Albertsons: double/triple/quadruple coupons this week

Albertsons is doubling (up to and including 50¢), tripling (up to and including 33¢), and quadrupling (up to and including 25¢) manufacturer’s coupons this week!  In the past, many stores have not doubled printable coupons or any coupons that say “do not double”, so just be prepared for that when you check out.  I didn’t see a ton of deals with double coupons this week, but I’m guesssing you guys will uncover some!

Meat, Dairy, and Frozen

Chicken Drums, Thighs, or Leg Quarters (family pack) or Whole Fryers – $0.77/lb
Rating: 4 for the drumsticks, thighs, and quarters, probably a 3 or 3.5 for the whole fryers.  For reference, drums and thighs will go about as low as $0.69/lb at times.

Pork Butt Roast, Bone-In – $0.89/lb

Pork Spare Ribs, Bone-In – B1G2 Free with in-store coupon, limit 1 reward per transaction
Net cost at checkout: about $1.33/lb if you buy three packages of equal weight
Rating: 5

Pork Country Style Ribs, Bone-In (family pack) – $0.99/lb
Rating: 4

Pork Country Style Ribs, boneless (family pack) – $1.99/lb
Rating: 3-4 – these use to go on sale for $1.49 all the time, but haven’t as much recently.

Tony’s Original Pizza (12.64-16.7 oz) – $1.57 with in-ad coupon, limit 2
Rating: 5

Banquet Value Meals (5-10.25 oz) – $0.67
Rating: 3

Blue Bunny Ice Cream (56 oz) or Novelties (4-20 ct) – $2.50 when you buy 4, limit 1 reward per transaction
You could use this coupon: $1/1 Blue Bunny Dessert Champ! Cones Any 6 pk
Rating: 4-5 if you are brand-loyal!


“Large” Canteloupe – $1
Rating: all depends on how “large” large is!  Whole canteloupes are $0.33/lb at King Soopers this week.

Large Mangos – $0.50 each
Rating: 4

General Grocery and Household

Fritos or Cheetos (7.75-9.5 oz) – 4 for $5 with in-ad coupon, limit 4
Rating: 4 – does anyone know if “4 for $5” means you have to buy four when it’s an Albie’s store coupon?

Donald Duck Orange Juice (64 oz) – $1.27 with in-ad coupon, limit 1
Rating: 4?

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Explosion (5.5 oz) – $0.39 with in-ad coupon, limit 6
Rating: 5

Mission Soft Taco Flour Tortillas – $0.99
Use $0.75/1 Mission product
Net cost at checkout: free or $0.24 if they don’t double it.
Rating: 5 – still a 4 even without a coupon.

Mission Tortilla Chips (14 oz) – $0.99
Use $0.75/1 Mission product
Net cost at checkout: free or $0.24 if they don’t double it.
Rating: 5 – I was planning on stocking up even before the coupon came out!

Idahoan Instant Potatoes – $0.50
Buy three and use $0.75/3 Idahoan Potatoes 13 oz or smaller
Net cost at checkout: $0.50 for three or $0.75 for three if they don’t double
Rating: 5 if you are brand loyal – sometimes Betty Crocker goes cheaper.

Old El Paso Products (selected) – $1 each when you buy four, limit 2 rewards per transaction
Rating: 3-4, depending on product.  I’m wondering if this catalina deal might be going on at Albies, too.

Colgate Toothpaste (4.6 oz) – $1
Use $0.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste 4/25/2010 SS Insert
Net cost at checkout: free
Rating: 5 – the ad does picture the “fancier” varieties of Colgate toothpaste as being included in the sale, but double check the item you’re buying along with the coupon exclusions to make sure they match up.

Feel free to leave a comment if you uncover some fabulous finds!

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  1. If you’re a new signup to blue bunny you should also get a coupon for $1 off a novelty and you can print twice.

  2. Can you freeze tortillas? We go through a bunch and I can’t seem to keep enough on hand and end up having to pay full price – gasp!!! I know!

  3. Albies is very good with coupons at Gog/Centennial, including internet. However, I’ve found it is best to go to a “younger” cashier, like high school or college age. They are most likely to “make it work”! I’ve only found a couple of cashiers that make it difficult with coupons. Also, any cashier there will now only allow one coupon per visit for Marcal free products (TP and paper towels) because of reimbursement issues from the company. They do have self check and it usually works well even if you have to have “help” from the cashier on duty.

  4. A couple of weeks ago I was at the Albertsons on GOG and Centennial and was taking advantage of the buy 10 Yoplait yogurts for $5 and I had an internet printable coupon for $.50 off six. I also had 3 Monopoly game coupons each good for $.25 off a cup of yogurt. I always do the self checkout and put the coupons in the machine when they ask for them. At the end of my transaction the cashier came over and asked for my coupons! I told her I had already put all four of them in and asked if I should give them to her next time. She said yes and that most of the time they are prompted to take the coupons. But my transaction was complete and I had no way of knowing she had been prompted to take my coupons. Just a heads up.

