Couponing FAQ: Answers for Newbies

Jaime writes…

I am new to couponing and was wondering if you could tell me where the best places to get coupons would be, who doubles coupons in colorado springs, and does the Gazette offer coupons on other days besides Sunday? Thanks so much for you help!

Hi, Jaime!  Welcome to couponing – you’re in for a fun ride! :)  Here’s the answers to your questions:

Where’s the best place to get coupons?

I would encourage you to subscribe to the Denver Post for the best newspaper insert coupons.  They have more/better coupons than the Gazette (though you can subscribe to the Gazette for $1/year which is totally worth it).  You can see some comparisons of the different newspaper’s inserts here.

Then, I would start printing coupons for products you think you might use – we’ve got a lot of printable coupon websites listed in our Printable Coupons Resource Center, and it’s updated daily!

Besides that, there are other places to get coupons: on product packaging, in little red “blinkie” machines at the stores, and the “catalina” coupons that are printed at the checkout.

Who doubles coupons in Colorado Springs?

Safeway and King Soopers both double coupons every day.  Both double “up to $1.00”, which means that any coupon below $1.00 in face value will be doubled up to $1.00 at checkout.  For example:

  • $0.25 coupons double to $0.50
  • $0.50 coupons double to $1.00
  • $0.75 coupons double to $1.00

Albertson’s only doubles coupons periodically, but when they do, they usually triple and quadruple them as well – for example:

  • $0.25 coupons quadruple up to $1.00
  • $0.40 coupons up to $1.00

You can read lots more about the coupon policies at our local stores on the Store Coupon Policies Page.

Does the Gazette have coupons on days other than Sunday?

The Gazette doesn’t usually have coupons on any days other than Sunday; however, on occasion the Wednesday paper will have an extra insert in it.  This extra insert is almost always a duplicate of the RedPlum insert from the previous Sunday.

For answers to more coupon questions, read the Couponing FAQ! And I’m gonna plug my audio series, Grocery University, too – it’s two-hours-and-nineteen-minutes of me talking nonstop about coupons.  I mean, really – what more could you ask for?! ;)



  1. Carrie,
    Awhile back there was a comment on how to get coupons in the mail. I followed the link and it works! I began recieving smart source inserts on Wednesdays in my mailbox. My mother would like me to sign her up as well, but I can’t find the link. Does anybody remember how to do this? Thanks so much!

  2. Do you have Grocery University as a podcast available?


    • It’s an audio series that’s divided into chapters, so yes – though you’ll need to purchase it in order to listen.

  3. I am also new to couponing. I just subscribed to the Denver Post and Gazette, and am wondering where else I can purchase or find coupon inserts, with or without a newspaper. The few places I have checked, including 7-11, just sells the newspaper without coupon inserts.

    • I’ve had good luck with finding newspapers with coupons at 7-11s and a few other gas stations, as well as King Soopers. You’re correct in that sometimes they don’t have the inserts (either due to theft or not enough inserts to go around) but they usually do – I just *always* check before purchasing.

  4. Erica Edmonds says:

    QUESTION!!! I was at the King Soopers on Academy & Austin Bluffs and they had a sign that says you only redeem 3 of the same coupons in 1 transaction. Has anybody else seen this? Am I understanding this correctly?? I have more than 3 coupons for some items but I have been cautious to not use more then the limit. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Yes and no – sort of correct and sort of not. Their official policy is to limit coupons to “three like items” meaning you could only buy three Kraft Ranch dressings with coupons, but could also buy three Kraft Italian dressings. However, some stores are interpreting this as “three like coupons”.

      • If you go up to the customer service desk, the sign taped to the counter CLEARLY states that it is 3 like UPC codes. On, that note…I was there yesterday and a checker named “Russ” was a total coupon natzi saying I didn’t buy enough or the right stuff for my coupons after printing out a purchase list from the register. I almost made the poor bagger remove all the bagged items just to prove I was following the rules. (Bought 6 M&M,s and used 3 coupons on them) Avoid Russ, he apparently doesn’t like couponers. He also stopped my coupons from doubling just because they said Do not Double. Customer service fixed his issues by reimbursing me, but it was time consuming :(

  5. Question! If I have a coupon for $1/6 and I buy 6 can I use 6 coupons or only 1? The coupon says, 1 coupon per item not per every 6 items.

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