2
Rating: 5

Bush’s Canned Beans 69¢
Rating: 4-5 – FYI, I was at Walmart this week and checked the prices on canned beans and the Great Value beans were 62-78¢, so this will beat their store-brand price.

Wisconsin Cheese $2.99/lb
Rating: 3, maybe a 4 if you prefer buying cheese in the deli.

White French Bread 79¢
Rating: 5

Mega Event – Buy 10 Participating Items, Save $5 Instantly

Here we go – another big Mega Event at King Soopers!  There is a lot listed in the ad – I’ve listed the hottest deals, and skipped over the ones that weren’t so great.

The promotion is buy 10 participating products, save $5 instantly.  This is a discount of 50¢ per item, so in general, it’s probably a bigger percentage discount on the smaller items, and not so much on the higher-priced items.  (I didn’t feature as many higher-priced items because not too many of them seemed to be a great deal.  I also ran out of steam! :))

You must purchase the ten items in a single transaction, but it appears that you can do multiple groups of ten in the same transaction; there’s no limit stated.

My best advice is to make a general list of what you want to buy and what/how many coupons you have for each item, and then keep a running total of items as you put them in the cart.  I also advise not shopping with small children as they can throw your running totals off dramatically!

This promotion runs through 2/9, so we have two weeks to stock up on the deals.  We may get coupons for some of these items on Sunday.

Kraft Easy Mac Cups 38¢
Rating: 4

SoBe Lifewater or Propel Fitness Water 49¢
Use printable coupon for B1G1 Free
Net cost at checkout: Free!  The cashier/register will take off 49¢ to 99¢, or maybe even $1.49 (original price)
Rating: 5

Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks 49¢
Rating: 4

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers (6.6-8 oz) 88¢
Rating: 4, about 11-13.3¢ per oz. Better deal than Sam’s price of 12.5¢/oz and you have more flavor options plus don’t have to buy a huge bag and have them go stale.

Capri Sun or Kool-Aid Jammer Drinks $1.37
Use $1/2 printable
Net cost at checkout: 87¢
Rating: 4-5 – these *could* go cheaper in the summer.

Nabisco Crackers $1.70
Use $1/1 insert coupon or printable
Net cost at checkout: 70¢
Rating: 5

Kraft Cheese $1.70
Use $1/2 insert coupon or printable from
Net cost at checkout: $1.20
Rating: 4 – assuming these are the 8 oz packages, that would work out to $2.40/lb

Sargento Cheese $1.70
Use 50¢/1 insert coupon (valid on “snacks” only)
Net cost at checkout: 70¢
Rating: 5, but I kind of doubt that snacks/string cheese will be included in the sale.

Lay’s Potato Chips $1.88
Use $1/1 insert coupon (baked only)
Net cost at checkout: 88¢
Rating: 5 – if you don’t have the coupon, I’d rate this a 3.

Pepsi Soft Drinks (2 liter) 79¢
Rating: 5

Hormel Chili with Beans 79¢
Use 55¢/2 insert coupon
Net cost at checkout: 29¢
Rating: 5

AMP or Rockstar Energy Drinks 99¢
Rating: 4?

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese 99¢
Use $1/4 printable
Net cost at checkout: 74¢
Rating: 4

Daisy Sour Cream (16 oz) $1.49
Rating: 4

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers $1.49
Use 50¢/1 printable from or 40¢/1 insert coupon
Net cost at checkout: 49-79¢
Rating: 3-4… We’ve gotten these free at Albies several times, but I’m gonna say that I’d rather use my coupons at King Soopers and pay a little bit more! :)

French’s Classic Yellow Mustard $1.49
Use 50¢/1 insert coupon
Net cost at checkout: 49¢
Rating: 4-5 – we *used* to get free mustard frequently, however, it never happened last summer, so I’m gonna say this is about as low as it will go, but I could be wrong. :)

Franks Red Hot Sauce $1.49
Use 50¢/1 insert coupon
Net cost at checkout: 49¢
Rating: 4-5 – same as above.

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $1.49
Use $1/2 insert coupon
Net cost at checkout: 99¢
Rating: 3.5-4

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies $1.49
Rating: 3

Zesta Saltines $1.49
Rating: 3

Armour Meatballs (14-16 oz) $1.99
Rating: 4?

