Cheap Things To Do In The Springs: cheap eats

If you’re going going to be out all day hiking, visiting a museum, or having some fun indoors, you’ll need to eat, too!  No need to blow the budget on dining out… There are plenty of cheap eats in Colorado Springs.

What qualifies as a “cheap eat”?

Rachel Ray may think that $40 a day is acceptable for a food budget, but for most of us, that’s a lot of money to spend in one day.  To me, a “cheap eat” means $5 or less for a full meal, not including drink.  And at least to me, that doesn’t include fast food.

These are restaurants that are cheap any day of the week – no coupons, no limited time offers, no special hours.  Just a good deal all the time.

Where are the cheap eats in the Springs?

Here’s a list of your suggestions for cheap places to eat in the Springs!

Bhan Thai – several readers suggested this as a cheap place that gives you big servings of yummy Thai food!  Around $6 for a meal.  I believe the location most people were referring to was 1025 North Academy Boulevard, though there’s another, different Bhan Thai on Centennial as well.

Taco Star – Terje said this restaurant serves “huge burritos for under $5 including tax”!  They have several locations, Terje said her kids said the best location is the one at 605 North Circle Drive.

Wok 2000 – There were at least a couple of votes for this “by the scoop” Asian place at 115 East Fillmore Street.  The food is around $1.70 per scoop and Heather said they don’t use MSG!

Garden Cafe – Sarah said this Asian restaurant at 1580 Space Center Drive also sells good for about $1.75 a scoop.

Albertacos – Kathy says Albertacos sells super-filling breakfast burritos for under $3.

Saigon Grill – this Vietnamese restaurant at 3119 W Colorado Ave was a favorite of several readers, though I don’t know prices and they don’t seem to have a website.

The Drive-In – Em recommend this place for cheap burgers and fries and yummy ice cream.  It’s located at 2309 North Weber Street and has outdoor seating only.  (I think they’re closed in the winter).

Fargo’s Pizza – Sara’s a big fan of the famous pizza place… She says her family of five can get pizza and drinks for $25!  Fargo’s is located at 2910 East Platte Avenue.

Rizuto’s – this ice cream shop is a big reader favorite for their “huge soft serve cones” that run around $1 each!  it’s located at 4785 Barnes Road.

Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard – their $2.89 craver combos are awesome – the best fast-food value meal anywhere, in my opinion!  3 locations, find them here.

What other suggestions do you have to eat non-fast food for inexpensively in Colorado Springs, even if it’s a little over $5 per meal?

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  1. Though its only available on Tuesday…you can eat at Popeye’s for cheap. They have a deal for 99 cents you get two pieces of chicken. If you order 2 Tuesday deals (4 pieces of chicken), one side and a drink its $5.39 after tax. Not bad! If you only want 2 pieces of chicken its under $5 with a drink!

  2. Okay, it’s fast food … but has anyone seen the new Taco Bell ad? A drink, doritos & either a burrito or taco for $2!

  3. Sarah H says:

    Wow! We are going to have to start eating out more.

  4. Have you heard about Taco Tuesday at Jose Muldoons! Every Tuesday, all day, tacos are $0.75! You can get 1 or 10 all for $0.75 each. I love Taco Tuesday! My husband and I can eat for under $10.00.

  5. LisaAnne says:

    I haven’t been to the one on Academy, but the Bhan Thai on Centennial (behind the Starbucks drive-through in the Albertson’s strip mall) was amazingly cheap and really good food. Just, not exactly luxury seating, if you know what I mean. I think it was disposable plates and plastic forks, too.

  6. Amanda t says:

    Our family enjoys yakitori, specifically the one south of downtown on Nevada and the one on academy close to buffalo wild wings and fatburger. Our girls get the soup with rice in it and my husband and I can split a dinner special. We usually tip generously since we split and often they don’t charge us for the girls and our family of four is out of there completely satisfied for $10-12!! And that’s any day of the week!

  7. Kristine says:

    Our family loves Garden Cafe, we affectionately call it “cheap Chinese”. Not high quality food, but it is very predictable, and fills the chinese food craving for way less than most places, including the chinese buffets. My husband appreciates the price/weight ratio. :^ ) Beware–they don’t provide enough sweet/sour sauce for a serving of sweet/sour chicken, and charge a lot for the large sweet and sour sauce container. We have made our own ss sauce at home several times.

  8. We went to Arharn Thai tonight. Its in the Target shopping center on Powers and N. Carefree, next to Ultimate Buffet. We fed two adults and two young kids for $17 for dinner! It was really yummy, and most things were under $7 per entree even for dinner. Highly recommend!

