Toys R Us and Babies R Us coupon policy

I emailed Toys R Us to find out their official coupon policy, and here’s what I found out.  I’m more confused now than ever!

My Message: Good morning!  I was wondering if Toys R Us and Babies R Us have an official coupon policy?  I’d like to find out if you accept manufacturer’s coupons, if manufacturer’s coupons and store coupons can be combined on the same item, if you have a special policy for printable coupons, and if you accept competitor’s coupons, like Target or Safeway.  This information would great be appreciated.  Thank you!

Their Response: Thank you for contacting the “R” Us Team regarding this matter.  At this time we do accept manufacturer’s coupons as well as coupons from any of the stores in the “R” Us Family.  We do not allow the use of dual coupons or mixing a coupon with a promotion or sale on an item.  Multiple coupons may be divided up for separate transactions to ensure they are used properly.  While it is not policy to accept competitor coupons, some stores may elect to do so at Managerial discretion.  Please inquire further at your local store for more details.

So, according to this response, they don’t even accept coupons on sale items?  I’m curious if this lines up with your experience at our local Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores.  Please share if you’ve used coupons there!



  1. I used coupons at Toys R Us on Black Friday, when EVERYTHING is on sale. There was no hesitation or even any comment. They just accepted the coupons and rang me up! Weird…

  2. I use coupons at Babies R Us every time I shop there. They always combine store + manufacturer coupons without question, even on sale items. I’ve never had a problem at all.

  3. I used a coupon at Babies R Us for baby food when they had it on sale and had no problems.

  4. My experience has been mixed. I have taken home-printed coupons in to the Babies-R-Us on Platte on a couple of occasions. The first time, they took them after a little explanation and checking. The second time, they refused to honor them. So, that kind of turned me off of some of the deals there.

  5. I just went to Toys R Us for the Princess and the Frog deals this week. They had 2 advertised offers in their ad that I was interested in. The DVD/Blueray combo for $26.50 (with the $10 off coupon advertised right next to it to bring down to $16.50) and the free kissing frogs (valued at $20) if you purchased $30 in P&F items.

    Well I went in, bought the DVD/Blue ray combo and a $4 Princess and Frog book to bring my total to $30 and the kissing frogs (for free). Well the register at checkout rang the movie up correctly with the coupon at $16.50 and then as soon as they scaned the book and frogs, it adjusted the prices to make the frogs free, but bumped the dvd price back up to $36.50.

    Apparently they are programed to only let you have 1 of the deals even though both deals were advertised right next to each other in the ad. The manager told me he couldn’t override it either.

    Very frustrating.

  6. I think by dual coupons, they may mean their store coupons. Many of them say one coupon per transaction or cannot be combined with any other coupon. But as far as I see, that only applies to store coupons and not manufactures coupons because they will always accept a manufactures coupon combined with their store coupon.

  7. Babies R Us wouldn’t take my printable coupons at all.

  8. Babies R Us wouldn’t take my printable coupons either. I never tried at Toys R Us.

  9. I had a HORRIBLE experience at TRU last time I was there. My son was using his $3 birthday club card and we ended up being $.01 short on the $3 and the manager was RUDE about. I told her it wasn’t like I wanted the penny back or anything, my son just wanted to spend his $3, etc. She finally agreed to let me use it and was all huffy and just nasty about it, over a PENNY. Definitely won’t be going back there.

  10. I won’t be shopping at Babies R Us anymore. They have gone completely downhill in both competitive prices and customer service.

    First, let me say that I worked for BRU from November 2007 until September 2009. The coupons have ALWAYS stated at the bottom “One coupon per guest. Cannot be combined with any other offer for the same item.” HOWEVER, we have (or had) always accepted multiple coupons on the same item as long as the coupons had different SKN numbers.

    Apparently this is no longer the case. I went in this afternoon to purchase a Medela Swing breastpump. The retail value is $159.99 at Babies R Us which is already more expensive than both Target and Buy Buy Baby ($149.99). I had a 20% off any one baby item coupon, a 15% off any one baby item coupon, and one 15% off all pumps coupon. Never before have I had a problem using multiple coupons on the same item, but they refused to do it this time and when I asked for the name of their district manager, they refused to give it to me and claimed that they didn’t have one (please, I know your store manager answers to somebody).

