New Printable Coupons: KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, Ben & Jerry’s, Hidden Valley, & More

Lots of hot new printable coupons today!  Seems super early in the year for barbecue sauce and salad dressing coupons, but I’m not complaining: last summer, we got free KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce with a $0.50/1 coupon, so here’s hoping we get the same deal again!

    Also, a reminder that most coupons at,, and “reset” at the beginning of the month, which means you can print two more of each coupon that you’ve hit the print limit for this month.

    If there are coupons you want that you haven’t yet printed, you might want to do so today so that if they reset tomorrow, you can print them again!



      1. Is the Ben & Jerry’s a printable for you ir a loadable?

      2. The B&J seems to be just loadable for me. :-(
        I was hoping to print it, that would be an amazing price if I could use it at the Commissary!

      3. I don’t see any KC masterpiece coupon anywhere?? Is it a hidden treasure?

      4. The KC Masterpiece is no longer there – either the result of reaching a print limit or due to the new month reset. It’s best if you print as soon as a notice posts so you don’t miss it. (Been there, done that!)

      5. I was at the USAFA Commissary a few days ago and the Ben and Jerry’s would be a great deal at the Commissary as a pint is currently on sale for $1.99. Other good deals: Gain fabric softener sheets are $3.20 so with any $3 coupons you still have you pay only $.20 (I found another one of these coupons in the recycling bin near the Commissary); Odwalla juices are only $1.69 ($1.19 with .50/off coupon); In case you didn’t use all your coupons at Walgreens this past week, Purex all-in-one refill packs (24 versus the usual 20) are $3.99 so only $.99 with $3/off coupon. Purex detergent is only $1.99 making it also $.99 with $1/off coupon. In the clearance Valentine section Pillsbury Easy Frost is marked down to $.99 making it free with the $1 coupon still available.

      6. how can i get the masterpiece to print and the clorox bleach to print?
        i do not see them pull up just the same stuff..

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