Reader Request: best places to have a birthday party?

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Laura emailed with a question on where to have a kids birthday party in Colorado Springs:

I would like to get suggestions from your readers on good, yet inexpensive, places to have a birthday party for a 3 year old.  I was hoping to have her party at the Pump it Up jump house but found out it is closed right now.

And then, shortly after I received Laura’s request, Stephanie emailed wanting to get your input on where to have an adult’s birthday party on the cheap:

I would love to hear the blog’s ideas for cheap birthdays for *adults.* My husband’s birthday is coming up, and all of our friends–and us, of course–are on tight budgets. My husband would like to do something crazy and silly, but even something like Mr. Biggs is $20 a person! Ouch!

Surely we can help Laura and Stephanie with some cheap, fun birthday party venue and activity ideas!  Please jump in and leave a comment with your suggestions.  Don’t forget to include as much information as you’re able on cost, whether or not you can bring your own food, etc.

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  1. Parties in the springs seemed to be price fixed, don’t they? Most kid spots cost approx $125. Art Sports has preschool parties (for under 5 age group) for $99. Here’s a coupon for $10. off, too. $89. is not bad and kids love this place!
    Not sure on the adult party idea. I’d look at a laser tag spot. Mr. Biggs laser tag is lame. I imagine there are other places in the Springs that do laser tag.

  2. I had a friend who had her daughters birthday party at the Humane Society. They toured and learned some things and provided a room and my friend simply gave a donation. I can’t remember all the details but I know the girls all oved it (I think this was a group of 5 or 6 year olds).

  3. I just went to a kids party at ArtSports World, and my kids had a blast! They have a separate preschool party area upstairs with a party room, plenty of trampolines and bungees, a foam pit, etc. It is $99 for 15 kids and they include an instructor, decorations, and all paper products. You can bring your own party food and cake. And there is also a $10 off coupon on their website.

    Focus on the Family also offers their party rooms for free, but I’m not sure if you can bring your own food.

  4. We just had a bday party at Chuck E Cheese. It was really reasonable ($10.99/kid). That includes drinks, pizza, plates, etc & tokens for the kids & special gifts for the bday kid. They also have an upgraded pkg w/more goodies for the bday kid & more tokens, I think. You can earn extra tokens booking online & they had a promo for extra tokens by booking on Fri or Sun. Our only extra costs were the cake (which we chose to buy elsewhere) & some food for adults (they offer sandwiches, wings, veggie trays, etc).

  5. Gwen Sauer says:

    I know one person who had their 3 year party at the McDonalds on Rockrimmon. I don’t think they “do” parties there, but I think they let you have a party there. The parents brought the cake and purchased Happy Meals for the kids that wanted them (some parents didn’t want their kids to have the meals). Then they all played on the equipment. I think their only requirement was to purchase the food (except cake) there. There is probably a # of kids restriction. Call them…

    Rockrimmon and Vindicator
    755 Rockrimmon Blvd. S.
    Colorado Springs CO 80919
    Phone: 719-534-0277

  6. Focus on the Family is a great place to have a birthday party at the Welcome Center at Whit’s End Soda Shoppe. The rooms are free (2 different rooms to choose from), but you are limited to 15 people in the rooms and no “real” candles on the cake because of fire codes. Parties can be booked from 10:30 – 11:30 or 1:30 – 2:30. You can bring in your own cake and paper products. Any other food item would need to be purchased from the vendor there. You get the room 30 minutes before your party to decorate (if necessary) and you get the room for 1 hour for the party. After that, you are welcome to stay and play at Whit’s End (3 story slide, Whit’s End play area, KYDS Radio, etc., etc.)