    So now that they’re raised their prices and put stricter limitations on coupons, I don’t really think that it’s worth it to shop at BRU anymore. There honestly isn’t very much there that I can’t get somewhere else and I’m really disappointed in the direction that the company has taken. I might normally be understanding and say that the business is just trying to do what it needs to do to survive the economy, but seeing as TRU Corp bought out both FAO Schwartz AND KB Toys, I don’t think they are doing too terribly bad.

    All of that said, I’ve called and let the corporate office know how I feel about the new policies (not that I expect them to do anything) and I’ve called the store and had them delete my registry.

  11. I have used an internet printable manufacturer’s coupon, with a ToysRUs internet printable on a sale item. However, they would not let me use more than one manufacturer’s coupon in a single transaction.

  12. I looked this topic up after an annoying experience today and found this post. I use gDiapers and have ALWAYS used their manufacturer coupon in combo with a BRU 20% off coupon. Today, for the first time in at least 6 months of buying gDiapers products, the checkout person (who looked so familiar I’m pretty sure she’s rung me up before) would not use 2 manufacturer coupons for the same item and said that the policy is 1 manufacturer or store coupon per item. I had a bunch of $2 off any gDiaper product as well as $5 off gPants with the purchase of gRefills. She would not let me use the $5 off with the $2 off even though I’ve done it countless times before. Not pleased!!

  13. BRU on Platte–they have refused coupons from me, even their own 20% off any “baby” item. I bought an outdoor playskool swing, the cashier refused to take the coupon b/c she said it was not a BABY item. (uhm the store is called Babies R Us…everything is for babies).

    The only good experiences I have had there was when a nice manager (sweet girl who remembered my sons name) was working, but I never see her anymore.

    They also refused the coupon on a Medela Breastpump, it was not an exclusion on the bottom of the 20% coupon…its just not worth the argument and I think that the cashiers know that most people won’t argue.

  14. This past weekend I tried to use a $5 off $25 coupon with manufacturers coupons. I was told that since the manufacturers coupons would bring my total below $25 that I could not use the $5 off of $25. It doesn’t actually say that on the coupon. I’m sure that I’ve done it before.

  15. Roxanne Williams says:

    Well, I have had both bad and good experiences with them. I like that I can get the 32 oz. cans of Gerber Goodstart formula for the price of a 25oz everywhere else…but they are hardly in stock anymore. =(
    We purchased our babies crib at a BRU in August. My in-laws purchased the Toddler rails that went with it for us. They were a special order item. They said they wouldn’t be in for 6 weeks. So I called in September. not in. Called in October. Not in. Then I forgot all about it and didn’t call back until January. They said they had been in but someone already picked them up. I said it wasn’t us. They ordered them again. Then 1 month to the date later, I get a letter in the mail from them saying they are having problems with shipping and that they were sorry. The manager would call when the item came in. Inside the letter was included a gift card. I looked up the number thinking it was going to be a $10 gift card. NO it was a $ 50 gift card! I couldn’t believe it! So in the end, it ended up being a good experience, but it took 6 months to get the toddler rails. Fortunately, we didn’t need them right away! I get frustrated with their 20% off one item coupon because it excludes SO MUCH!

  16. Oklahoma Mom says:

    I am going to try to use the $10 store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon for diapers… We have the same trouble with getting Good Start in the cans… A lot of places have the powder but our son doesn’t like it… The BRU in OKC near Penn Square usually always has it…. We buy it 4 cases at a time… Will let you know how it goes…

    • Daddy's boys says:

      Oklahoma Mom, please let me know how the diaper coupon works. I want to try the same thing you’re doing. This coupon could be a huge saver if allowed to be combined with mfr.

