Reader Request: best time to buy a grill?

Andrea wants some input on the best time to buy a grill:

I’m wanting to know if anyone can suggest that I buy a grill now for my hubby’s birthday/Father’s day gift, or do they usually go on sale for Memorial Day or Father’s Day?

So, Springs Bargains readers, what would you suggest? When is the best time to purchase a grill? Are there big sales for traditional “cooking out” holidays, or is there another good time to look?

Please leave your tips in the comments!

Psst – if you have a gas grill, you’ll definitely want to read these tips on getting the best price on a propane tank refill!



  1. bmerri19 says:

    Usually the Winter months, between Jan 1 – Mar 31.

  2. I purchased a grill for my mom’s birthday last year after Labor Day in the middle of September from Target. It was 75% off. $250 grill for $65

  3. We got ours from Home Depot in November. Original price was $199 and we got it for $99. SO I would have to say the best time to buy a BBQ was a few months ago. You can still find some good deals though through labor day. Keep your eye on the ads.

  4. I don’t know if the prices are any good (never bought a grill myself), but ACE just had a circular in the newspaper today that was all grills. It couldn’t hurt to look.

  5. Thanks for all of your help. I’ll have to check out Ace, had not been there yet.
    Sounds like my hubby may have to survive one more summer with the one we’ve got…
    so we can get a great deal around/after labor day.

    • Carrie Isaac says:

      Andrea, if your husband is not adamant that it has to be new, you might check Craiglist. There are a lot of people getting rid of their grills right now (not patient enough to wait for a good clearance deal at the end of the summer!) and you could potentially get a great deal! We just got an amazing deal from someone who was upgrading to a super-fancy grill.

  6. Christina says:

    I have found the best prices for the propane gas it the car repair store on the corner of union and chapel hills I think it is. There is a gas station on the corner and they are in the small shopping strip. I think car repair 1000?? They also have coupons out now and then which make it really inexpensive. You just need to do it before the weekend.
    As far as grill what we did it looked for a grill that had what my husband was looking for bells and whistle and found it at Sears they do have good Sales real close to Fathers Day. If you join them online email or snail mail ad you can get some good coupons as well.

  7. I think the name of the place Christina is referring to is Car Care 2000 and it’s on the corner of Union and Briargate.

  8. Christina says:

    Yes it is Car Care 2000 and the coupons come out in the envelopes you get every now and then from the community.

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