Cheap Things To Do in the Springs: free sporting events

Did you know you can watch select USAFA sporting events for free?  Several of you have mentioned it as a fun, free activity.  It looks like basketball, football, volleyball, and ice hockey have ticket charges, but according to several of you, other sporting events like baseball are free!

Call the ticket office to confirm before you go.  You can see the entire sporting events schedule here.  Thanks to those of you who submitted this tip!

Know of any other free or cheap sporting events in Colorado Springs?

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  1. I am pretty sure there are sporting events at the USOC that are free to the public from time to time. Also its free to watch the athletes train at the World Arena skating rink.

  2. USAFA hockey also runs some really great promos during the season, football isn’t as great but still some deals. Hockey has nights where they do a canned food drive, for a ticket. Some nights are family nights, where you get hot dogs, sometimes popcorn, drinks for something like $2 a ticket.

    The only times they do not do any promos are understandably their games against Army, and home games with either Denver or Colorado College.

    • Carrie Isaac says:

      Sweet! I need to get on their email list and hopefully be notified of the deals, huh? :)

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