Hot price on organic watermelon at Whole Foods tomorrow

Whole Foods is having a one-day sale on Wednesday only – pop in and get organic mini watermelons for 99¢!  That’s a great deal, as long as they’re not too mini!

They also have Jumbo White Shrimp (16/20 ct) for $9.99/lb, but that’s not really that great of a deal.

They should have a new ad coming out tomorrow; hopefully there are more deals in it!  Don’t forget to check out the latest Whole Foods printable coupons and the manufacturer’s coupons you can match up with them.



  1. I noticed on Sunflower’s website calendar that they are planning a BBQ tomorrow from 11-2pm at the Colorado Springs store. Sounds like cheap fun. Double check the calendar or call the store to be sure before heading out.

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