Keurig Coffee Maker: Comparing the Costs

Lori is considering a new coffee pot purchase and is wondering about the day-to-day costs of a Keurig brewer:

My neighbor has a Keurig brewer, and I love it when she asks if I want a cup of coffee when we are over there!  The coffee is very good and I love the option of making tea or espresso with it, but those little K-cups are very expensive.

I’ve noticed we get coupons for them occasionally in the paper, I was wondering if any one has been able to get them for a decent price.  By my calculations when we get coffee on sale with a coupon it equals out to be a 15¢ a cup.

So, Keurig users, how do you save money on those little K-cups?  Do you think it’s cheaper or more expensive than “regular” coffee?

I’m not sure how much a cup of French press costs Jeremy to make.  He always uses what most people would classify as “a lot” of beans to make a pot because it makes better-tasting coffee.  I have no clue how much it costs him to make, but now I’m curious!

Please share your thoughts in the comments!



  1. I am interested to see what other say to this post. We had
    a Keurig before they were even in stores. DH’s work had one and we
    found them online. Love it and I don’t drink coffee or tea!
    However, the K-cups are pricey. I won’t pay more than 50 cents a
    cup, which is a “good deal” not best deal. DH bought coffee prior
    to the Keurig for $1 or more, so it is a savings for us. When he
    made coffee at home, he never used an entire pot. You can purchase
    the filter cup, where you can use regular coffee – which is
    definitely the cheapest option. Good luck! I think the convenience
    is definitely worth it! :)

  2. I can definitely chime in on this one! The Keurig machine
    is a great little machine for what you can do with it, but there
    are some serious drawbacks: -The individual cups cost serious money
    to you. Reports have the cups costing you the equivalent of
    $20-24/pound! (source:
    Most coffee roasters will charge anywhere from $10-15 per 12oz or a
    pound of coffee. -No matter how much the Keurig company tells you
    otherwise, you are throwing away a piece of plastic with every cup.
    No type of plastic degrades quickly in a dump. -How good do you
    think a cup of coffee is going to taste when you brew hot water
    *through* plastic? The company says the plastic is free from BPAs,
    but you can’t tell me plastic won’t melt/change structure even a
    bit when presented to hot water! That all being said, I still do
    recommend the brewer! But, you have to buy the reusable filter at
    Amazon (
    ) and coffee from a good specialty coffee roaster (of which there’s
    plenty in the Colorado Springs area!) You do that, you’ll get a
    great cuppa each and every time. The K-Cups themselves? Complete
    waste of money.

    • And I’m going to jump in and thank Ryan for an EXCELLENT comment by a business owner who is being helpful rather than trying to promote his own business – he’s from R&R Coffee Cafe in Black Forest, and knows his stuff! :)

      I had no idea you could buy reusable cups for the Keurig!

  3. I found mine used on craigslist otherwise I doubt I would have ever owned one. I absolutely love it and would never go back to a regular coffee maker. I found that we wasted lots of money and lots of coffee by making large pots that we never finished so having the one cup feature is nice for us
    I almost hate to share my secrets for fear that the mob will steal my good deals lol, but you can sometimes find the K-cups at Extreme Bargains here in town for cheaper then retail and I have been able to catch a few amazing deals on Amazon.

  4. It saves a ton of money when you buy the reusable filter for it and use any type of coffee you prefer. No more wasted coffee in the pot as you brew only what you want.

  5. Melissa E says:

    My husband uses this at work. I get his K Cups at Bed Bath and Beyond with the frequent coupons they mail. Kohl’s also sells these and I wait until I get a 30% off coupon to stock up.

  6. I got a Keurig for Christmas last year, and I LOVE it! My favorite part is the convenience of it. It is definitely not easy on the budget, but before the Keurig, I would make a pot of coffee and throw out about half of it every day. The cheapest I’ve been able to find k-cups is about 42¢ each from Sam’s and Costco. Make sure you like the blend before buying in bulk from the warehouse stores. You can get variety packs online.

