Review: Recess Consignment

Recess Consigment opened in June 2009, and it’s been on my list to visit ever since I heard about it over a year ago!  I finally made it a few weeks ago, and here’s what I thought.

Recess Consignment “specializes in finding ‘previously loved’ children’s clothing that is in excellent condition”, and “funky, up to date, and better name brands”.  To that end, you can probably already guess that we aren’t talking thrift store prices, so if you can’t stand to pay more than $2 for an article of children’s clothing, this is probably not the store for you.

However – if you want to shop at a store that has clothing organized by size, carries high-quality clothing in excellent condition, and is a fun shopping experience, you’ll probably like Recess!

Recess carries children’s clothing from newborn up to size 10.  Most are gently used, but I did see a few “new with tags” items as well.  Everything I saw looked nearly brand-new – definitely no stains, tears, or stretched-out necks, so definitely a step up from a thrift store.

Here’s a few things I noticed about the pricing: most items seemed to be about half-off of regular retail.  To a certain extent, the brand name matters in the price – items that were Ralph Lauren were a little more expensive than, say, Old Navy; though I probably wouldn’t say it’s proportional to the retail price differences between those two brands.

One note: I am not an experienced consignment store shopper, so I have no idea how this store compares to somewhere like Children’s Orchard.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of these different consignment stores!

The owner, Stacy told me they usually have some items for all seasons at all time – especially the basics like t-shirts, but they do generally keep stuff in-season like you’d expect at a regular retailer.

One thing that was understandably lacking was boys’ clothing from about size 4 on up.  Any of you moms of boys know that that’s when boys really start wearing out their clothes, and so it’s much more difficult to find clothing in those sizes that have any use left!  However, they did have a few racks for older boys, so it may be worth checking out if you need a nice pair of pants and don’t want to pay retail.

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Naturally with it being a consignment store, they do accept consignment items!  You can consign your children’s clothing and earn 40% of the selling price.   The owner, Stacy, told me some of the items she frequently needs are boys’ size 4 pants, and boys’ size 6 to 10 pants and tops.  Girls’ sizes 2-3 T are also hot sellers.

Visit their website for much more information about how it works and preparing your items for your consignment appointment.

You will like Recess if you…

  • Like name brands and in-style clothing
  • Need to reduce your children’s clothing budget but aren’t ready to hit thrift stores
  • Need to find something nice right away and can’t find a sale
  • Want cute accessories for your kiddos
  • Love supporting local business owners
  • Like shopping in little houses in Old Colorado City with crystal chandeliers (me me me!)

The last thing I asked?

Do you always have that 50% off rack on the front porch?

Yes, they do! :)

Store Information

Address: 1721 West Colorado Avenue; Colorado Springs (map)
Phone: 719.635.9725
Facebook Page: Recess Consignment
Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Have you been to Recess?  What did you think?


  1. One thing unique about Recess is that they have SALES! Entire store sales! To the best of my knowledge other consignment shops in town do not have sales on entire inventory. I love shopping here. You can join their email group to receive news on sale dates etc.

  2. I have been to Recess and I love it. It is cute…like walking through an old house. Most of the prices were a little more than I could pay…but it was ALOT of fun looking around. I bought some headbands and bows for my daughter. They were boutique looking :) (Although…I have recently found amazing headbands/bows/flowers at Hobby Lobby for very fair price)

    The owner and workers there are EXTREMELY friendly. I loved it. They gave my kids cake and water!!!

  3. My twins Granny loves to shop at Recess!!!

  4. I have shopped consignment stores for a long time, and as far as children consignment stores this is the best in town! Children’s Orchard wasn’t staying contemporary enough for me, and they didn’t seem to offer any high-end brands. (They also paid me ridiculously little for my all Gymboree clothes and Stride Right shoes that I consigned with them….)

    My favorite things about Recess are:
    *Contemporary styles
    *Good prices on quality clothing items
    *Extremely friendly and professional employees
    *Cute store – it doesn’t feel like a consignment store at all!

  5. They also have an fun playroom in the back for the kiddos and they have a 10% military discount. It’s my favorite place to shop for my girls.

  6. I’ve loved shopping and consigning at Recess. However, the first time I went with my daughter while she was still very young. I think it’s worth mentioning that parking is on the street, and the store is not stroller friendly. I definitely prefer to make my shopping trips to Recess alone or with a friend!

  7. I have shopped Recess and had a great experience. The owner and staff are very friendly and helpful. They have clothing for girls and boys, shoes, and accessories. They always have sales which can be found on their Facebook page, or by signing up for their emails.
    I purchased two holiday dresses for my grnadaughters last week which were both 50% off. They had holiday treats for shoppers. I think the store has great prices, and is well organized, while being funky and appealing at the same time. There is plenty of on street parking, and also a parking lot behind the store. They give discounts for military, police, and fire. They do so many fundraisers (currently for Springs Rescue MIssion). They get new clothes in daily, so you never know what great deal you may find. I am a Recess fan.

  8. recess is by far the best kid’s consignment store around. the clothes are almost brand new, current, and well priced. i’ve bought juicy couture, hanna andersan and mini boden there. stacy also carries the bigger store brands (old navy, gymboree, gap) and you might pay a little more than you would on clearance at old navy, but the items are more unique. great shop for the west side. oh, they also carry great new items; handmade bibs, barrettes, etc. great place for a baby gift!

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