  17. Ava's Mom says:

    Tried using a store coupon for $10 off the purchase of two huggies (72-count or hire) combined with 2 manufacturer coupons for $3 off. One of the assistant managers refused it saying the coupons could not be combined with the store coupon AND that the MFR coupon stated one per purchase so she’d have to ring them up separately anyhow. Umm, from what I saw, I was purchasing two packages so I should have been able to use both coupons – one for each purchase. She didn’t understand even when I asked her how many I was purchasing. Frustrating. Left with empty hands!

    • Ava’s Mom, That is disappointing to hear being that I was planning on trying that very same thing. 2 boxes of huggies diapers with the store coupon for $10 off and 2 manufacturer coupons for $3 off. That doesnt make sense because their store coupon doesn’t say anything about not combining coupons, and their website doesn’t state a coupon policy. I hate this store for the simple fact on how they run things. I’ve had trouble with a purchase in the past.

      • Deborah says:

        Thank you for having the very current posts on this. I’m planning on taking a co-worker for her first extensive coupon shopping trip tomorrow, the Toys R Us ad looked like the best deal, however, as my children are teens now, I was not aware of TRU’s policy, I will now be calling the store today, checking for sure and worse case scenerio, we’ll just get her diapers at Target. Thank you so much from someone who hasn’t had to buy diapers in a very long time! It’s also good to know since I’m sure I’ll be a grandma within about 10 years!

  18. I honoestly think it depends on the store. When I lived in NJ, I used to use multiple coupons on one item, but when I moved to GA and tried it the associate told me only one per item. Probably depends on the store and the associate, or they change their non-existent policy. I’m going to try it again, and then ask for a printed coupon policy from the manager and see what happens.

  19. Deborah says:

    Oh, and if I get a ok to do it, you can be sure the date, time and managers name will be readily available for me tomorrow!

  20. I was planning on doing the same thing tomorrow at BRU…use their $10 off 2 boxes of diapers combined with a $3 off manufacturer coupon. We will see how it goes. If they give me trouble I don’t think I’ll go back, simply because, like someone else said, there is nothing I can get there that I can’t get somewhere else for cheaper. Their price mark up is ridiculous and unnecessary.

  21. Aiden's Mom says:

    I went this morning and I was told I could not use any coupons because the bathing suit was on sale and the swimming pool was a “toy”. HUH? I am starting to hate that store. What is the point of giving out those 20% coupons if I can’t use them on anything I buy. A few weeks ago I went for formula. I bought 2 cases (I had a buy 1 get 1 coupon). They did not give me the $5 gift card promo because technically I did not pay for the second case.

  22. I was also curious about their policies since I shop there all the time. I have used coupons on sale items and promotional items. However I have never used store and manufactor’s coupons together and I don;t think they allow it. What a bummer because they have some great sales.

  23. Delilah says:

    I, too, have been disappointed by the BRU coupon policy. The 20% offs are so restrictive now and even using my $5 registry rewards has given me trouble before. They have high prices to justify the coupons and the fact you can’t use the 20% off on diapers or formula is really terrible because those are the two most frequently purchased items.

    I haven’t tried using manufacturers coupons yet as my son is just 11 days old and we haven’t needed diapers yet since we got a lot as gifts. But I am going today and will see how it goes. Otherwise I’m going to Costco or for those.

  24. My wife and I were quite disappointed last night at Toys R Us. We were buying our daughter a number of Imaginarium toys, and had plenty of competitor coupons. The cashier was about to accept 20% coupons for each of the items when the manager came over and told her they would not accept those coupons. The manager allowed on $5 off coupon to be applied, and would only say that they would not take competitor coupons for toys (only for clothes from Babies R Us). She just felt so righteous.

    What made matters even worse was the fact that sales emailed to those of us getting emails were not even known of by the store manager. It is no different than the bait and switch tactics used in the past by the Crazy Eddies of the world.

    We now see that two of the toys we bought yesterday are on sale beginning tomorrow (we get the Sunday advertisements one day early). We plan to return and re-purchase them. We will look elsewhere for our daughter’s toys. We suggest you do too.

  25. do babies r us or toys r us double coupons?

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