Weekend carpet cleaning? Save $10 off a Rug Doctor rental

Like Rug Doctor on Facebook to receive a coupon for $10 off a Rug Doctor rental at Lowe’s! Last time we rented one at King Soopers, I think it was around $25 for 24 hours?  This coupon is  no longer available.

We never thought the expensive Rug Doctor cleaning solution did anything, so last time we did it we sprayed Shout laundry stain remover on the carpet.  It worked really well – almost too well!  It cleaned the spot we sprayed so well that we realized how dirty the carpet around it was. :)

It’s been several months and there doesn’t seem to be any adverse affects on the carpet, such as stickiness, so next time we will definitely be using laundry stain remover to clean the carpet!



  1. I would just advise against using Tide Stain Release. I figured it works so well on laundry…might as well try it on a couple of spots on the carpet. However, it did not work so well. I’m not sure if it bleached my carpet, stained it pink, or if it just didn’t come out all the way. It was super sudsy and hard to get out.

  2. Same thing happened to us except we used Oxiclean in a spray bottle. Haha! The clean carpet was so noticeable that we ended up doing 3/4 of the house instead of just the front room. It was sooo much work and we never knew how dirty the carpets were until we cleaned them. :0)

  3. The Dollar tree sells a cleaner that is called Awesome. I use in steamer machines and it works beautifully on my carpet! You use very very little and it gives you instructions on the bottle for how much water to detergent ratio to use. I have approximately 2000 sq ft of carpeting and 1 bottle does the trick for the whole house. This cleaner is used everywhere in my home. It really is Awesome!!

    • Hey Heather,
      Have you used this cleaner in Rug Doctor rentals instead of buying their soap that comes with it?

  4. I sure have!! I have used it many times in the Rug Doctor! Google LA’s Awesome and you’ll see tons of reviews for this product. It’s how I came across it myself in trying to find a carpet cleaner that worked and didn’t break the bank. It’s the best multipurpose cleaner I’ve ever used!!

    • Wow! Great! I will give that a try. Thanks for the tip. :)

    • Hi Heather, could you specify which one of the LA’s Totally Awesome products did you use instead of the RugDoctor soap? The multi-purpose cleaner (yellow, clear bottle) or the carpet cleaner from LA’s Totally Awesome in red spray bottle? Thanks again for your tips.

  5. We finally used our Rug Doctor coupon yesterday, and also used your tip about laundry stain remover. I spent $20 and did the whole house! Thanks Carrie!

  6. How do I get the coupon for the Rug Doctor?

  7. Hey caint wait to see great results. Thanks for the great tips!!

  8. cindy alexander says:

    I just Printed out the the coupon for the Rug Doctor and it was for $5.00, not $10.00 :(

  9. Laquitta Monroe says:

    I just printed out the coupon for the Rug Doctor and it was for $2.50 off not $10.00…NOT GOOD!!!

  10. NOTICE: The Facebook coupon expired over 2 years ago and is not valid any longer. You can always get the latest coupons by going here: http://rent.rugdoctor.com/map/map.html.

  11. MemphisNiNi says:

    I have to say when we prepped our rental property we used the Awesome Brand of Oxiclean [the powder formula that gets EEEEEEHHHHHVERYTHING out] with our rugdoctor. So this time we can not WAIT to use it and I JUST printed out my $5 coupon so it is ON and Poppin! I reccommend that for stains and what not alone and then perhaps some Odoban from Sam’s Club or Home Depot. Love love LOVE Odoban! Totally worth the $1O gallon as it is super highly concentrated.

  12. The offer for $10 off coupon has expired as of December 31, 2011. There are other coupons offered on our web site.

    Thank you.

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