Reader Request: recycle for cash in Colorado Springs?

Sue wants to know if there’s a place to recycle materials like plastic, tin, aluminum, etc. for cash in Colorado Springs.  If you know, please leave a comment!

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  1. There’s a recycling center behind the Walgreens on Southgate that I know for sure does aluminum and gives you cash but I’m unsure if they take other items so you’d probably have to call

  2. I recycle pop cans (every time my MIL visits!) at a little place on Union, 4-5 blocks north of Platte. I don’t have any idea what the name is… Wise? Something like that. They are open Monday through Saturday anyway, I’ve never tried on Sunday. They are always pleasant, and it’s usually pretty quick.

  3. I would also love to hear where people recycle for cash.

  4. There are a couple different places I use right off of Las Vegas by the jail and prison. I also sometimes will use the place off southgate across from Broadmoor town center. Most places ask that you separate the different metals prior to bringing them in. For example, I recycle my cat food cans and they are aluminum but not the same aluminum as soda cans so they want them apart from each other. I can tell you the price per pound of metals has been down for quite some time so make sure you have a big enough bag(s) full to make it worth your while. As of currently there are no places I know of locally that pay to recycle plastic. If you’re in the market for heavy metal items such as steel etc. there are several places off Las Vegas that pay cash for scrap metal as well (cars, appliances, building materials etc.) I would suggest calling around to see who is offering the best prices the day you plan on going. This is what I do. Usually they are pretty close but there have been several times there has been a huge difference so it pays to call.

  5. There are several places (already mentioned) that take aluminum. The scrap yard will take other metals – steel, tin, appliances, copper, etc. We like Western Scrap, but there are several in the yellow pages. They do pay – it’s not tons of money, but better that putting recyclables in a landfill and/or paying to have appliances and the like hauled off.

    I have not heard of anywhere around here that will pay for plastics, paper, glass, etc. Just metals. Hope that helps!


  6. I like to take my items to recycle to Waste Management Recycle America –
    602 East 4th Street, Colorado Springs – (719) 633-0426.
    They are 1 block north of Fillmore, between Stone and ElPaso.
    They only pay for aluminum, but do have a 24 hr. drive through for glass, plastics, cans, paper, cardboard, and cereal/snack boxes.
    They also have a 24 hr. drive-thru which makes it convenient. The main building to get paid for aluminum is open from 8-4:30 pm.
    *As a side note when your down there, drive around the corner and try the Wonder Bread thrift store 3515 N El Paso St, Colorado Springs, (719) 633-6831 .

    • So it’s free to drop off your recycling at Waste Management Recycle America? My husband will absolutely not pay for it to be picked up. Especially since our family in Denver has theirs picked up free!

  7. This is exactly the information I wanted. Thanks!

  8. Carrie Isaac says:

    I swear I keep seeing people take aluminum cans into King Soopers – not sure what they pay (or maybe they don’t at all), but it sure would be convenient!

  9. I was told today by Bestway Transfer, when I was going to “donate” my plastic, that Recycle America actually now pays you for your plastic. I tried to call them, but they are closed on Saturday. I checked out their website, and it doesn’t say anything about it, just that they collect plastic for recycling. However, it shows they collect a LOT of plastic (109 tons/year), so you know they are making a killing off of everyone’s contribution. Hopefully, they really are finally paying people for their efforts!

    • Is this Recycle America a WM Recycle America? what is the URL and phone # you have for reference?

  10. All the King Soopers in town no longer accept aluminum

  11. Just at Waste Management on 4th street today and they no longer pay for cans but here is a list they gave me that pay to recycle metals

    All Aluminum 412 E Cheyenne rd 635-4556
    American Metals & Hubcaps 3390 Drennen Industrial loop 360-4766
    Colorado Industrial Recycling 2730 E Las Vegas 390-9500
    James Shelton Recycling 19855 Chelton Rd 541-2484
    Koscove Metal 431 W Colorado Ave 636-3559
    P & L Scrap Iron & Metals 471-9876
    “R” Rock Yard 16140 Old Denver Rd Monument 488-0928
    Sims Metal Management 2690 E Las Vegas St 392-1126
    Western Scrap Processing 3315 Drennan Industrial loop South 390-7986
    Wise recycling 1531 N. Union Blvd 471-0042

  12. Karl Dolder says:

    To the best of my knowledge, you can get money for metals only, see cindi’s list above. Recycle America on 4th st. does take plastic, cardboard and glass in outside bins anytime. The glass is picked up by another party who sells it to the glass bottle factory in Denver – they make bottles for Coors. Single stream recycling drop offs can be found at some of the “Natural” food stores. Most of the “Trash” haulers offer single stream recycling service but the only separation facilities are in Boulder and Denver so the haulers have to charge their customers for the service. I”ve heard it costs about $120.00/ton to ship to these facilities.

  13. kevin shelton says:

    im looking for a place that pays for plastics in colorado? im for southern california and they recycle cans, glass and plactics outside almost every grociery store and recycling places everywhere. its so weird that colorado dosent do that seeing its surpose to be big on green, and about the enviroment.

    • I was looking for places that do paper and plastic for my kids to get some money. And I think that there is no reason for you to have to pay for it. FL you have to put glass in one, plastic in another and so on down the line. They used to have white metal containers outside most walmarts, but they have taken them away…i think because people were being to lazy and thro wing trash in them.

  14. Does anyone know if there is a location that pays for glass?

  15. The only one that pays for glass that I know of is Coors. A company that I have pick up all my things metal, appliances etc. told me that it would take about 2 full size pickup loads to get around $30.00. That’s why they don’t do glass either.

    I use a business that picks up all my aluminum, appliances, electronics, old cell phones etc. Actually I think they pick up everything but glass. They tear things apart and reuse a lot of the parts or recycle the rest. It saves me from spending money on gas just to get rid of something. There phone is 719-391-7233 honestly.

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