King Soopers instant win game: high odds of winning?

Sunny emailed to let me know that King Soopers has a new instant win game available online!  I don’t usually post about sweepstakes, but Sunny said she won a $5 to be loaded to her shopper’s card, and I played just now and won a free 20 oz Coke Zero.  I’ve heard other blogs saying lots of people are winning, so it might be worth a try!

Go here to play.  You’ll need to sign in with your King Soopers login.  Prizes are loaded as e-coupons to your Sooper card.

One quick note: at the end when I claimed my prize, it mentioned a Buy 8 Save $4 promotion and linked to this list.  I haven’t seen this advertised anywhere in our region, but it does seem to be going on in other Kroger regions so I’m curious as to why it mentioned it if it’s not going on at King Soopers.

Anyway, if you see anything in the store about this Buy 8 Save $4 promo I’d love to know about it!

Here are this week’s King Sooper’s deals.



  1. Sarah O says:

    Just played and won a free bag of Kraft Natural Cheese Snacks (String, Cubes, or Sticks) Awesome!

  2. The first time I played I got free cheese. Now two days in a row my shot did not go in! Ugh! I got that buy 8, save $4 too but haven’t seen anything in the store about it.

  3. I just played and got $5 off the next time I go in and use my card! thanks :)

  4. Tacy Melvin says:

    No prize for me. =(

  5. Thanks, Carrie! I just won a free package of oscar meyer hot dogs.

  6. I just won a 39oz or smaller can of Maxwell House or Yuban coffee, but I don’t drink coffee :(
    Thanks tho!!

  7. Amber M says:

    No prize for me this time, but I’m definitely playing tomorrow! I wanna get that 5$ on my card! :)

  8. I’ve played twice now and no win. I’ll try tomorrow!

  9. I’ve played three days, and I won $5 yesterday. I went to KS tonight and it came off no problem, I had almost forgotten about it.

  10. I won a king size Reese’s Peanut Butter cup (my favorite candy bar).

    Thanks for letting us know about this!

  11. Sharon Ford says:

    Woo hoo! $5! I think I like this game!

  12. Like Kathy, I won Reeses. Love it :)

  13. The buy 8 save $4 has fine print that says “not available in all markets, see your local store for details.” I’m guessing it’s not going on in our market!
    I got Reeses too – blech!

  14. I won $5 as well! Pretty cool since I never win anything :)

  15. Cheese for me! I like that it is easy to play. Won’t take but a minute to play everyday -s o it is worth a try.

  16. Tiffany says:

    nothing for me, i’ll try again tomorrow :)

  17. Nothing yet…

  18. Thanks for the link! Didn’t win today, but I’ll try again.

  19. Christina says:

    I won some craft cheese but I did not use the basketball it said click here to play and I did and it said you won?
    I saw the list nothing I really need to rush out and get no big diaper sales which is what I need.

  20. Did anyone else have it tell you that you’d already played today when you hadn’t. Based on Christina’s comment above maybe they are having issues. 3 days with no win for me.

  21. I just won $5 off coupon and I noticed at the bottom of the buy 8 save $4 shopping list it says sale prices available 3/14/10-3/27 so it hasnt started yet. Looks like some good deals may be had with that promo and some coupons when you see the full list of items!

  22. Thanks so much! I just got the $5 store credit.

  23. Hey, Carrie. Can we maybe put this link as one of the featured thingies you have towards the bottom? Then we’ll all remember to play everyday. ;)

    • Hmm… that’s an interesting idea! I put up the Featured Posts area as a way to spotlight some of the more content-rich posts, especially ones that have great discussions going on. But, I’ve been thinking of a way to highlight deals that are “ongoing”, like this one, the deal, etc. So, maybe I’ll put some work into that today.

      Thanks for the great suggestion! Got any ideas for a title for that section? ;)

  24. I did not win yesterday. I won today. Then they gave me a free Lunchable, so I really lost. (I hate those things!)

  25. I won Kraft cheese on the first day and then again today won a Lunchable!!

  26. Finally won something- $5! And you know how far that’ll stretch once you use coupons. :)

  27. emily spiker says:

    It said I won $5 to my card, but when I went in they didn’t know what I was talking about? How do you use the $5 or whatever you win when it says, “it’s been added to your card”??

    • Emily,

      The $5 credit will redeem the next time you use your card, as mine did today.

    • Click on “Score Board” when you are logged into the game – to the very right of the “March to Savings” logo. It should say won $5 (or whichever prize) and claimed. When I shopped the other day my $5 came off under Coupons on my receipt “Ecpn $5 OFF ORDER”

      I just won some hot dogs, I don’t mind free any day. ;)

  28. Yay I won $5 too!

  29. emily spiker says:

    Thank you for the replies…I must have done something wrong because it didn’t work for me when I went to the store today:( And when I checked the scoreboard, it said I had won planters peanuts, but I never had.

  30. I won $5 store credit! THANKS for the tip!!!

  31. Whitney says:

    I won a free California Pizza Kitchen pizza!

  32. I won a California Pizza Kitchen the first day and the $5 the next day and I used that for the BOGO on the tide deal. Iv’e been playing every day and won only the first two days, I’ll keep trying until it ends in April. Good Luck Everyone!

  33. I keep playing the game and losing!! Never was good at basketball ha, ha… hope I win something soon!

  34. I just won free peanuts! And they were on my list for this week too! Thanks fo the tip!

  35. Stephanie says:

    $5 for me at first try. :) woohoo!

  36. Just played and won 32 oz coffee.
    woo hoo

  37. I’ve played only three times and won the $5 credit and the Kraft cheese.

  38. I won a CPK pizza that my husband and i ate as we had a couch date night! Then i “lost” two days in a row, but yesterday I won a King Size Reese’s Bar which I think the Easter Bunny might just leave in my husband’s basket…if the Bunny doesn’t eat it first!

    As an idea to remember to play everyday I immiedatly set up a daily reminder on my outlook calendar so it “dings” every day so i go to the site and play. I haven’t forgotten a day since….

  39. i played today and noticed there was a disclaimer that said two prizes per account. So thats why I won the first two days and nothing since then. Just an FYI.

  40. I won a free California Kitchen Pizza and yesterday a coke zero.

  41. Christina says:

    I just remembered I won a jar of peanuts and string cheese I probably should go and get them if it is not to late.

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