Where to find tamales in Colorado Springs?

MB wants your help finding tamales in Colorado Springs!   If you were going to order tamales here in the Springs, where would you get them?

She’s loooking for some really good tamales, so help her out with your best tips!  And, even if you don’t have a tip, I’m curious how many of you do tamales as a Christmas tradition?

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  1. Lee Ann Garcia 217-7920

  2. Pikes Peak Parent.com magazine says La Casita has a dozen frozen or steamed for $14.95. I haven’t tried them but it seems like a good deal.

  3. Taste of Life in Monument, CO. Donna gets them from a local lady and they are really good. I got some Tuesday night. Nobody else in my family eats them so they are all for me! All for me! ALL FOR ME!

  4. We just bought a dozen from a man we know who makes them & they were DELICIOUS!!! His name is Alfonso Dominguez and you can reach him at aldosurf63@msn.com. I believe it was $15 per dozen

  5. My family in South Texas does! There are always one or two vendors selling tamales at Centennial and W. Fillmore (near the King Soopers center). If you don’t see someone parked right across from the shopping center on Centennial, then you might find them just down the road, West on Fillmore.

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  7. Sunflower Market sells some that are frozen but pretty good. I think they are $9 or so per dozen.

  8. Tamales Lady- 719-205-3864

    This lady comes to our work every Wednesday, and they are litterally out of the pot. She sells 6 for $7, or 14.00 a dozen.

    Growing up, my mom always made tamales for Christmas, but so does every other Mexican family because it’s very traditional. My mom made tamales with ground beef, chicken, pork, poblanos chilles with cheese and other combinations. Sweet tamales are typically made with pineapple w/raisins, strawberry, guava, but are harder to find. Now that I have my own family, I do try to instill some of these traditions for my children to be exposed to. Tamales are somewhat labor intense, but once you get it down, it’s not so overwhelming. And it’s a great opportunity to make it a family affair, I have trained my husband to be a great maza (corn mix) spreader, and I am working on my daughter. It’s not Christmas with no tamales!!

  9. edonnafoster says:

    Salsa Latina on Tejon and Rio Grande makes the best I have found in a restaurant. It’s a small family owned business they sell pork and red chile for $15/dozen and if your lucky she’ll make cheese and green chile special for you for $15/dozen as well.

    El Taco Rey on Colorado and Wahsatch also makes a pretty good tamale. They are also a small family business (same family just a different restaurant and different ownership) They sell theirs for $14.50/dozen and only make pork and red chile.

    *Personally prefer Salsa Latina to El Taco Rey, they seem a little “beefier” when compared to El Taco Rey. You decide for yourself though and let us know :-)

  10. Someone told me that there was a mexican market with a restaurant inside the market by Academy and Pikes Peak. Does anyone know the name of this place? I couldn’t locate it. I heard they have great mexican food.

  11. I use to buy tamales form a lady who set up right outside of walmart
    on hwy 85./87 in Widefiels/Secuity I have not seen her this year
    anyone know who she is or where she is selling now

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