    There are ways to get free coffee up front by ordering directly from the manufacturer through a referral program and registering your machine. I think I ended up with 4 or 6 boxes of free coffee in the beginning. If you order through your neighbor or anyone else who has a Keurig (research exactly how to do it before ordering), I think she can get free coffee as well as you.

    We have the reusable k-cup. We’ve found that to get a good cup of coffee with it, you need to grind the coffee pretty fine. Otherwise, it comes out like dirty water.

    You can also reuse the k-cups by refilling and covering with a piece of glad press & seal. There are instructions online. Just do a google search on reusing k-cups. This is not recommended by the manufacturer, but I’ve done it before without any problems.

    I hope this helps.

  7. I bought my husband a Keurig last Christmas. He loves it. He likes the variety of the coffee’s I get him. I get his Kcups on eBay. I like that I can get variety packs at decent prices. Like any store you just need to watch the price to quantity cost. The first time I forgot the cost of the shipping and it was not worth it, but with patience I can get some good deals.

  8. We bought a Keurig 2 years ago and love it! My husband drinks regular coffee and I drink decaf. Before we bought the Keurig, I wouldn’t bother making any coffee for myself because I didn’t want to dump or store the rest of the pot of regular coffee to make myself one cup of decaf.

    We bought ours at Costco and I would HIGHLY recommend buying your Keurig from Costco too. The price is great considering what you get with it. The box includes the reusable K-cup and several boxes of K-cups. Another bonus to buying it at Costco is that if anything goes wrong with your Keurig during the time that you own it, you can return it to Costco and they will exchange it. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve had it! They also have your purchases in the computer linked to your membership card, so you can return it even if you don’t have your receipt.

    We had problems with the original Keurig we purchased just after the one year mark. I was afraid they wouldn’t take it back because it had been a year, but that was not the case! Another plus is that we got a newer model because they carry the most current model. Since then, we have had to replace it twice. Keurig’s do have issues.

    The problem with our first one is that it would just power off in the middle of brewing. The problem with the last two is that it tends to get clogged with grinds. They have been making improvements, so I’m hoping the clogging issue will be resolved as well. Until then, we try to brew a small cup of just water after brewing coffee to allow the grinds to clear out.

    To cut down on costs, the reusable K-cup is a must have. We also got 2 free boxes of K-cups when we registered our Keurig online. They give you a coupon code after you’ve registered it. Then you get 2 free boxes with the purchase of 2 boxes and 10% off your order! I also use the 20% off coupons to buy boxes of K-cups at Bed Bath and Beyond.

    Despite the issues, we still love our Keurig! :)

  9. Garry is pretty tight with our money and though he would like to have one of these coffee makers, he just can’t make himself spend the money. Where would I find the best deal for one?

  10. Hello!
    My hubby bought me the Keurig for Christmas. My second 4 cup coffee maker bit the dust. I don’t buy the cups. Insted, he bought me the solofill reusable filter.
    It takes some time to find the strenght you like, but I like them. I’m the only one who drinks coffee, so it is perfect for me.
    What I wonder about is the Cocoa Kups and Tea cups. Has anyone ever tried one?

    • I tried the hot cocoa and didn’t like it at all. I returned the rest of the box to Bed, Bath and Beyond to exchange it for something else. I’ve only tried the hot tea and it was great. I’d like to try the iced tea.

  11. i just bought one this weekend from Craigslist for sixty came with a reusable filter, and 12 K-cups! think I got a great deal..However, can see how the coffee really adds up.

  12. I will chime in and agree with what others have said. I love mine!! My husband and I drink different kinds of coffee so we used to brew two different pots of coffee each day. Now, we use the reusable filter and brew a total of 3 to 4 cups a day. I actually use the same coffee I was using before (Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, etc – whatever was on sale). So in the end it is saving us money because I am using the same coffee and I always have but I am brewing a lot less.

