Store Review: Rainbo Bakery Outlet

I finally did it – I made it to all three bread outlets in Colorado Springs!

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Rainbo Bakery Outlet on Chelton for the first time.  The Rainbo store carries brands in the Sara Lee brand family, which includes Sara Lee, Iron Kids, Rainbo, Sunbeam, among others.  Here’s a complete list of their brands, though obviously not all of them are available at the Colorado Springs outlet location.

The store had lots of options when I was there, and a good amount of everything in stock.  I forgot to ask if their stock varies by day, but I was there on a Thursday and there were full shelves of everything. Here’s some of what they carried and the prices:

  • Sara Lee Large Buns (8 ct) – $1.50
  • Sara Lee Small Buns (8 ct)  – $0.75
  • Sara Lee Bagels (6 ct or mini bagels) – $1.00
  • Sara Lee (?) Hoagies (6 ct) – $1.25
  • Sara Lee Bread Loaves – $1.25
  • Rainbo/Iron Kids Bread Loaves – $0.50
  • Sunmaid Raisin Bread – $1.50

I purchased a couple of loaves of Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat Bread and some hot dog buns.  The “best by” date was only two days out, which is much shorter than I’m accustomed do at the Orowheat bread outlet.  Of course, it’s just fine at least a few days after the date, and I potentially could have found some with longer dates if I’d gone farther back on the shelf.

I also got a couple of loaves of Sunmaid Raisin Bread, which was a yummy breakfast!  Still kind of pricey for a breakfast, though, since we ate the entire loaf (plus yogurt) for breakfast in a single morning.  But, it’s still much cheaper than buying it in the regular grocery store.

I was thrilled to find these:

Not really sure why they had these old-fashioned pure sugar peppermint candies, but I do love them and couldn’t resist buying a bag.  They are broken, thus why they’re at the outlet.  It’s hard to resist candy made without high fructose corn syrup at $1.50 for a 16 oz bag!

The Rainbo outlet store doesn’t offer any discounts or special deals on certain days from what the cashier told me.  No punchcard program or free gift with minimum purchase like the Orowheat store. :(  The store was clean and well-organized, and the cashier was very friendly.

Overall, I wasn’t terribly impressed with this store, but that’s likely due to the fact that I’m not a huge fan of Sara Lee bread or bagels (I think their products are really dry).  If you like those brands, you can probably save a bit by shopping here on occasion and stocking up on bread!

Want to visit?

The Rainbo Bread Outlet is located at 3221 Chelton Circle, behind the Sonic across from the Citadel Mall.  Their phone number is (719) 633-6868, and their hours are Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Have you been to the Rainbo bakery thrift store?  What did you think?



  1. LizAndrsn says:

    The prices of some items fluxuate, depending on what they have a surplus of — like hot dog buns sometimes go 3 for $1.00. Same for the loaves of bread, but never on specialty items like Texas Toast or Rasin Bread.

    In 20+ years of shopping there I’ve never been able to figure out which are “the good days.” But you’re right about the employees — nicest people ever.

    • I’ve been there several times because my kids LOVE their blueberry bagels. And we love the peppermints too! The items and the prices change a bit from time to time, and sometimes they have specials. And the employees are very friendly!

  2. Unless they stopped, there is a rack by the door, behind the carts i guess, that if you spent at least $10, you could get a free XX (ie loaf of bread). whatever they put on the rack for the day. I haven’t been in awhile though and really I only go to this outlet because it’s the closest to my house and anywhere else I normally go.

  3. I love to go to the Rainbow bread outlet because I’m diabetic and buy the Sara Lee Delight low-carb bread. In most stores it’s almost $4.00 per loaf now, but I can usually get it at the outlet for $1.69. Great savings on that. The Delight bread only comes in 3 flavors, white, wheat, and multigrain, and sometimes they are out of one flavor or another. I sometimes “spend” the carbs I’m saving on bread by buying a small bag of potato chips. Their generic chips are as tasty as any and usually lots cheaper. Yes, I know, low-carb bread and potato chips doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’s the bargain hunter in me that makes me want to do it! I think they have started carrying low-carb tortillas, too.

  4. This is the bread store I usually go to. I like the Sara lee breads, and they usually have a good selection of bagels and english muffins, hot dog and hamburger buns. The cashiers are very friendly.

  5. My family goes here because it is the closest to us and we have found days with awesome deals going on. They do have a rack by the front door that for every $10 you get a free item. The store is really clean when we go in and the staff is AWESOME and very customer service oriented!

    On a side note, there was one time we were in there and a wonderful lady had just spent over $80 and didn’t want any of her free items….she turned around and looked at me in line and asked me if we would like her free items. Completely unexpected and happened at the best time for my family!

  6. They do offer a punchcard.

  7. This store is now a part of the group that ownes Entemann’s — it’s Bimbo Breads.
    My last visit there didn’t meet my expectations. I found the prices to be higher, and the selections limited.

    I buy “day old” at the Bargain Mart at Palmer Park near Circle (used to be King Soopers & Walgreens years ago). They carry Pepperidge Farms products, usually around $1.29 a loaf, plus slider buns, bagels and occasionally tortillas. If they have an overstock, the price goes down further.

  8. The reviewer in the article stated incorrectly, they do have a punch card. It is good at this store or the one on Academy and Flintridge. He did not mention they that have Entenmans cakes, including the Cheese Cake crumb. To die for. Prices are great, since you can freeze most items and save on food and fuel at the same time. Seniors, use money wisely. I do as a war baby.

  9. S. Shermen says:

    I shop there weekly, since I have teenagers. They have a wonderful variety of bread and snacks at this store, soup and gravy mixes, as well as spices and amazing jellies. They also have a punch card program, in addition to offering a free item if you spend over $10. Products I have found in the store include Entenman pastries and donuts, Vooterman Cookies, Wild Oats, Orowheat, Bimbo, Rainbo, Keebler, Bear Creek, and Southeastern Mills. The employees are friendly, the store is clean and the bread last as song as you freeze what you are not going to use right away.

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