Ritz Crackers $1.99
Use $1/1 insert coupon or printable
Net cost at checkout: 99¢
Rating: 4-5

Nature Valley Granola or Fiber One Bars $1.99
Use 40¢/1 printable from
Net cost at checkout: $1.19
Rating: 3

Oscar Mayer Fun Pack Lunchables or Deli Creations $1.99
Use $1/1 printable from or here.
Net cost at checkout: 99¢
Rating: 5 for the Deli Creations, probably a 3 for the Lunchables

Nestle or Wonka Fun Size $1.99
Use $1/2 from
Net cost at checkout: 1.49
Rating: 4? Not 100% sure the coupon is valid on fun-size.

Ziploc Food Storage Containers $1.99
Use $1.50/2 insert coupon
Net cost at checkout: $1.24, then submit for the $5 rebate (PDF link) when you buy three
Net cost after rebate: money maker of 53¢ when you buy three, use one coupon, and do the $5 reabte!
Rating: 5

Sara Lee Frozen Pies $2.77
Use $1/1 printable (requires registration)
Net cost at checkout: $1.77
Rating: 4

Dreyer’s Ice Cream $2.77
Rating: 3

Velveeta (2 lb) $3.79
Use $1/1 printable
Net cost at checkout: $2.79
Rating: 4

DiGiorno Ultimate or Stuffed Crust Pizza $4.99
Use $1/1 insert coupon
Net cost at checkout: $3.99
Rating: 3.5-4

Johnsonville Cooked Bratwurst or Smoked Sausage $2.49
Use 55¢/1 printable
Net cost at checkout: $1.49
Rating: 5

Tostitos Tortilla Chips or Queso Dip $2.49
Use insert coupon for $1 when you buy chips+dip
Net cost at checkout: $2 each
Rating: 4-5

Johnsonville Italian Sausage or Bratwurst $2.99
Use 55¢/1 printable
Net cost at checkout: $1.99
Rating: 5

Finish Dishwasher Detergent $3.49
Use $2.50/1 insert coupon
Net cost at checkout: 99¢
Rating: 5 – hurry, coupon expires 1/31!

Whew – that’s a lot! I’m sure there are other deals to be discovered, so I’ll try to update this list as you guys uncover them!

See anything else?

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  1. There was an insert coupon for the Quaker rice cakes which would make them a $.50 money maker (if you didn’t use them all at Safeway a few weeks ago). Also a $.75 off in the last King Soopers My Magazine mailing that will make them a money maker.

  2. There’s a $10 off 10 nabisco rebate out there, too that would be great with this. It’s only through the 31st. I had it from a booklet I grabbed in store over the holidays. I’m sure it can be found online as well.

  3. Does anyone know if you can use the Orowheat insert coupon for $.55 that we got a while back (Im not sure when we got it exactly, it exp. on Jan 30th)on the english muffins? It says it is for the Orowheat soft. If we can that would be a really great deal for the eng. muffins!!

    • Not a good idea, since the coupon is specifically for the Soft bread. :)

      • I just didnt know if maybe the eng. muffins were part of the “soft” family :)

        • Let us know if you find out if they are! I’ve had their “soft” bread and it’s REALLY soft – like, too soft to spread peanut butter on, almost!

  4. There’s also a $20 rebate from Nabisco that you need to buy Capri Suns, Easy Mac, and crackers to get. Combine that with the Capri Sun coupons that just came out and this is a great deal. The Sargento Snack cheese is NOT part of the Mega sale (I checked today). Kings has a catalina coupon print for $2.00 off when you buy 3 ziploc bags. Combine that with coupons and the $5.00 rebate (that you can submit 3 times) and that makes for some cheap bags for kids school lunches.

  5. What is the King Soopers My Magazine? I have never heard of that. Do they just mail it to select people?

    • Yes, basically – you can try calling their customer service line and seeing if they’ll put you on the list. I get it, but not sure how or why. If you selected NOT to receive special offers when you signed up for your King Soopers card, you probably won’t be on that list.

  6. cheapMama says:

    Julie- you’re quick! I was going to mention the rebate too! There are coupons in the booklet w/ the rebate form too- I’m just compiling my list, but if I get my act together, I’ll comment again when I get home from KS to tell y’all how I did w/ the rebate items/ coupon matchups etc.

  7. Rotel diced tomatoes are part of the $5 mega event, which makes them $.50 a can, but at the KS on Woodmen & Lexington (Hartsel) there was a machine next to Rotel printing $.25/1 coupons. I’d say that $.25 a steal of a price for Rotel.

  8. i tried to load the e-coupon for Huggies from Soft Coin and it said that my zip code (80921) did not participate… anyone else have that problem?