  5. Does anyone know if Albertson’s doubles the monopoly coupons? (I doubt it, but just thought I’d ask anyway)

    • Sarah H. says:

      I’m pretty sure they’re store coupons, so they shouldn’t double.

    • I’ve used quite a few of them and they never double b/c they’re store coupons. This does mean that you can use a Manufacturer coupon with them though :)

  6. Jennifer P says:

    Thanks for the responses!! I did verify the coupon does not say “do not double”, so I should be good!!

  7. Liz: I used a Monopoly coupon at Albertson’s yesterday and it didn’t double.

    And about the chicken leg quarters on sale, in case anyone didn’t know, King Soopers everyday price on quarters is 66 cents/lb.

  8. We just got back from the Albertsons at Austin Bluffs and Dublin. They have $1.50 off 2 mission products at the register, so that makes the tortillas or chips $.24 each. You have to ask for it though. They also have a lot of YoPlus yogurt (vanilla) marked down to $1.50 a package, so $.50 after the insert coupon.

    • What do you mean they have it at the register? Is it a special coupon or something else?

      • The coupon was $1.50/2. I think it’s because it’s high dollar and the products are already on sale. You have to ask for the coupon at the customer service desk. They only gave me one. But with the other coupon (listed above) and this one, I got 2 pkgs of flour tortillas and 2 bags of chips for .50 (yes, total!).

  9. Albertsons on 115/S Nevada had tearpad for Mac and Cheese for .55/2

    I walked out of there with 20 packs of mac and cheese explosion for $0. They wouldn’t let me use the in ad coupon but without coupon they are on sale for .50 each. Double coupons makes free!!!

  10. Christina says:

    What I do with the tortillas after I freeze them is let them defrost in the refrigerator and just like if you made them from scratch I warm the up either in a hot plate or in the oven on a cookies sheet it helps them get some crispness back.

  11. I think the cantaloupe is a better deal here rather than King Soopers. The one I got was a bit shy of 4 lbs and most of them we’re close to that same size.

    Also, the 1.50/2 Mission products that you can get in the store apparently has a limited number available. I’m hoping they still have some left when I go back for more! :)

  12. I went to the Austin Bluffs and Dublins store this morning and they had a sign by the tortillas to ask at the register for the couon. When I asked the checker said yes, he had the coupons but not many more. But then he gave me 3 for the 6 packages of tortillas that I bought. So that worked out well for me. LOL! But yeah, I would hurry in to try to get that coupon.

  13. We just got home from the Albertson’s on Austin Bluffs. I didn’t see it in the ad, but they have 8oz (2 stick) packages of store brand butter for 50 cents – that’s $1 a pound! Since there was no free Challenge Butter at Easter time like last year, I was low, so I stocked up a bit! $1 a pound for butter is pretty good! Four pounds in my freezer!

    Also, in the candy aisle they have Hershey Bliss individual bars for .80. There was a .55/1 coupon in last Sunday’s Gazette, and since they are doubling, it makes those free. Free chocolate!

    Also, the Marcal TP is re-stocked, but $1.13. There was a $1/1 coupon last week – if you missed the sale you can still get it for .13. Also, there is a $2 off coupon, and they sell a ‘double roll’ 4 pack of Marcal for $2.30-something, so you could get that for 30 cents! They were out of stock on that one, though. I used the $2 off coupon and got another of the $1.13 ones, even though it was less of a value (they don’t give the overage). I don’t get to town that often, and didn’t want to lose the coupon or have it expire.

    ‘Krunchers’ kettle chips are BOGOF – and last Sunday or the Sunday before there were $1/1 coupons. I don’t know if the clerks will do it, but at self check I was able to use 2 of those coupons, so the final price for both bags was 1.79, or .89.5 cents each.

    And the cantaloupes were nice sized – we got one! :)

    Today with my coupons and sales I saved 51.08 and spent 12.38. Yay!

  14. Just got back from Albertson’s at Austin Bluffs and Dublin. They were out of the Mission coupons, out of the Marcal toilet paper, getting low on chocolate. I couldn’t find the butter that Laura mentioned being on sale. But overall still had a good trip. :)

    • There was some butter marked on sale in one of those deep coolers where they stick sale items – there was a bunch more over in the regular butter section, but no signage over there. It was the Albertson’s brand 8oz – 2 sticks. Good luck!

  15. I just went to Albertsons this evening, and purchased the 4 Old El Paso products. I used 2 $0.60 off coupon for 2 products which doubled to $1.oo off and since they were $1.00 each if you bought 4, it made the total $0.50 per product!!! They are also participating in the CAT, so i recieved $1.00 off my next beef or chicken purchase! Awesome :) The mission chips also were free! I <3 Free!

  16. Also, the taco shells I got were a ‘bigger’ size so the packages had 18 shells in the box! Great deal!

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