  7. I have six kids, and have never wanted to get started on expensive birthday parties, because when you do Mr. Biggs for one kid, you have to do it for all their birthdays! But, my kids have loved the parties we have because they get to be a big part of planning and executing it. I give them an option of
    (1)having 2 or 3 guests and go somewhere – swimming, McD’s, movie, Mr. Biggs, etc, or
    (2) the whole family go out to eat, or
    (3)inviting 10-12 guests to have a party at home.
    My teens often choose one of the 1st two options, but when they are younger they always choose the party at home. We chose a theme – treasure hunt, tea party, Jedi warriors, everything pink, scavenger hunt, princess party, make your own pizza, design your own cookies, visit the fire station, hawaiian luau, run through the sprinklers, fear-factor, animals, dinos, BBQ, all things chocolate, mexican, etc. The list goes on and on. I have another mom who has 10 kids and great party ideas, and go to websites like and others for ideas. For a teen party once we did a photo-scavenger type party where each team had to take pictures of their team doing several things like cheerleader pyramid, or who has the ugliest feet, or use your bodies to spell out birthday child’s name. Great pics with that one! We even had a KEG PARTY when my oldest turned 21. (OK, it was root beer, but still a kegger!) We start out with a budget – maybe $30 (or more for a landmark year like 12) and decide what to buy. Almost always we make our own cake – decorated with frosting, candies, and/or little plastic toys to fit the theme – often decorated by the birthday child. We pick out decorations, balloons, gift bags to send home with guests, and food to fit the theme. We plan games, relay races, etc – always allowing time for free play rather than structuring ever single moment they will have at the party. We usually design e-mail invitations. A good friend found lovely (unmatched) teacups at the ARC and let the girls pick out which cup they wanted to use, and then take it home from the birthday party. My girls loved that and still enjoy having their own special grown-up teacup. I don’t worry if we go a little over or under budget – as long as we keep it in the ballpark. For an adult birthday, I like to do something like a BBQ or make a lasagna or other main dish, then invite friends to bring something yummy to share rather than a gift. A friend, whose husband loves Taco Bell, asked permission to bring in a cake and invite friends. They bought a bunch of burritos to share with the guests (who could go up and order if they preferred something else). Another friend wanted to surprise his wife on her birthday, and invited several couples to meet at a Japanese place. He indicated in the invitation that we’d each pay for our separate checks, so there was no awkwardness when the bill came. The children of another friend had a fabulous 50’s party in their church basement when their mom turned 50. One son was DJ with great 50’s music that we tried to dance to – it was hilarious! I’ve seen that Rizutto’s Ice Cream has the separate room you can request – I’ve wondered about doing a party there. I’d love to hear what everyone else does for birthdays!

  8. We just did my daughters 10th birthday party at Skate City. It was 125.00 for 13 skaters, cake, ice cream and soda. Also my daughter got a free pair of new 60.00 skates for having her party their. So she got an extra gift. All the kids had fun. They bring them to the middle of the rink and sing happy birthday to them and Roller Roo comes out to dance. I would suggest if you do it to get their a little earlier than your time so you can pick your table. We got there and they were having 5 parties. We were the first there so we got to pick the table right next to the rink windows.

    • i forgot to mention this is a 2hr time slot. if you wanted to order pizza or hot dogs they are extra. We did order an extra cake and it was 12.00. We ended up bring half home and will have it for later. :-)

  9. We just had a Birthday party for our 3 year old, at Little Biggs, off of Powers and Stetson Hills, and we were pleasantly surprised with the service and pricing. It is like Mr. Biggs, but on a smaller scale. They have several playrooms, a sand area, plenty of video games, an air jumper, 2 air hockey tables, and even a pool table for adults. The packages range from 79.00 to 99.00, as we choose the mid package-check website for correct pricing, which included 1 Borriello Bros pizza, slices where cut smaller, unlimited drinks, plates, cups, 20 tokens per child up to 8 and a 1 hour table time. 1 hour might seem rushed, but if there is no party behind yours, you can just hang out, but still they have plenty of tables to sit at. We were told, we had an all day pass to play, including the children invited to the party. The hosts were very attentive, and it was not overwhelming for the children or adults, unlike the other place with the mouse. We were also allowed to bring in our own cake and salad. They seemed pretty flexible with this option, which I believe can save anybod money. Overall we had a wonderful experience at Little Biggs, and would give it 3 thumbs up.

