Store review: Wonder Hostess bread Bakery Outlet

There’s a (relatively) new bakery outlet in town: the Wonder Bread outlet on Galley Rd, between Powers and Murray.  I’m having a hard time pulling up an address that I’m confident is the correct one, but I do know that it was on Galley between Powers and Murry on the north side of the road – maybe just east of the Ent Credit Union?

They’ve only been open for a few months and were hesitant to talk to me since they’re not allowed to advertise at all (I guess?) but I told them I’d be telling you about it anyway! :)

It was a small store with, of course, only the Wonder Hostess brands, which include Wonder, Hostess, Nature’s Pride, and Mrs Cubbison’s. There’s a full list of their brands here, but I don’t believe we have all of those in our area.

I asked them a bit about where and how they get there bread and found out most of it is bread that’s been stocked at convience stores and is about to expire, so their stockers remove those breads and take them to the outlet.  The closest Wonder Bakery is in Denver, I believe, so the bread is baked up there, trucked down here and distributed, and then taken to the outlet if it doesn’t sell in time.

Overall, I didn’t think they had a lot of great deals.  I did pick up some Nature’s Pride 100% Whole Wheat loaves for 79¢ each that had a best-buy date of the next day, which is a smokin’ deal, but I didn’t see anything else that was even remotely marked down like that.  As with all bread outlets, it varies by the day, so sometimes they may have lots of amazing deals and other times it may be the stuff that’s basically full-price.

As far as what they shared with me, they don’t have certain specials on certain days or a discount card or anything like the Orowheat Outlet on North Academy (review of that one coming soon, I promise!).

So, if it’s on your normal route, it might be worth a stop!  If you typically freeze bread anyway, if you can stock up when the loaves hit 79¢ or whatever it’s totally worth it!

Have you been to the Wonder Hostess Bakery Outlet?  From what I saw and from what you guys have told me about the Orowheat Outlet, it seems like the Orowheat store is probably more worth a stop, but I’ve only been in the Wonder outlet once.



  1. I was wondering where it went! I noticed the location on Platte had closed. I haven’t been there in years, might have to stop by the next time I am in that area! I have fond memories of making a regular stop at one in Indiana with my mom when I was little.

    • Ah, so there did used to be one on Platte! I was looking for the address and kept finding one on Platte, but that’s not the current one!

      Any idea when the one on Platte closed? When I was at the current one on Galley, I got the impression they had just *opened*, not moved. In fact, there was a sign that said something about not accepting EBT or whatever because they were still waiting on approval from the state.

      I wonder if the one on Platte closed and there wasn’t one for awhile until this one on Galley opened up?

      • Gosh, I bet they closed within the past 2-3 years.

      • I used to go to the one on Platte, too (it was at Platte and Institute). That place also had a sign up about not accepting EBT due to no state approval. The sign was up the entire time I shopped there. (I shopped there for 2-3 years.)

        I think they closed more than three years ago. I’m thinking it was five years ago.

  2. We don’t personally shop at the Wonder Bread Bakery. Sometimes the the Wonder Bread Bakery will have the little donettes for $1.00 per bag, which is about $1.33 cheaper (for Hostess) than Wal-Mart and about $1.99 cheaper than Safeway. We shop at the Sara Lee /Rainbo Outlet just behind the Sonic on Chelton (across from the Citadel).

    I generally get my Sara Lee 100% whole wheat bread for about $1.25 per loaf. Regular cost at Wal-Mart is $2.28 per loaf and regular cost at Safeway is usually $2.89 per loaf. However…the last time I was there, I picked my bread up for $0.75 per loaf. I always buy about 10 loaves and freeze it, so I was thrilled to be getting 10 loaves for $7.50! LOL! I also (if I need them) will get hamburger/hot dog buns and bagels. They are usually quite cheaper than even the Wal-Mart brand.

    I would love to hear the review on the Orowheat Outlet!

    • Thank you for the info on the Wonder store. I used to visit the store often when they were on Platte, but they closed quite some time ago. I think I will pop into their new location today!

  3. The address is 4868 Galley Road in the Galley Plaza shoping center its on the cross roads of wooten and Galley. My Parents use to own the deli that was there years ago.

  4. I use to go to one in Lakewood for years…They had great prices on donuts etc..
    I will have to check this out. Thank you
    Also …… Where is the Orowheat outlet?
    Thanks again

  5. Tacy Melvin says:

    We stopped at this outlet a couple of weeks ago and my kids were in heaven picking out one Twinkie/Cupcake/Donette package for a treat. They were priced at less than half what I’ve ever seen them in any store, so as an occasional splurge it will work for us. We frequent the SaraLee Discount Bakery on Chelton, just north of Platte behind Sonic. I’ve been very happy with the bread there, and can sometimes find loaves that are several days from expiring still!

    • Tacy, thanks for the info on the Sara Lee bakery! I’ll be reviewing that one soon, too!

  6. This is the only place I get my bread now. Every time I’ve been in, they have a large selection of 79 cent loaves of a variety of whole wheat breads that I just throw in the freezer. They also seem to always have 99 cent loaves of whole wheat bread that don’t expire soon.

  7. Shannon says:

    I just love the Oroweat outlet! Love the double punch Wednesday’s and the calendar with coupons…

  8. Also you want to check out the Dolly Madison Bakery Outlet. I like it the best out of all them because they are cheaper than the rest of them. They are located on 3515 N. El Paso St. They are open Mon.-Friday from 8am until 6:30pm Saturday they are open from 8am until 6:00pm and they are even open on Sunday from 10am until 4pm. It’s kind of a small store but they have great deals here is just a list of there items you can buy not all stores have these items.For those controlling Carbs
    Wonder Buttermaid
    Hostess Colombo
    Nature’s Pride Good Hearth
    Dolly Madison Holsum
    Butternut J.J. Nissen
    Merita Mrs. Cubbison’s
    Millbrook Standish Farms
    Home Pride Sweetheart
    Beefsteak Weber’s
    Braun’s Other Products
    Bread du Jour

  9. The telephone Number for the Dolly Madison store is 719-633-6831

  10. Thanks for all of the information! We just moved back to Colorado Springs after being gone 10 yrs. (military) I am so used to bread being $1.49 2 the store at our last post that I about had a heart attack when i saw the prices here. I am glad there are so may choices!

  11. There is also a wonder/hostess outlet on Stone? I am not sure if that is the name of the street or not. It is off of North Nevada, between Fillmore and Austin Bluffs. You will turn east from Nevada on the street where the old Greyhound Track is, and make a left one or two blocks across from the track. It is less than a block down, on the left hand side of the street.

  12. Dana, is it on El Paso? My brother in law owns the Service Master franchise on El Paso and I think I remember an outlet store just down the street from his business…

    • Is the Wonder Bread outlet still open on Galley?
      Or do you know a place where we can get buns donated for a fundraiser we are having?

  13. At N El Paso Hostess bakery, i experienced something different in there with one of the older cashier. I bought bread last week and i didn’t wear nice clothes. i also didn’t bring wallet coz i just put my card in my pocket. at the counter she asked me “What will you pay for that? We will not accept food stamp”. so i was wondering why she asked me with that thing. anyway, the only words i answered to her was “Huh, i will pay it with my card”. it’s kind of hurting and discriminating when somebody is so judgmental. whatever the looks of a person, whatever the attire, she shouldn’t do it not unless the customer pay her a food stamp right after she asked for payment.

  14. Yolanda says:

    Yes, I went there last Saturday. Deals are not that great.

  15. Didn’t wonder and hostess go out of business? Is this place still there???

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