JoAnn’s price matching policy

I noticed that the JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store ad on Sunday had information on their “Price Match Pledge“, which I’d never heard of before – did they just start doing that, or am I totally out of the loop?!

Here’s the information as posted in the flyer:

  • applies to identical item comparison only
  • price to match must have been advertised within past 7 days
  • includes ads for competitors, Jo-Ann stores, and
  • proofer of lower price via original/current ad or print-out of online price
  • available in-store only; see manager for details
  • excludes special buys, liquidations and club purchases, no additional discounts apply

Anyone tried price matching at JoAnn’s? Do they carry the same brands as their competitors (which I would assume include Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc.) or does it tend to be different brands, thus not much to price match?

Might be nice to keep in mind, in case another store is out of a sale item you really wanted!



  1. I’ve priced matched before at JoAnn’s without problems. I’ve priced matched their own store price before – when something I needed didn’t go on sale until the weekend but I needed it before. You just take in the receipt when the sale is going on and they do the price adjustments. I’ve also price matched to Michaels on some ribbon that they both carry. I didn’t have any problems with them doing it, but I would say they had to enter each spool of ribbon individually, which is their system, and that took some time. But I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  2. I recently price matched at JoAnn for a product (yarn) that was a superfantastic price at Michaels – to the point that the selection was low. At JoAnn there was a full selection of every color, so I was able to get just what I wanted.

    Also, I know that JoAnn will take Michael’s coupons, and Michael’s will take JoAnn coupons with some restrictions (only one of each percentage off per day, etc.) I’ve been wondering – does anyone know if Hobby Lobby takes competitor coupons and/or matches competitor ads? I keep forgetting to check into that.

    -Laura at TenThingsFarm

  3. I have been price matching at Joann’s for at least a year. Like Laura said, they take Michaels coupons as well as Hobby Lobby coupons.

    Laura, as far as I know, I don’t think that Hobby Lobby takes their competitor’s coupons.

  4. Tacy Melvin says:

    My favorite thing at Joann’s is that they take multiple coupons in the same transaction. They can’t be the same, but I’ve done things like one each of 40% 45% and 50% off one item Michael’s coupons, plus a Hobby Lobby coupon from online and one from the paper. I LOVE that I don’t have to make multiple trips to do it!

  5. Michele says:

    Summer in Parris for the cricut, the cashier at the counter said on sale. I buy the cartage then was advised try on line for the other cartages. On line -cartage that I was told was on sale for 24.99 is 17.49 on sale. The normal price is 24.99 per Jo-Ann’s on line add. I then see the Price Match Pledge. I called the store to ask them why I was told it was on sale at Jo-Ann’s normal price. She said because we are much more at the store maybe something like 49.00 or 69.00. Did she even look? I took the time to: read the adds: then go home – go on line; then call and nothing. Why would they state a price match if you have prices all over the board. .Any advise?

    • The store is an entirely different company than the brick-and-mortar stores. The two share absolutely nothing in common but the name. This is why their pricing and policies are completely different.

  6. Alice Theobald says:

    I am vewry upset with Joanns. They have this price match on a fabric I need alot of. I get some online for 40% off. Then on Sunday it goes offsale online, but the stores now have it at 30%. After waiting in the cutting line twice for a total of 90 minutes the lady is very snotty and will not follow their own policy. I go to a different Joann and the manager says it doesn’t matter that it is fulprice online because they are separate stores??? I pull out my 40% online receipt and she gives me that. I am actually waiting for it to restock online and then the stores will get theirs back and I will get the 50% off. I was not treated nicely in either store and have written letters to both of them. I will begin looking for what I need at other stores. I just bought an Accuquilt there, so they should have tried to keep me.

  7. Rosie Cunningham says:

    I went into Joanns today with an ad from Hobby Lobby. Simplicty patterns were $.99 each limit 10. Two managers on duty said they couldn’t price match the patterns because they were already reduced 40%. They tried but apparently they couldn’t get the coputer to do the comping? So price matching is a crock, they only match when it’s convenient for them.

  8. Mary Ann says:

    JoAnns sucks. When “matching” a competitors coupon for 40% off notions(one only) the clerk marked out my Hancocks coupon so I couldn’t use it at Hancocks.
    Not the first time someting like this has happened. It’s like the money was coming out of her pocket. Don’t go to JoAnns Raieigh- Falls of the Neuse store. They have a bad attitude and cut the fabric short too!

  9. I have had increasing issues with JoAnn’s and their price matching policy. I went in this last Sunday and was told that they can’t match pattern prices due to licensing agreements. Never heard that one before. I told them that I thought their sign on the wall was deceptive because it says that they match prices of competitors. I told them that they needed to pass on to their corporate office that their sign needed to say “Many Exclusions Apply” I haven’t read their policy on their wesite lately, but the last time I looked it did not say anythiing about not giving you a comp price for patterns.

    Another time one of their employees told me that if they did a comp on thread, of 50% off (Hancock’s price) that I could only get one spool They remind me of the gate keepers at the doctors office when you need to talk to a doctor:)

    After a while this negative way to treat customers is going to come back to haunt them I really like their products ,but and getting very distressed with them not living up to their own policies.

  10. I am very disapponted in Jo ann’s price matching.. This morning i bought the bias tape machine for $109 and then went home and found in on Amazon for $47.. as well as walmarts also for $47.. i called them and they said they only price match with michaels and Hobby lobby…That a big price difference.. At this point this only online with free shippng.. But thats a huge price difference to i think i will have to return it and wait

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