    • I think we are doing our soon to be 2 year old bdays at Lil Biggs, she loves playing there and shes still too little for a lot of other places!! I looked into one of the kid gyms here but they are WAY expensive and include NO food!

  10. We just had my daughter’s 10th at Harmony Bowl. For $100 you get 2 lanes for two hours for 10 people (shoe rentals included,) 3 pizzas, 3 pitchers of drinks, all paper goods, balloons, and a specialized banner with child’s name. The only thing you need to bring is a cake or cupcakes if you want. They also provide complete setup, a person to assist you throughout the time and complete cleanup. Oh, and they gave each party guest free coupons for their whole family to play one free game the next time they come. And they gave us a bunch of extras.

  11. We did a party a few years ago at King Pin Lanes bowling alley. After calling several bowling alleys, we found it was cheapest, especially for a small number of guests (they charged by the kid and there was no minimum). We could either have them provide cake or bring our own (cheaper!), and they even gave my son an old bowling pin colored to look like a kid with his name and the party date on it. It was my favorite kid party. Not sure it would work for 3-year-olds, but it was perfect for 1st-graders. I’d double-check to see if my info is still true, but it’s a family-owned type of place, so I’d guess they wouldn’t change it.

  12. Check out Home Depot. They provide parties for kids with a craft the kids build (the b-day child gets to choose). All you have to do is supply the party decorations/cake. Supposedly free. We are trying it this year.

    • Mommy Kane says:

      Has anyone had a Home Depot Party here in the Springs?? Just curious if anyone knows if any of our Home Depots do this. :)

      • My daughter went to one a couple years ago. I think it was at the Home Depot at Woodmen and Powers.

      • The Monument Home Depot doesn’t do parties and the one on Academy and Woodman never got back to me. We did Lowe’s at Powers and Research. It was free. The kids all did a project and they gave them aprons and goggles. It was a great party. I brought cake and decorations and party favors (which I totally didn’t need since they gave them stuff in addition to their project).

        • How can I get info on a party at lowes or Home Depot? My daughter loves those projects that they do, she does them every time we at back home and this would be th PERFECT party for her!

  13. Chrysauna Piccolo says:

    Thanks for the great party ideas!! It is so nice to have actual people giving the information rather than a bunch of sponsored sites.

  14. Cheri Wybrant says:

    The Deerfield Hills community center has Spray Grounds in the summer. They are extremely fun for all age kids and are only $50 to reserve the covered picnic tables. That includes 12 invitations and 12 party bags for the kids. You can bring any food/drinks you want and invite as many people as you want. The time slots are 12-2 or 2-4 on Saturday and Sunday.

    • Cheri Wybrant says:

      Or you can go for free! There is no fee to get in and just go early and snag a spot in the shade!

  15. Help, trying to come up with idea’s or my daughter’s 13th, where too? She wants to invite more than 10 to 13 kids, any idea’s……

  16. Michelle Limbaugh says:

    We did a Strawberry Shortcake party at Berry Patch Farms, a pick-your-own-produce farm. I think we paid $5 a child which included a pail for picking strawberries and a tractor ride where the birthday kid got to drive the tractor. They let us set up a pinata and use their picnic tables. I think it was the cheapest party we ever did and it was so much fun. September is the ideal time for strawberry and raspberry picking.

  17. I have a 10 yr old boy who is turning 11 soon. where can I have a party for him that is reasonable for me?

  18. I think mr.biggs is super fun!!

    I am 13 going to be 14 and I loved going there. Also for about 5 years I went to skate city that was fun and for girls deffinatly a sleepover with makeovers and nails……. Funn

  19. karen chiroux says:

    I need to find a place for my 6 yr old daughters b-day party and am running out of time! We want to have it on Jan 21 any ideas? Already did Mr biggs. Looking for something different. Thanks!

  20. I am looking for a place to have my son’s 5th birthday party. I cannot get one of the party rooms at Focus on the family, already tried, but his birthday is on Feb. 4, which is a Sat. and I’d like to do it then. Also, the cheaper, the better! Thanks for the help!

