Bemoaning the high cost of zucchini

Dawn emailed me this morning…

Carrie, I’m looking for a price for zucchini from you. I use ALOT of zucchini and for years I have grown it all. This year we moved and nothing grew for me. So, what is the base price I am looking for in order to stock up? I have no clue. I see that zucchini is still at $.88-1.00/lb. Is that sale price? (ugh!) It drives me batty to know that I grew 30-40 large zucchini last year for .80 – now I might get one pound for .80.

I don’t recall any amazing zucchini sales this year – what happened?! Dawn’s right – it’s hovered around $.88-1.00 per pound, which is a pretty standard summertime price, and I just looked at some of the prices from last winter, and it seems we saw those same prices even in January.

What do you think?  Will it go lower yet this summer?  What types of zucchini prices have you seen at local farmers’ markets?

I made the fried zucchini strings above on a whim one night last week – they were yummy, but then again, what isn’t yummy when dipped in batter and fried?!



  1. Just start asking neighbors. Someone should have planted a zucchini plant and have way more than they actually need. We didn’t plant a plant this year because we still have some in the freezer from last year.

  2. I found zucchinin at the Farmers market at Doherty…. 4 for $1….

  3. Wish I could help you out. But I also feel your pain! We always grow our squash (several variety) and they have not done as well this year as they normally do. :0( And I have yet to see any “great” sales on them. I agree with Carrie…the cost seems to be hovering. Hope you are able to find some and that yours grow better for you next year.

  4. we had some mystery squash come up this year….and ALOT! Some are 8 ball variety, yellow acorn (?), scalloped, crookneck…the list seems to go on. And I don’t have anyone to share with :( I don’t have a ton right now, but would be willing to give to a few. and if they continue this pattern, I could give to several more soon…

  5. I say go to Farmer’s market, the prices are really good there!! We had them coming out our ears again this year from what we planted, but froze a bunch and made blueberry zucchini muffins, that are so delicious!!

  6. I feel your pain. I have never planted zucchini, but the last few years it seems like someone has always given me some. But not this year! And I’m not liking the price I’ve been seeing. I guess next year I’m just going to have to break down and plant a garden, so I can get my own zucchini.

  7. I bought a ton of zucchini at the Farmer’s Market at Doherty HS. One lady has her’s 4 for $1 and they’re pretty big (bigger than you’d get at the grocery store). I weighed one of them and it was almost 3 lbs.

    What is the best way to freeze zucchini? Can you freeze them whole, or is it better to grate them?

    • Erin @ did a post about freezing zucchini! you should be able to find it easily on her site.

  8. Thanks for all your ideas! I might check the Farmer’s Market again. I did go two weeks ago specifically for zucchini. It was 4 for a $1, but when I weighed a similar size at the grocery store, it looked like the 4 for $1 was about $1/lb.

    And to answer Cati… yes, I grate my zucchini. I like to put it in homemade spaghetti sauce and zucchini bread. So, I smash 3 c. of zucchini in a sandwhich bag. It fills it to the brim. I freeze the bags. Once frozen, I put them in a gallon freezer bags so I don’t lose them all over the bottom of our freezer.

    When I make the zucchini bread, I defrost and drain the juice. Then, count the juice as the milk in the recipe and add the needed milk to finish the required amount. And the actual zucchini goes in the bread like usual. It makes it moist and uses less milk.

    I also found a zucchini cookie recipe that I’m wanting to try. So, I’ve got all kinds of uses for it. :0)…

    Once again, thanks for your help!

  9. You might want to post a ‘wanted’ on freecycle and craigslist. We have one hill, and we’ve eaten our fill, I’ve dehydrated a bunch (I dry them and then crush the dried ‘chips’ with a rolling pin and use that powder for zucchini bread, muffins and in pasta sauce) and lately I’ve been letting some of them get big for the hens. I have had several people offer me zucchini too, so I know it’s out there!

  10. I’ve noticed that a lot more people seem to have home gardens this year. I usually grow 2 zucchini plants and give all the extras to our neighbors, but this year, the neighbors on both sides are also growing zucchini! I found an awesome recipe for a whole wheat chocolate zucchini cake from King Arthur Flour — it still has tons of sugar and butter, but I suppose it’s a bit more healthful than a boxed cake mix! I’ve also been shredding my extra zucchini in 2-cup increments in quart freezer bags so I can make this cake easily throughout the winter.

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