Not getting grocery ads in the mail?

I know, I know – you can look at grocery ads online, but a lot of us just find it easier to have the paper right in front of us.  They usually come in the mail, but some neighborhoods don’t get them for some reason.

Sharon commented on the Wall and said that you can actually opt-in to receiving the grocery ads and their usual accompanying RedPlum flyer on their website!  She indicated that she signed up and started receiving them the next week.

If you don’t currently receive them and sign up, let us know how quickly you start receiving them!

A lot of people have asked how to get Rancho Liborio’s ad in the mail, and unfortunately, I don’t know.  They have targeted distribution areas that seem really random to me, but I’m sure there’s a strategy behind it.

PS – I’ve had to temporarily disable The Wall because I’m trying to diagnose some technical problems with the server.  Hopefully it will be back soon!



  1. It actually took about 3 weeks for me to start getting the ads in the mail. I signed up on 10/10/10 and received the first one on 11/3/10. I think most people get theirs on Tuesday, mine didn’t come until Wednesday, but I’m just glad to have them!

    • Carrie Isaac says:

      I get Albertsons on Tuesday, Sunflower/Safeway/KS/Rancho on Wednesday. I wish they all came on Tuesday – would make life for me and Lisa (who does a bunch of work on the grocery matchups) sooo much simpler!

  2. I also signed up at the customer service desk for the Albertson’s flyers. They mail them to me in an envelope…and receive them on Monday! I love getting the flyer early!

  3. In the mail I get Albertsons and Rancho… that’s about it. Oh plus the Red Plum flier. But no other grocery stores. Strange

  4. When I first moved here from California 5 years ago, I thought there was something wrong with the mail service when I didn’t get my grocery store ads in the mail. I went to the Post Office to ask what was going on (they probably thought I was nuts!).

  5. I signed up a dew years ago for the Albertsons ad by mail (they stopped sending out the ads for a while), so it was nice to get it anyway. I also tried to get King Soopers by mail – in fact, I signed up at customer service mulitiple times over many months (their’s also wasn’t reaching me with the other ads on Wednesday). It was unsuccessful. I’m just glad that they started sending out their ads on Wednesdays again – I was not going to purchase a newspaper, just to get the ads! Oddly, I didn’t receive a Sunflower ad this week – I hope that won’t become a common occurance as this is the second time in three weeks that it didn’t come the the Safeway & Soopers ads.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Albertson’s is the only grocery store ad I receive in the mail, it comes on Tuesday. I get Sunflower, King Soopers and Safeway in the Wed newspaper. Its good to know if I ever stop the paper that I can sign up to receive the ads in the mail!

  7. Andrea Gonzalez says:

    Thanks you so much for setting up this page and making it easy to find out how to add your address to receive the weekly sales ads. My mother in law stopped getting her ads for some reason and was unable to communicate with the mail lady due to a language barrier so she asked me to research on the internet to see if there was a way to fix it. Well here I am and you made it very simple. I clicked on your link and signed her up again. Thanks!

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