Couponing FAQ: where to get coupons after Sunday?

Recently Amanda emailed and asked me this question:

Can Sunday papers an be purchased later in the week if we don’t get to it on Sunday?  If so, where is the best place to go?

Unfortunately, most stores get rid of their papers at closing time on Sunday if they haven’t sold.  So, the odds of stopping at a gas station on Monday morning and being able to buy yesterday’s paper are pretty slim.  Here’s a couple of ways you could potentially get a Sunday paper after Sunday:

  • The Gazette sells extra copies of the paper for about 30 days past the original publication date.  I’ve purchased one once when I needed an article, but I can’t say for sure whether or not those Sunday papers will have coupons in them.  It’s worth a try, but keep in mind you’ll have to pay full price, they may or may not have a particular Sunday left, and it’s usually better to buy the Post because it has more/better coupons (though I don’t know of a way to do that here except for on Sunday).
  • Dumpster dive.  Yup, those white recycling dumpsters can be treasure troves for coupons.  And, they’re all paper, so it’s not like you’re digging through trash.  And you don’t have to dive – just use the hole on the side to sift through the papers to see if you can find coupons.

It’s really a treasure hunt – sometimes you can find ten, sometimes you won’t find any.  I used to do this frequently – though I stopped because I was afraid someone was going to recognize me! ;)  And, I always put more papers in than I take out.  I researched it a couple of years ago and dumpster diving was not illegal in Colorado, but you may want to double check that for yourself.

  • Order coupons from a coupon clipping service.  There are a few sites that you can purchase coupons and coupon inserts from online.  I’ve used The Coupon Clippers, Coupons by DeDe, and Collectable Coupons and have had good experiences.  I don’t do this often – it’s really quite expensive, as they charge you handling fees for the coupons .  Sometimes it’s worth it, but generally, it’s probably better to buy extra copies of the newspaper.
  • Ask a store or gas station if you can have their extras.  Most stores either throw away their newspapers or put them in a recycling bin, but you can potentially make an arrangement with a store to pick up the extra copies of their newspaper on Monday morning. They’ll have pulled them from the stand, but they may be willing to give them to you since they can’t do anything with them.
  • Try Freecycle or Craigslist.  Sometimes people will give away their coupon inserts on Freecycle or Craigslist.  In fact, one time a reader got a whole box of coupons from Freecycle (from a guy that had gotten them from gas stations), and had so many she shared them with me and we did a giveaway!

As you can see, it’s usually easier to try to get extra copies of the newspaper on Sundays, but it is possible to get them later in the week if you can go to a little work for it!  Got any other tips?



  1. In Denver area there are Dollar Tree stores- they have the Denver Post for $1.00 on sunday and they keep them all week till they sell them the following sunday- I have had luck going there later in the week and getting extra copies of the paper-not sure if the dollar tree is in Springs

  2. Downtown COS has two newspaper “vending machines” that offer the Sunday paper all week long – and I have always found the coupons inside them, granted they are the Gazette – not the Denver Post, so the coupons aren’t typically as good. One vending machine is on the SW corner of Vermijo and Tejon (near the courthouse). The other one I know of is on Pikes Peak Avenue, near Josh & John’s Ice Cream – which can be very convenient if you’re having an ice cream craving! Remember to bring your quarters with you…it still costs $1.50, no discount for being past Sunday.

  3. I have always wondered about coupon clipping services. Don’t most coupons say something about being void if transferred? Wouldn’t that make coupon clipping services agains the rules of the coupon?

  4. Sarah H.
    My understanding of how they get around that is that they are technically not selling the coupons but charging a clipping fee for each coupon.

  5. The conoco at Omaha and Powers sells Sunday papers all week. I usually don’t buy mine until Tuesday and there are always several left.

  6. I found a paper delivery guy to get me the “cheap paper” hook-up… he delivers papers to all the businesses in town, and then picks up their “extras” on Monday… he’s able to sell them to me at a discounted price on Monday! :)

  7. The Conoco at Powers and Constitution (by Safeway) also sells Sunday papers all week. I stopped by today and got the 1/24 and 1/31 copies of the Gazette. All the coupons were there.

  8. If you go to the Dollar Tree to pick them up later than Sunday afternoon, I would glance through them to make sure they still have the inserts. I have purchased newspapers with no inserts b/c someone has stolen them :(

  9. The moderators on freecycle frown on giving away coupons so you probably won’t find them there.

  10. Last time I was at Village Inn near Academy and Austin Bluffs they had a Sunday Vending machine for the Gazette.

  11. Hi there…new to Colorado Springs but an avid couponer so I was delighted to find your blog. Do you or anyone have recommendations about paper delivery. I’m not always able to stop and get a paper on Sundays so I don’t mind having it delivered. In PA I was able to get a weekend/Sunday only subscription for less than a dollar a week. Any suggestions and do some papers have better/more coupons? thanks!

  12. Hi there,

    My daughter lives in Parker and many people get YES. From what I understand its a delivery of coupons only. Anyone know how I might order it??? I’ve not been able to figure that one out!

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