How to earn more Swagbucks: use the toolbar!

Have I  mentioned that [swagbucks] is a great way to earn a little extra cash – well, not cash, but gift cards – just by using the Swagbucks search engine?  As you search, you’re randomly awarded points, or Swag Bucks, which then accumulate in your account until you have enough to redeem for prizes or gift cards to some of your favorite merchants, like Starbucks or

[swagbucks] totally changed for me when they debuted the toolbar last fall.  I use the internet for everything and there are times when I want to do a “normal” Google search, instead of going through the Swagbucks search engine.  I got tired of switching the quick search field in Firefox from the Swagbucks search to Google search, and vice versa.

That all changed when [swagbucks] debuted the toolbar!  Now, I can leave my Firefox quick search set to Google for the times I want to go straight to Google, and use the search field in the Swagbucks toolbar to search through Swagbucks, which earns me points.  I use Swagbucks search whenever possible – if I’m going to, say, this awesome site called Springs Bargains, I’ll search Springs Bargains through the Swagbucks bar.  If I’m lucky, I’ll earn a few points for the search!

If I’m looking for something really complicated, like “why won’t Apple Mail retrieve all my Gmail messages”, then I use Google search.

The toolbar isn’t just good for searching, though – there’s an Inbox, which periodically lights up like above alerting me to a new message.  Most of the time, this includes a Swagcode that’s good for a few points when you input it on the home page of Swagbucks!

Another awesome thing that was recently debuted with the [swagbucks] toolbar is that you earn points just for being logged in! Seems like a couple of times I day I receive an alert that I’ve been credited 2-3 points just for being logged in to Swagbucks via the toolbar.  It’s a no-brainer!

The Swagbucks toolbar also contains quick links to their Facebook and Twitter profiles, as well as their blog.  They frequently share Swagcodes through those sites, as well, so it’s nice to be able to quickly access them through the toolbar.

So, why should you start using Swagbucks and especially download the toolbar?  It makes racking up points so much easier: easier, faster searching; special code alerts; points just for being logged in to the toolbar; and easy access to other parts of the [swagbucks] world like Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t started Swagbuckin’ yet, you can use code SWAGNATION5 when you sign up through Friday morning to get yourself fifty points to get started.

Coming up on Thursday: how to get your friends to help you rack up points in your Swagbucks account!  If you’re looking for other legitimate ways to earn a little extra cash (no get-rich-quick schemes!), check out the posts I’ve done in the past on MyPoints, My Survey, and Pinecone Research.


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