Subscribe to the Sunday Gazette for $1 per year!

Susan sent in this hot top on a subscription to the Gazette: you can go here and buy a Sunday subscription for just $1 for a whole year – plus, the school of your choice gets $5!

It’s valid for new subscribers only, and only one subscription per household. You can also call and ask for their “Extreme Couponing” special which gets you up to 10 newspapers delivered on Sunday/Wednesday for $1 per subscription per year.  (Note: don’t do this unless you want 10 newspapers in your driveway every Sunday and Wednesday!)

I always recommend subscribing to the Denver Post because it has many more/higher-value coupons, but at $1 for a whole year, the Gazette is a great deal, too.

Note that with almost any newspaper, they will continue delivering your paper for quite awhile after it has ended and will send you a bill for the newspapers delivered after your subscription is up.  You are not responsible to pay for those newspapers that were delivered after your subscription expired, but they will continue sending invoices for them.  If you do not want to receive the invoices and do not want to renew, you must call the newspaper and tell them to stop delivering.

Please note that these are deals that are offered by the Gazette; we are not affiliated with them and the deals may end of change at any time.



  1. Just make sure you have some way of reminding yourself to cancel the subscription at the end of the 52 weeks, otherwise they will continue to deliver and charge you at the regular rate.

  2. do you know of or where do i go for a discount to denver paper?? thanks

    • Carrie Isaac says:

      Unfortunately, not really – you can sometimes get a deal via the newspaper guys that sell door-to-door or at the grocery stores on the weekends, but there’s nothing out there that I know of!

  3. Any idea how long this deal will last?? I want to find a deal for the Denver Post but I don’t wan this one to expire. I didn’t find a date anywhere…

  4. Thanks! I tried signing up fo their coupons-only delivery, but no luck so far. This is a GREAT deal!! And thanks, Lisa, for the tip on cancellation–it will be on my calendar.

    • Carrie Isaac says:

      Yeah, me too on the coupons-only delivery. Oh well, I’ll subscribe at this price. :)

  5. Fabulous, I am in for one!

  6. This is awesome! Thanks for posting!!

  7. Please Support High Plains Elementary! Thanks.

  8. for a buck this seems like a great way to score more coupons…do they have significantly fewer than the Post? I’m in Denver, so I’m not sure what school to support- any suggestions?

  9. Just subscribed- figure you can’t go wrong for a buck- especially considering a school gets $5 (former teacher in me). Christina- supported High Plains:)

  10. Crystal Graves says:

    Scholars to Leaders Academy could also use the support. :-)

  11. The Classical Academy High School can always use the support for band programs, etc.
    I will check out this deal, thanks for the tip.

  12. Thank you very much for the posting. I will make sure to cancel my subscription in 52 weeks.

  13. Has anyone actually received the subscription yet? i signed up on 10/20 and have yet to receive it. The phone number they list to contact is wrong or disconnected. I hope this isn’t a scam.

  14. Crystal Graves says:

    I have received mine. What number did you try to call? I can look on our flyers.

    • Christina says:

      It is not a scam the only number you need to call is The Gazette they handle the subscription. Mine does not start until 11/20/10 the date I chose to have it start.

  15. I was thinking the same thing just today Dawn! Glad the feedback from everyone is positive. Can someone post a number to call?

  16. Christina says:


  17. Wow that was fast Christina! Thanks so much!

  18. Christina says:

    No problem I was surfing the site here when I saw it.

  19. UPDATE: So I called the 866 number for the Gazette twice and nobody could help me. Both times they said it was an independent distribution service. The last person I talked to actually gave me another number to call. It is for Joe who is the area distributor for the fundraiser. He told me that some of their computer entries were not registering. So he said he will get it going for me and hopefully I will get the paper this Wednesday. He told me that with the fundraiser we actually should be getting both Wednesday and Sunday’s papers. So we shall see. If anyone else is having problems, call Joe at 719-636-0229.

  20. Melissa Fuqua says:

    I subscribed to this deal last year for a buck. I get the Wed. and Sun. delivery. It’s definitely worth a dollar! The coupons aren’t as good as the Post, but I like to get the local ads that are in the Gazette too. Thanks for the reminder about canceling, my 52 weeks should be just about over. :^)

  21. UPDATE on renewal / cancellation policy for the Gazette $1/52 week subscription. I just signed up for 7 day/week delivery for 52 weeks for $1, and noted that the renewal policy has changed, and it now states that you are under no obligation to renew.
    Also – if you’re interested in a daily paper I’d say this is the way to go, and the school got $10 instead of just $5.

  22. Is this $1.00/week for two papers per week. So $52.00? Or, $1.00/52 papers? Do you have to be a member of a school? Sorry – I’m confused – I just know that I’m paying too much for the Post daily and Gazette only Sunday.

    • You don’t have to be a member of a school, you just choose a school to benefit from the fact that you are subscribing to the paper via the linked site.
      Currently you have the option of:
      paying $1 total for 104 papers delivered over 52 weeks (Sunday and Wed paper each week for a year = $0.02 per week)
      Paying $1 total for 364 papers delivered over 52 weeks (daily paper 7 days a week for a year= $0.02 per week)

  23. Fyi–i didn’t get around to renewing until december, but the link still worked and they donated $5 to my daughter’s school.

  24. Crista says:

    Offers not valid for current customers. I got the couponing package of papers a year ago. Now they want $182 for a year to continue my couponing package of 10 papers on Sundays/Wednesdays.

    • With the going rate of coupons lately, that price would be hard to recoup. I had no idea they offered anything like that, and neither have the Customer Service people I’ve talked to back in the “good old couponing days.”

    • If you want to get the $1/year deal, all you need to do is cancel your subscription for 30 days & then re-sign. Meanwhile, you can pick up the paper at a gas station ..etc.
      And yikes at $182/year!

  25. Just tried to get the coupon bundle with the $1 Sunday/Wednesday subscription and its not allowed. You HAVE to have the $19.50/26 week bundle in order to add the coupon bundle for $1.

  26. Does anyone know if the Gazette is still doing the $1/52 weeks fundraiser? I did it last year but my subscription ran out a couple of months ago and I saw above that someone said that if you cancel it you can sign up for it again. I tried the link at the top and the URL is not found. I googled it and couldn’t find it…is it still available?

  27. Does anyone know of any current newspaper deals? I just returned from deployment and need to get back into couponing!!

    • Neither the Denver Post nor the Gazette really do any deals these days, it seems like. You might call the Gazette and mention that you are military and see if they have any special deals! Also, occasionally there will be people selling subscriptions at the grocery stores on the weekend and they usually have some sort of a gift card rebate or discount.

  28. The Gazette is under new ownership now. It wouldn’t surprise me if their promotions have completely changed.

  29. Are there paper recycle dumpsters that the public has access to in the Denver area? I’ve read that many people get a large number of coupons from these recycle facilities. Thanks for any information!!

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