Facebook Tip: How To Unlike Lots Of Pages At Once

Update: this no longer works as of October 2011 with Facebook’s new changes.

If you’re like me, you’re pretty free to “like” pages on Facebook if it means a coupon or a freebie.  But it seems that I’ve liked so many fan pages that all I was seeing was updates from them and not my friends!

So, I set out to unlike a bunch of pages so my stream wasn’t quite so noisy, and had a hard time figuring out just how to do it efficiently.  Once I figured it out, I thought I’d share it with you just in case you want to do the same thing!

How To Unlike Multiple Facebook Pages At Once

  1. Go to Facebook, then click on your Profile.
  2. Click “Edit Profile” on the top right of your profile, right about your photo bar.
  3. Click on “Activities and Interests” on the left.
  4. Click on “Show Other Pages” and the entire list of all the pages you like should come up.
  5. Click “Remove Page” to unlike any pages you don’t want to see anymore!

You can, of course, do this other ways as well, but this is the most efficient way to do a bunch at once.

Let me know if you’d like to keep seeing Facebook tips like this!



  1. Thanks! That is really useful.

  2. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I made sure and left Springs Bargains on my “LIKE” list!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS, Carrie!! THANK YOU!!!

    I’m in the process of switching all of my “Liked” companies and frugal blogs over to my STS page and this tip cut out HOURS of time I was planning on spending to do this.


  5. Loved this tip — Facebook changes so often — sometimes hard to keep! thanks alot!

  6. THANK YOU! So awesome- I cleared so many out of mine!

  7. Thank you SO much, Carrie. I am in process of switching things over from my personal FB page to my SOTE FB Page and this will help a TON!

  8. That was very helpful, I would have had no idea – thanks!!!

  9. I Love seeing facebook tips. Like you I have so many sites that I have clicked ‘Like” to get a coupon and now they only have updates. I Love Springs Bargains and will never delete you. Thanks!!!

  10. I finally did this! Thanks so much for the facebook tips.

  11. best post ever!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thank you! :D

  13. Thanx

  14. This edit no longer works since the most recent Facebook updates.

  15. http://apps.facebook.com/mylikesbox/ That’s an app that I JUST used to unlike 500+ pages. It’s the easiest way that I found, to unlike pages. When I was finished, I just removed the app. It was soo EASY! When you add the app, you’ll see a box with 12 pages at a time. If you hover over the gray “like” box in each page box and click the “x”, it will unlike the page for you. You can do 12 at a time. Click next at the bottom on the app box and it will load 12 more pages to unlike until you’re done. Hope this helps! :)

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