Red Robin: Changes To The Free Birthday Burger Deal

Red Robin is making some big changes to their free birthday burger offer: starting February 15, they’ll no longer be sending free birthday burgers via email.

You can get still get a free burger, but you’ll need to go into a Red Robin restaurant and pick up their new “Red Royalty” card.  Get more info here.

What do you think of this change? I know there were always lots of people who went there for their free birthday burger!



  1. It has been our family tradition to go to Red Robin for each of our birthdays, even when our son had has 1st birthday. It bothers me that we have to have a separate card for each adult. And I am unclear whether kids can be on the card or not. Add that to the fact that the last two times we went to RR we had problems with food and service, I think our birthday traditions might be changing…

  2. I’m iffy on it. Reading the FAQ, it states that you have to be 18 or older to have your own card and you can only list one birthday per card, which means spouses have to have separate cards and kids won’t get free birthday burgers. Then, on top of that, you have to split the check (and I’m assuming pay for them separately) to get credit on each individual person’s card.

    Other than the birthday burger issue, the rewards seem pretty good and you can use them in the same visit you earn them if your purchase qualifies! I like that for our family of 5 free burgers would actually add up pretty quickly!

  3. I didn’t even know that they offered a free burger for birthdays, so this new card system seems pretty good to me! Looks like you also get a free appetizer within 14 days of registering your card along with some other rewards for frequent diners. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Last year I grabbed my coupon and we went to Red Robin. The waitor looked confused when I gave them the coupon but didn’t say anything. The manager came back and said, “We don’t normally take coupons for Ruby Tuesday. However, I’d really like to take my wife on a date tonight so I’m going to keep this coupon and you can still have your free burger!” How funny! I guess I grabbed the free birthday burger at Ruby Tuesdays instead. I’m glad I got my burger and his wife got a date!

  5. We won’t go there anymore, since there are soooo many other places with EASY birthday freebies.

  6. I think that this will curb much of the abuse of people printing off 14 coupons on their birthday so that they go 14 times or every day within the two weeks or at least several times for a free burger within their two week window especially if they live in large cities where multiple red robins exist.

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