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Awhile back I blogged about Recyle Bank coming to Waste Connections customers in Colorado Springs.  Last week, Crystal explained how to sign up for Recycle Bank – it’s easy, and you get a sign up bonus of 100 points!

I signed up on the RecycleBank site and redeemed my 100 points to get two $5 of $50 purchase at Albertsons coupons – I’m hoping to use them when I stock up on a meat sale.  It sounds like rewards come and go… there have been $5 Huggies coupons available at certain points, so some of the rewards are better than others.  You don’t have to be a Waste Connections customer to sign up and claim your bonus points.

Based on the information in my original post, I believe it costs about $3.75 to do curbside recycling with Waste Connections.  Not worth it for me, since whoever our current trash company is offers free curbside recycling!  But if you’re with Waste Connections, you might check out the RecycleBank rewards to see if it would be worth it for you.  Amanda posted on the Facebook fan page and said she gets about 200 points per month.

If you’re using Recycle Bank with Waste Connections, I’d love to heard what you think?  How much stuff to you have to recycle to earn decent rewards?  Is it worth the extra monthly fee?



  1. I called and they told me we did have to be with Waste Connections and you had to have Waste Connections for regular trash pickup in order to get recycling. Did I get misinformed? We have to pay for our recyling pick up currently and this is comparable to that cost if I didn’t have to switch trash pick up.

    • The recycling pick up is only for Waste Connections customers but anyone can sign up for an account and get 100 bonus points.

  2. I ordered my $5 albertson coupon today (actually I got 2)!! It says it also includes a new tote bag. Excited!!

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