How To Read Your Receipt: scanned coupons and double coupons

Puzzled by the cryptogram that is your grocery receipt?  I’m answering common questions in the How To Read Your Receipt series, and today we’re going to take a look at how coupons and double coupons show up on your receipt.

Here’s a King Soopers receipt where I used a bunch of coupons.  You’ll see the lines say “MC Scanned Coupon” or “SC Bonus Coupon”.  The scanned coupons are just that – the coupons that were scanned, and their actual face value.  “MC” stands for manufacturer’s coupon, and “SC” stands for store coupon, I think, since the multiplied coupon is a store promotion and doesn’t have anything to do with  the manufacturer’s coupon.

So, coupons that are at $1 or more in face value just state Scanned Coupon.  Since King Soopers “doubles” coupons up to $1, my 50¢ coupon in the circled area above doubled by 50¢ – see the “Bonus Coupon” line right below – making it worth a total value of $1.  You can see that there are 55¢ coupons that “doubled” by 45¢ to get up to the maximum doubling amount of $1.

At the bottom of your receipt, you see the Savings Summary, which tells you the total face of your Manufacturer’s Coupons, which are the Scanned Coupons, and then the Multiplied Coupon Savings, which is the total amount that you received in doubled coupons – the Bonus Coupons above.

We’ll explore more about how the savings percentage is calculated in a future How To Read Your Receipt segment.  Every store’s receipts are a little different, but they usually follow a pretty close format to the one above.

Got questions about your grocery receipt?  Feel free to ask below, and stay tuned to the How To Read Your Receipt series every Monday for the next few weeks!

How To Read Your Receipt

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  1. Sybilla F. says:

    What do you do when you read your receipt & find out that the cashier either didn’t scan a coupon that you gave them or they manually entered in the coupon amount & therefore your coupon didn’t get doubled? I used the printed coupon for the strawberries & the cottonelle tonight. They both read SC grocery & were not doubled. I am really starting to not like my local KS because this has happened a few times & all of the cashiers seem to be giving an attitude when you give them coupons. I am by far not an extreme couponer. I am probably a coupon underachiever in fact! I had 9 coupons tonight and 2 didn’t get doubled :(

    • Sybilla F. says:

      I meant to post this elsewhere, oops.

    • Frustrating! I would try to point out to the cashier that they didn’t double so that they could fix it right then and there when they still have the coupons in hand. If you didn’t catch it until after the fact, I would go to customer service and explain the situation and hopefully they would remedy it!

  2. I just checked my receipt. Does king soopers always double coupons? I had no idea. I’ve been throwing money away.

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