  9. For anyone who likes Balance Bars, they are part of the mega event. Normally $1.19 each, they are on sale for $1 and when you buy 10 and get the $5 back they come out to .50 each. It’s difficult to find them for less than .79 on sale and rarely are there coupons, so this is a great deal.

  10. Thank you, Thank you! for the Ziplock rebate. I bought 6 boxes of sandwich bags last week at Target with the $1.50/2 coupons. Was just over $1 each for the Evolve Ziplocks. After two rebates it will be an almost $4 money maker!

    Opps, just realized I have 4 boxes on one receipt and had 2 on another that I mailed off for an Olay rebate. Oh well, I can send for one rebate now and figure out two more deals.


  11. Does anyone know what kind of nabisco crackers are necessary for the $20kraft/nabisco rebate? I have the little booklet, and it says, “participating nabisco cookies and crackers.”. Any guidance?

  12. Yippeeee! I’ve been waiting for the Easy Mac and Capri Suns to go with my Kraft $20 rebate… got the 10 cookies/crackers for 49¢ each, now the mac cups for 38¢ each and the capri’s $1.37 each = $12.75 spent and a $20 rebate!! Bargain, bargain!

  13. I think pretty much all of the Nabisco Crackers and cookies are included in the $20 rebate. You can check their website online that is listed on the rebate itself. There was someone who put up a link back in Sept/Oct on this blog with the COMPLETE list. But really, I think it was almost everything. I also was waiting for a sale on these items to submit my rebate for $20! I bought the easy mac, capri suns, and the crackers and used my coupons, so it was great! There are Game Day coupon books in the grocery section, on an end cap, football promotion section at KS on Uintah Gardens. They include coupons for $1 off 2 Philly cream cheese, $1 off two Nabisco Crackers, and $1 off two Kraft Dressings. They are all on the mega event. If you don’t have the other coupons, scoop up those coupons books!!

  14. Also, yes I also was unable to load the e-coupon for the Huggies Diapers with a zip code of 80904. Bummer.

    AND—I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter is also on this mega event. If you have your coupons from a month or so ago, for .50/1 and 1/1, it makes them .39 each. Not as good as free like a couple months ago, but I was fine with paying .39 for the sticks and tubs.

  15. That BOGO coupon for the Sobe water takes off $1.49 for every two you buy, so they were a moneymaker too! We got some of those, and some of the rice cakes, and the overages helped pay for our other items. :)

    • The store at Woodmen and Lexington only gave me the 99¢ on the Sobe life waters,, not the $1.49… still a good deal though.

  16. I have insert coupons for Sargento Deli Style Sliced .55/1 and Sargento Shredded. Not sure where from most likely inserts on the sliced b/c I have more than one. They look just like the coupons for snacks so you may want to double check your coupons.

  17. 2 Things:

    I have DiGiorno insert coupons for $1.50/1 that expire on 1/31!!

    In the printable version for KS, the GG valley fresh steamers and the French’s mustard don’t show up!

  18. Jennifer P says:

    there is a $1 printable coupon for the Oscar Mayer lunch meat coupon. I looked in the coupon database and also found one at, a Kraft coupon, I think. I printed a few, makes the lunch meat in the mega deal $1.49!

  19. cheapMama says:

    Hi Ladies! Here’s the link to the list of participating items for the $20 kraft rebate: It really is nearly everything!

    I got my Capri Sun and Easy mac today for this promo, but didn’t have enough coupons to get all the crackers yet. (I still need 8 boxes.) Thankfully I have til June! Also, I had insert coupons for $0.35/1 for Johnsonville turkey sausage. They were part of the Mega event for $1.99- $1.29 with my coupons; I used all 3! Also, the French’s mustard also includes the honey mustard for the price Carrie listed above, so you can use the inset honey mustard coupon too. Hm, what else did I discover… Oh, I had 2 types of insert coupons to go w/ the ziplock mega promo/ rebate deal. There was a $1.50/2 and also a $0.55/1 for the containers. I bought 6 containers and used 2 of each coupon. I paid $6.88 at checkout and will submit the ziplock rebate twice ( I checked out each set of 3 separately to get separate receipts), so a net moneymaker of $3.22! Woohoo! My husband just lost his job last week, so money is super tight- these will be my sister’s bridal shower gift!

    Happy Shopping! :-) And another thousand THANK YOUS to Carrie!

