Couponing FAQ: finding the insert date

There’s no need to freak out if you file your coupons by insert and forget to write the date on the cover – did you know that information is printed right on the insert every week?

It’s teeny-tiny print, and often right on the fold, but if you’re trying to figure out what date a coupon insert came from, check the outside cover of the insert – on the binding you’ll find the insert date and a list of the newspapers it came in.

If you file by insert, it’s probably still easier to write the date on the cover, since the printed date is so small.  But if you ever forget, or someone gives you old inserts, just check on the edge!



  1. I know a lot of people file by insert and I was wondering what the benefit of this is? I currently file by category. :)

    • Carrie Isaac says:

      Saves time in that you don’t have to clip the coupons until you need them. I file by category also, and am about as anti-insert-filing as they come. ;) Just kidding. Someone who actually files by insert can better tell you why it’s done that way, I’m pretty biased. :)

  2. Thanks! I never knew the date was on the inserts. :)
    I file by insert AND by category.
    Insert filing saves me time because I follow blogs/forums that coupon matchup, and they tell me exactly what insert a coupon is in, so I can just go clip it.
    Sorting by category takes a lot more binders, and a LOT more time when including insert coupons.
    I do still sort some coupons by category, such as ones I clipped and didn’t use, received in the mail, or printed out.
    The only disadvantage I’ve found so far to filing mostly by insert is that sometimes I forget what coupons are in them!
    One blog I read gets around this problem by typing up a list of every coupon in the insert and keeping it handy for quick reference, and I plan to start doing this on Sunday!

  3. I file by insert because clipping everything was just too overwhelming. I get four papers each week and I sort each insert so that all page 1s are together, all page 2s etc. Then I will cut out coupons I know I will use or one that I want to file by category just in case I see a sale or clearance on that item. I also file coupons from the mail, printables, and other coupons I come across by category. When I look at the weekly grocery deals or Walgreens deals I pull the inserts I need, clip & put the coupons in an envelope for that store. I’ve been trying to remember my little coupon category box when I go shopping so I can grab unexpected deals.

  4. Cool, thanks gals!

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