$1 off smoothies at McDonald’s

McDonald’s now has smoothies – whatever happened to burgers and fries?! – and you can get $1 off with this printable coupon!  I was just at McDonald’s yesterday (shh!) but unfortunately didn’t note the price on their smoothies. Anyone else know?

I’ve also heard that some locations may be giving out free smoothie samples from time to time!



  1. Melissa says:

    I was at the Falcon McDonald’s yesterday and the medium sized smoothie was either $2.79 or $2.89 and the Very Berry flavor was really sweet.

    • Carrie Isaac says:

      Wonder what’s in the smoothie? Any healthier than just eating ice cream? Now I’m wondering. ;)

  2. Sarah Scalise says:

    Had a sample a couple of weeks ago at the Mickey D’s on N. Academy and Hwy 83. But didn’t see the pirce either. They were really good, but the amount of sugar in them is very high. I think in the 40 gram range (I might be wrong about that). But if you share that would be good.

  3. Prices actually vary by region or franchise. Unless it’s a national promotion or corporate set price, ie The Dollar Menu or Dollar any size fountain drinks for $1. I found this out when I thought I had the perfect change for a happy meal for one of my kids and it cost more on the other side of town. When I asked that’s what they told me (by the way they ended up giving it to me, very gracious of them).

  4. Heidi Flowers says:

    I actually just tried the Strawberry Banana one yesterday. I got the small which was $2.29. The regular size is $2..79 up here in Denver. I didn’t think it was anything spectacular, especially for the price. I may buy one again if I had a coupon.

  5. jenny morgan says:

    There is a coupon out there for a free 12oz smoothie or cappuccino from Mc Donald’s. Does anyone know where to find them?

  6. Thanks, Carrie!

  7. At Barnes location smalls are $2.29, Med. $2.79 ($3) Even with tax, and large $3.29. The receipts also print a variety of coupons including a free Breakfast sandwich with McCafe…They accept this coupon with the new Frappe’s and Smoothies too!

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