Cheap Things To Do in the Springs: sledding!

Well, this is a seasonal activity, but it’s free, and would certainly work for this spring break week! There are tons of places to go sledding in Colorado Springs – awhile back I created a map for my husband’s site with markers for the sledding hills I found online. You can click on each map pin for a brief description of each sledding spot.

A non-winter alternative to sledding would be “ice blocking” – Julie said to “buy a a few blocks of ice, find a hill and put a towel on the block, sit on it and race to the bottom of the hill. You can do trains, races, etc. lots of cheap fun!”

Stay tuned for more Cheap Things To Do in Colorado Springs – there’s a long list of things waiting to be posted!



  1. I highly recommend Cottonwood Creek Park–we had so much fun there this morning!

    • We just went to Taboggan Hill in Woodmoor and the kids had a blast! There were not many people there either! Thanks so much for all you do Carrie. It is amazing how just taking the time to share information can provide so much fun and enjoyment for others! And for free! My 3 and 5 year old went sledding for the first time and we have lived here since 1999 and never new about this gem until you shared it!

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