Couponing FAQ: Using 2 Coupons On A B1G1 Sale

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this particular issue lately, so I thought maybe a blog post was in order to help clarify the issue of using coupons on a buy one, get one free store sale.

Can you use two separate coupons on a buy one, get one free sale at King Soopers, Safeway, and Albertsons?

King Soopers‘ official policy* states that coupons cannot be used on free items, and if you try to use two $1/1 coupons on a buy one, get one free sale, the second coupon will beep.  Typically, using one coupon for $1/2 on a buy one, get one free sale is fine.

Update: as of 2012, King Soopers does allow the use of two coupons on a buy one, get one free sale.

Safeway‘s official policy on their website doesn’t state anything specifically about using coupons on a buy one, get one free sale, however: the back of the weekly ad clearly says (in very small print) that you may not use two coupons on a buy one, get one free sale.  I know, it’s a random thing to print in the ad, but it’s there and has been for quite some time.

As with King Soopers, a coupon for $1/2 is usually fine on a buy one, get one free sale at Safeway.

At Albertsons, well: who can know about Albertsons?!  There’s no official policy, so it really is just going to depend on what cashier you get, unfortunately.  I’ve tried and tried to get a copy of their official policy, but they don’t have one available.  What’s your experience been with using coupons on a buy one, get one free sale at Albertsons?

Walgreens is the only store that I know of in our area that allows the use of two coupons on a buy one, get one free sale.

*I just realized this hasn’t been updated in awhile; I will contact them and update it soon with the latest information!



  1. Hi: Two days ago at Walgreens, I bought 4 same items, I tried to use two b1g1 free, and one $1/2 coupons, and the cashier wouldn’t allow it, saying, I can only use 1 b1g1 free coupon, and one $1/2 coupons, as the b1g1 free coupon, applied to two items, and the $1/2 applied to the other two items. The store manager said the same thing as well? What is your take on this?

    • Right, that’s correct – if it was a B1G1 sale, you could use a coupon on it, but you can’t use a $1/2 or $1/1 coupon in conjunction with another manufacturer’s coupon for B1G1.

      • Jennifer says:

        No Stephanie, it is not a B1G1 sale, it is 4 regular sale items, and I tried to use two b1g1 coupons, for two items, and one $1/2 for the other two items(that I am not getting free), and yet, they the cashier said the 1 coupon of b1g1 would cancel two items, and so I can only use 1 coupon of $1/2 for the remaining item.

        It is for a 4.99 toothbrush, even with the 2 B1G1 coupons and 1 $1/2 coupon, I am still paying way too high for those toothbrushes.

  2. For Albertson’s coupon policy, go to “” and click on “Help” in the upper right hand corner. This will bring you to another window with a Topics list on the left hand side. Click on the “Policies” topic, then on “Coupons” on the dropdown list. This will bring up the guidelines for all the various types of coupons. Hope this helps.

    • Hi, Val – unfortunately, isn’t the Albertsons that’s in this region. Colorado is technically part of the stores at

  3. What’s funny is, I have always used two $1/1 coupons (or whatever the value might be) on b1g1 items at Kroger stores. Mine have never beeped. Are they just saying it will beep to get you to not try to use them? More or less, they are just offering each one at 50% off (even though one usually rings up at free and one at full price) and the system still thinks you bought two as far as the upc number goes so the second coupon seems to go through. Unless they have recently changed it. Recently they had wholly salsa on sale b1g1 and I used two $1/1 coupons and had no issues. I didn’t realize their policy stated this and it ended up working so it makes me think that it will work but they don’t want you to use 2 coupons (even though it doesn’t make sense since they get the money back from the mfr).

  4. I use 2 coupons for BOGO free (one being for the free item) all the time at King Soopers and Safeway both! I have never been declined. Maybe it depends on the sale, cashier, or store manager?

  5. Everytime I have tried to use a $1/2 with a BOGO sale at Kings, I have always been turned down. The cashiers (multiple) have told me that since I am not technically purchasing the 2nd item, I cannot use the $1/2 coupon – I would have to get 4 items to use the coupon.

    • I have been told that is Not True because the store is still selling 2 items and being paid for 2 items because the Manufacturer of the coupon is paying the store for that free item. I guess alot of stores are different but it is usually worth debating with a Manager and in my personal experience the Manager has always sided with Me :)

  6. Charlotte says:

    I just used 2 coupons for the cuties that are b1g1 at Albertson’s and had no issue…

  7. Also at SuperTarget, I’ve seen coupons beep with the message “Can’t use a coupon on a free item.”

  8. Hi!

    I’ve tried asking a few coupon gurus and still cannot get an answer. Maybe you can shed some light :)

    How do B1G1 coupons apply to B2G1 sales?

    Ex: A few weeks ago there was a B2G1 sale for Orbit gum at Safeway. I gave the cashier 2 B1G1 coupons in conjunction w/ the sale. I keep figuring and figuring and I cannot come up with a solution.

    I ended up buying 4 packs and only paid for one… but I can’t help but wonder if I should have gotten 6 packs for the price of one. PLEASE help me figure it out!!!

    • Hi, Shae! Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a cut-and-dried answer on this one – it’s just going to depend on how the cashier you get rings it up. Some might give you 6 packs for the price of one, others might only give you 4.

      Sorry there’s not a more clear-cut answer!

  9. What about coupons that are applied to 2 items? I just saw one for $1 off when you buy both pickles and mayo. Could I use that coupon plus one for either the pickles or the mayo?

    • No, that coupon would apply to both coupons, so you couldn’t use any additional coupons with it.

  10. I didn’t see this in any of your coupon facts: how do you feel about using a coupon on a trial sized item if the coupon doesn’t have a size restriction listed?

    • Personally? I don’t do it – one, because I’m unsure if the manufacturer really intended it to be used that way; and two, trial sizes are often not worth the hassle for me.

      I don’t necessarily think it’s wrong if the coupon doesn’t state not valid on trial size, but if it beeps at the checkout, my guess is the manufacturer doesn’t intend for it to be used that way. Kind of a grey area, though!

  11. My question is why use 2 coupons with a B1G1? Unless the 2nd coupon is tagged to the ‘unfree’ item, then it takes the money off of the free item…which is kind of pointless right? I am in Fl where I guess most stores do a true B1G1 as opposed to ringing up both at half price. Does it all depend on how things are rung up?

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