  21. I would like to have princess/diva party for my daughter’s 5th birthday. I’m looking for a place or person that does hair and nails. Any ideas?

    • kiddie cutters does a princess party – where you get your hair cut… nails done… etc – I think maybe only the one in Fountain does it.

  22. The hair school on academy does princess parties. Very cheap and fun for the whole group. They all get hair and nails done.

    • do you know what it is called?


        International Salon and Spa Academy

        They have a 5 child minimum, includes hairstyle and nails for girls (cut or style for boys) and a gift bag. They don’t have a little room for cake, but I’m thinking of asking the coffee shop nearby if we could do something there. $8 per child.

  23. We had my son’s 6th Bday at Squeak Soda Shop and it was reasonable prices especially since we chose to do the private party option… kids got to pick out a flavor soda (there are 100s of choices), they ate popcorn & cake, and took home a HUGE goodie bag of candy… there are several packages to pick from check it out at Also it was a lego theme party so I brought in legos for them to build with and we played some lego themed games… it was great and all I had to do was show up (send invites & bring legos)

  24. I would like to get ideas for my daughter 10 th birthday party/

    • My family has had great success with Artsports, now called Trampoline World Gymnastics at Artsports. The facility is huge with lots of trampolines, bungees, foam pits and a trapeze swing into the pit. Our kids have a blast and work up a sweat too. I like the fact that parents can go out on the floor too and play with the kids. The kids go for an hour and 45 mins. and 45 mins in a private party room. Very busy place. Clean and positive. Love it!

  25. Okay, I’ve done extensive searching on parties for all ages, so here we go…
    Young ages –
    Build-A-Bear workshop… prices start at $10 per kid, because you just pay for the stuffed animal for each kid.
    Color Me Mine… $20 a person, choose a piece of pottery and your kids get to paint it, then they glaze and fire the pieces for you and you pick them up a week later — this is cool because it’s like the kids get another gift a week later!
    Lil Biggs and ArtSports have both been mentioned — both great places to have a party.
    Cheyenne Mountain Zoo… I think I spent $250, but that’s because we had a HUGE turnout; best party I ever had for my son (so far). We did his fifth birthday here, and the kids got to hide treats for the elephants and then watch while the elephants were let out to go hunt for them. There are several themes for this party, plus they bring out a small animal for the kids to pet and the party room is spacious and nice. Also includes day pass for all the guests to spend the day at the zoo.
    Older kids or even adults –
    Cave of the Winds Wind Walker Challenge… $15 a person, not for anyone afraid of heights. They have harnesses that you’re hooked up to and then you go around this contraption that hangs off the side of the mountain with a 600-foot drop below. Very much for the adventurers. Must be 48″ tall, but smaller kids get an indoor play area to climb around in that’s also very cool.
    LaserQuest… laser tag!
    Sport Climb… Rock climbing!
    If money is no object –
    SkyVenture — indoor skydiving, $475 for up to 12 people.

  26. Just a quick note that Mr. Biggs is closing for good very soon.

  27. Melissa Yeats says:

    Toy Station has a lot of different fun themes. They are pretty reasonable, plus it helps out a local business not some huge company like Chuckie cheese.

  28. my daughter is turning 8,we ar looking for a park that has grills to barbeque.i live in falcon, so i dont want it to be to terribly far.thanks!

  29. Ebony Moorlet says:

    My husband birthday is coming up in august and I have no clue were to have it

  30. Jeff Seabaugh says:

    We just opened on October 17th.

    Little Monkey Bizness in Colorado Springs is a children’s indoor playground for kids 8 and under, including a full scale arts and crafts room. Parents can watch their kids play while enjoying a drink from our full-service Seattle’s Best coffee bar and taking advantage of our free Wi-Fi.

    Little Monkey Bizness’ mission is to provide a safe, clean, active and engaging environment for young children. Our facility provides age-appropriate and well-maintained equipment and activities. We offer open play and birthday party packages seven days a week!

  31. Lorena Franklin says:

    We LOVE Little Monkey Bizness! Definitely doing our sons next bday party there. Great packages too!

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