  9. Culver’s has 8 “snack pak” meals that are under $4! They include fries and a drink with the entree.
    Del Taco usually does Taco Tuesday with 3/$1.
    Gunther Toodys has $0.05 burger Wednesday (Buy one get one $0.05)

    Also, if you can find a Quality Connections magazine, they always have great coupons for Springs’ restaurants! Right now they have Good Times coupons for $0.99 craver sandwiches (up to 5) and $0.99 fries (up to 5). And lots of either buy one get one free meals or buy one get one half off meals (TGI Fridays, Indigo, 3 Margaritas, La Casita, Gunther Toody’s, Empire Buffet, Back East, Dat’s Italian, Pueblo Viejo (the best), and more deals.

  10. My husband claims that the ‘best bang for your buck breakfast burrito’ can be found at Monica’s Tacos (a few locations around town). We’ll pick these up for supper sometimes and it is about $3.65 per burrito and they are really large! We were also very impressed with the prices at Cheddar’s (on Interquest)- we were shocked by their inexpensive prices and large portions for a nice meal (and margaritas!).

    • I will second and third Monica’s Tacos breakfast burritos (served all day) are amazing. If my wife and I are looking to eat cheap for lunch we can even split one and have enough food to not be hungry.

  11. Zios has a really great family meal deal that used to be $20 for two big bowls (family style) of spaghetti and meatballs or alfredo and 4 nice salads and bread. It was PLENTY for 5 of us big eaters with enough to take some home. The last time we went it was $28 but also included an order of fried cheese sticks with marinara. If they still have it this is a great deal if you want a meal that’s cheap but feels like you’ve “eaten out”.

  12. Melanie Blank says:

    Xiang’s Kitchen seems like your ordinary Asian food place until you get your order. One meal can easily feed 2 adults. And the lunch meals are an even better deal than dinner because included in the price is soup, egg rolls, and wontons! You can feed 4 adults for $20 at lunch.

    And it may sound crazy, but the cheapest place for us to eat a sit-down meal as a family is TX Roadhouse. The kids get filled up on bread and peanuts so we only order 1 kids meal. Dinner out for our family is about $30.

  13. Dick’s Dogs and Diner off of kiowa and tejon have hot dogs starting at $1.00 each! They can go all the way up to 6$ depend on how extravagant you get your dog, but you can’t beat a dollar meal!

  14. Diane’s Restaurant – a new restaurant off of Sinton Rd. (Fillmore and I-25) has complete meals (all meal prices include salad and drink!!!) for $4.50 to $6.00!!! Tonight we had the Saturday Night Special – all you can eat spaghetti and salad for $5 a person ($3 for kids 3-6 and FREE for kids under 3)! We fed our family of four for under $20!

    • The restaurant is no longer called Diane’s, it is now “The French Dip.” Same owners but they revamped the menu and raised the prices a bit. They no longer include the drink and salad in the meal, but the drinks are only a dollar.

  15. Alecia McCutcheon says:

    Extreme Pizza on Academy (north of Woodmen) has a lunch
    special every day of the week for $5.95 (Add $1.00 to make this a
    dinner special after 4pm). This deal includes a large single piece
    of pizza cut into 2 slices (They pick one meat and one veggie
    specialty pizza for the customer to pick from each day), a salad
    and a drink. They also have $2 pints from 4pm to 7pm

  16. The DAV on Palmer Park and Peterson offers breakfast on Sunday mornings ONLY. $6 for adults and $5 for seniors (not sure what the price is for kids). All are welcome and the food is all you can eat – you place your order off of the menu and if you’re still hungry you can order more! The coffe and juice are included. They open at 8am and I’m not sure when they stop serving. Nothing too fancy – folding tables and uncomfortable chairs but the food is usually pretty good and it’s a quiet place to eat if you’re more interested in visiting with your dining companions than listening to overly loud resturant music. Also, I believe the cost of the meal goes to support the DAV – a worthy cause for sure.

  17. On Mondays only, Carinos Italian (3015 New Center Point, Colordo Springs, CO) has family night. All of their family sized portions are 50% off!! Our family of 5 eats unlimited salad and soup, and then a good portion of pasta for $15. Our favorite is the Chicken Scaloppini!!

  18. Might as well update your list. Good Times is now a chain, and have closed all Springs outlets. Closest one is in Castle Rock.

    For fish: I have been nicely surprised by Captain D’s on Fillmore. Best deal: the two-piece lunch deal coupon for $3.25 (always available for at least two years, including hush puppies and side) … then add a few more pieces for $1 or $1.25 each! $5.75 plus tax easily fills two people…

  19. There is no longer a Goodtimes in Colorado Springs.

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