  20. Dede emailed to let me know about a hot Kraft/Pepsi coupon she found in-store:

    “While I was shopping kraft had a dollar off coupon for a 2 liter of soda or a six pack, if you bought two kraft items. So I believe you pay maybe 30cents for the soda. I hope this helps. I went to the kings on s academy and the coupon is at the back of the store with the mac and cheese display”

  21. For the Kraft Easy Mac Cups, wouldn’t this be a money maker? $3.90, save $5?

  22. I would like to mention that our Krogers in Knoxville have stopped taking many printable coupons.
    They do not accept “FREE product” printable coupons, with no purchase requirement, do not accept coupons for more than about 75% of a product’s value, and now only accept two internet coupons per transaction.

  23. Select boxes of mac and cheesees are also included in the promo. I used the buy3get1free to get four boxes for $1. They come to $.49 a box after the mega sale and the cashier took off $.99 for the free box

  24. Link for $1/1 Food Should Taste Good Chips:
    (registration required)
    – but it brings the cost down to $0.99!

  25. I definitely second the “no shopping with kids” tip… I have YET to make it out of Kroger during one of these specials with the exact number of items I’d intended, even when I’ve double counted, thanks to little hands hiding things and/or distracting Mommy!

    • You know, I actually do *pretty* good – can’t remember the last time I didn’t buy the right amount – although I usually double/triple/quadruple count AND throw an extra 50¢ item or two in the cart for good measure. :)

      • Is there anything you can do if you do miscount? I was so off tonight, by 5 items. I can only hold my four children responsible for a couple of items. ack…I really counted 4 times.

        • I would definitely try taking your receipt to customer service and seeing if they’ll let you buy the other five items and then give you a $5 discount on that purchase, or maybe a $5 gift card. King Soopers is usually pretty good about stuff like that!

  26. Oh, baked Lays are not included in the Mega Event.

  27. There is a $1 off any Lay’s chip tearpad out there … I haven’t been able to find them in my area, but I bought some off of Ebay. Makes them only 88cents a bag!

    Also, tearpad found for buy 5 Easy mac & cheese cups get $1.00 off. Makes them only .18 each. These, too, can be purchased on Ebay.

    This one:
    Nature Valley Granola or Fiber One Bars $1.99
    Use 40¢/1 printable from
    Net cost at checkout: $1.19
    Rating: 3
    this also includes the Nature Valley Nut Clusters … there is a $1 off insert coupon PLUS if you download coupons from cellfire or shortcuts you can get another $1 off … Makes them FREE.

    Hunt’s Tomatoes are part of the Mega Sale for .99
    There is a blinkie machine right by them for .35/3 … this has been doubling for me since the coupon starts with a 5. So, pay .75 for each can.
    There was also an insert coupon for .45/1 – doubled makes them only 9cents each.

    Mission Tortilla’s are part of the Mega Deal at $1.49
    There was a printable (on your site somewhere) that were $1 off

    Sorry if I repeated anything. Thanks for letting me share! Kerri

  28. Tried the Mission printable coupon and it said there were no more printable coupons available.

    • The same thing happened to me. Plus I can’t find any Green Giant Steamers coupons anywhere.

  29. I’ve been slowly easing my way into couponing & had a successful King Soopers trip today thanks to your help! Just thought I’d mention, 9.25oz Planters Cashew (halves & pieces) were included as well. They were $2.49/can with the Mega Sale. The great thing was that each can had a $1/1 peelie on top of it. $1.49/can seemed like a great price to me…is it?

  30. Just got back from King Soopers. Saved 72% and paid $51. The cashier and bagger were even impressed. :)

    Just wanted to mention that Toll House cookie dough is part of the buy 10 items save $5. They are $1.90, after the save $5 they are $1.40 and if you go here you can get a $1 coupon for a final price of .40.

  31. Forgot to mention that I made the following recipe the other night to use some of my cream cheese. I just added some penne pasta and we had it for a main meal, yummy.

  32. With the $1.00 Dreyer coupon in this weekends paper… does this make the ice-cream a good deal? $1.77?

  33. Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone else has had any problems with the BOGO Sobe Coupons… the cashier at the store on Hancock Expressway and S Academy wouldn’t let me use them as she said they don’t accept computer generated coupons for free items. She would also only accept 3 like coupons. Did I just get a picky cashier?

    • They should take a printable for buy ONE get ONE free, just not a printable for a FREE item with no purchase. I had read about the only 3 like coupons policy on this site, but forgot today, and the cashier told me the policy but let me slide this time.

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