Wendy’s: frosty coupon books available!

Joelle said that Wendy’s has their frosty coupon books available through Sunday!  They contain five coupons for free (junior?) frosties and are a buck apiece.

They’re intended for trick-or-treating, but Joelle said she’s using them as rewards for her piano students – great idea!

Do any other places like McDonald’s or Burger King have coupon books this year?  I know a lot of times it varies by franchisee.  Comment if you know!



  1. I went to the Powers/Palmer Park location and the on site manager had no idea what I was talking about.

  2. I went to the McDonald’s on Garden of the Gods and I25 and also the one on Stetson Hills and Powers. BOTH had the trick or treat coupon books for $1. These include 12 coupons for FREE items. (3 small cones, 3 hamburgers, 3 apples, and 3 apple juice/milk)

    We bought 4 booklets. You can start using the coupons on November 1st and they expire Dec. 31.
    GREAT DEAL for a BUCK!

  3. I asked in the Walmart at Platte and Chelton and they said the whole city is sold out! I’ll be making some phone calls to see if I can track some down.

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