  13. I have had one that was given to me by my MIL for over a year now and I LOVE it!!! We use it for everything from coffee, to hot cocoa, to hot tea, to instant oatmeal for the hubby….whatever we feel like making that involves hot water. It’s definitely a good bang for the buck!

    However…we are coffee pot junkies in my house. LMBO! My husband uses the regular coffee pot in the morning for his coffee and I use either the Keurig or my Starbucks Espresso machine to make my coffee in the morning. The espresso machine was my BEST garage sale purchase to date!! It retails for $340.00 new….and I picked it up for $5.00!!

    I do not purchase the K-Cups at all! They are way too pricey for my taste. We purchase whole bean or ground coffee when it’s on sale and I use a re-usable filter made for the Keurig to make my coffee. It’s MUCH cheaper than the K-Cups. especially when I’m able to get a good price on coffee when it’s on sale. I’m pretty picky with which coffee I like too….so taste is a BIG factor for me when it comes to what I’ll use and how much I’m willing to pay for it.

    There have been some GREAT responses to this post.

  14. My mom got my husband a Keurig for Christmas and I’ve been wondering how to get good deals on the K-cups – so thank you all so much for your great comments!!

  15. While I have to admit the keurig makes a great cup of java, but for the cost…….I’ll gladly grind my own fresh beans every morning. Beyond that, I only fill my coffee maker with enough coffee and H2O to fill my oversized mug. Can’t be the cost, nor can you beat “Fresh” ground. Now for those that want to take it to a new level, anyone roasted their own beans using a hot air popcorn popper? I hear it is AWESOMELY fresh.

  16. I think they are $140 at Costco, which includes the reusable k-cup and boxes of k-cups. They may be out of stock online. You can call the ones in town to make sure they have them. Last time they were out of stock online, it was because they were getting ready to carry a newer model.

  17. Wow, thanks for all the input. I love all your suggestions!

  18. What great info! I had never considered the Keurig, because of the cost. But with a reusable filter, I might consider it sometime.

  19. I bought my husband a Keurig last Christmas. He loves it. He likes the variety of the coffee’s I get him. I get his Kcups on eBay. I like that I can get variety packs at decent prices. Like any store you just need to watch the price to quantity cost. The first time I forgot the cost of the shipping and it was not worth it, but with patience I can get some good deals.

  20. Melanie Blank says:

    I was given a Keurig as a gift, but have quit using it because of the cost. I’ve not be able to get the cups for less than $.50 each. And I bought a reuseable filter, but couldn’t get it to work right.

    It’s a cute machine and a great idea, but not worth the expense or the hassle.

  21. Okay enough chatter. Pricing k cups on line they cost from $.67 for green mountain coffee (Kuerigs’s in house brand) to $.75 for starbucks. You get about 32 cups from a pound of regular brew coffee and at about $.08 per cup the price difference is crazy. You are paying for the speed and convenience of the single cup service. Also the cost of the Keurig machine is significant. Unknown to most people if coffee is brewed with a thermostatically controlled hotplate the cooler coffee will not spoil and can be microwaved with a resulting very good flavor even for black coffee drinkers (I am a black coffee drinker.) This allows the use of an entire pot of coffee rather than throwing substantial amounts away boosting per serving costs. Normal hotplates keep coffee too hot resulting in bad and oily taste. I am very picky about flavor and if you have not experimented with heat then don’t rush to judgement. The conclusion is that people want good quality with convenience and choice. If you don’t mind the price then why not get what you want.

  22. I have the Mr. Coffee “powered by Keurig technology” which is cheaper than a Keurig-branded brewer, but uses the same kcups and even came with a reusable kcup (the model online doesn’t look like it has a reusable one, but it might). It’s about $79 at Walmart right now. I love it for those evenings when a cup of decaf would hit the spot but brewing a whole pot would be a waste. Since hubby and I don’t drink a lot of coffee, we typically use the reusable pod, but if kcups are on sale with a good coupon at the Commissary – I buy them there.

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