*Hot* – save 75¢ on any Mission product!

Yeehaw!  There’s a new site called Rico Summer with printable coupons available, and there’s one up for $0.75 off any one Mission Foods product!  These are on sale just about everywhere for Cinco de Mayo, including at Albertsons, where their chips are $0.99!  Thanks, Jill!

Whew, ok, let’s breathe… It’s only a coupon for one of my favorite products. ;)  There are a few other coupons available there as well.  Here’s more of the latest printable coupons from the Printable Coupons area in the sidebar:

Psst – did you hear about our tour of the Mission Foods factory last week?  You can view pics and video here!



  1. Jennifer P says:

    How does the Mission coupon print? I saw I had to choose a store, I didn’t see Albie’s as a choice…has any one else printed this coupon?

  2. I clicked on the KS and then the mission logo, took me to a coupon site that let me print two. when I went back and clicked on the King Sooper link, it took me to the digital coupons that add to your card after your sign in, but NOT see a coupon for Mission on the KS site. Hope that helps!

    • Or was it the Kroger one? when I printed the coupons, it was a Kroger printable coupon site. Either way it is a Manufacturers coupon good at any store.

  3. Jennifer P says:

    awesome…thanks for the help!

  4. Do you know if these can be used at Sunflower for their special this week?

    • Carrie Isaac says:

      Yes, they are manufacturer’s coupons so they should be able to be used anywhere.

  5. ARGH!! My ink just went out as I was printing these so the bar codes are all jacked up!! I hate when this happens!! Hopefully it will still be there tomorrow so I can print the second one!!

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