Couponing FAQ: using store catalinas at another store

I’ve answered this question before, but wanted to mention it again because it’s often asked, and also because a reader reported seeing a sign at King Soopers regarding the use of catalinas from other stores.

So, can you use catalinas (checkout coupons) that have one store’s logo on it at a different store?  The answer is…


This really depends on the store, and my policy has always been to ask before trying to use a catalina with another store’s logo on it.  If they say yes, they can take it, then great – if not, they I try to have another coupon to use instead, or just ditch using the coupon altogether.

However, Joy reported seeing a sign at the Stetson Hills King Soopers stating that cashiers are not to accept catalina coupons with other stores’ logos on them, and that the only competitor coupons they accept are the Entertainment Book ones for Safeway.

So, at least at that King Soopers, they aren’t accepting catalina coupons with other stores’ logos on them.  This could vary widely by location, but it’s best to ask beforehand if you plan to use a coupon with another store’s logo on it.

Safeway’s official policy, on the other hand, says that they will accept “valid manufacturer coupon that displays another retailer’s logo or name only if such coupon is for a specific item”.

And of course, nearly every store has its own rules and regulations, so you just never know for sure. :)  But, I wanted to make sure you knew that King Soopers may be enforcing that rule now.

If you’re wondering what on earth a catalina is, you must read this post all about catalina coupons.

The best thing is always to abide by the store’s policy, no matter whether you agree with it or not!  Keeps the managers and cashiers happy to see couponers in the store.

More store coupon policies available here, and if you’re not in the Springs, check out the coupon policies page on Grocery University for even more stores!



  1. I’d be interested to know if Safeway accepts the manu. coupons that Soopers occasionally mails out (not the personalized ones, but the ones that are white with a bar code at the bottom, in addition to having a red line at the end & then KIng Soopers & City Market logos after that. The reason I raise this question is because I noticed in the fine print of a nestle tollhouse morsels or cookie dough, that it states that the coupon “must use rewards card or shopper’s card for discount. Coupon only valid at Kroger Enterprise Stores …” This particular one says it is a manufacturers coupon, but begins with a number 1! I’m guessing that Safeway would reject that one! But the fine print is really fine!

  2. It looks like Safeway’s coupon policy may have changed again (the date in 9/15/2010) but #9 no longer specific products anymore it just says mnf. catalinas. I asked my local store and I was able to use my RR and an Albertsons catalina there yesterday.

  3. Here’s a new one…I got a catalina for a FREE Uncle Ben’s ready rice from King Soopers. When I used it at KS, I only got $1.92 off of a $2.54 item. The cashier said the catalina had a price limit. Guess I need to read the fine print :(

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