Denver Post Subscription Deal: $52 for 52 Weeks

If you’ve been looking for a deal on a subscription to the Denver Post, here’s one you might look into: right now, you can get a Sunday-only subscription to the Post, along with a Thursday subscription to the Colorado Springs Independent, for $1 per week (26 or 52 week options)!

This deal is for new subscribers in select (Colorado Springs) zip codes only; you may not have had a newspaper delivered in the past 30 days in order to be eligible. (I’ve seen it happen where if you have not paid for a renewal, but they have kept delivering, you will not be eligible for this deal.)

If you’re only interested in the Post, you may want to call their office to see if you can get a better deal – seems like a reader recently reported subscribing for around $0.75 per week, but either way, it’s at least a decent deal if you’re not yet subscribed to the Post.

Thanks, Tammy!



  1. I am getting 3 (that’s right 3) Denver Posts for $60 per year. I get the paper Thurs-Sunday I think or maybe it’s Friday-Sunday, I can’t remember now. I live in zip 80918 and this is some kind of new subscriber rate for $20 per year but I asked for 3 subscriptions. Getting 3 coupon inserts has been GREAT!!! Good luck getting this one too!

  2. They also mention that you can get two free Rockies tickets when you subscribe to 26 weeks. Fine print: “Offer expires April 30, 2011. Subscription includes special holiday issues throughout the year. Offer valid in current home delivery areas in El Paso and Teller Counties…Minimum home delivery subscription of 26 weeks to receive two free Rockies tickets.”

  3. Really??!! I *just* subscribed paying over $4 a month just for ONE paper! I asked for a new subscriber rate and they said there were none! Arggghhhh!!! I’m paying $14.16 a month for 3 Sunday papers :(

  4. lol, nevermind. I guess I’m only paying $9 more a year than this deal. Had to do some quick math!

    3 papers a week for $60 a year? wow! I figured that as a new subscriber, I’m paying $184 for 52 weeks. Not much of a new subscriber deal, I don’t think. Should have waited.

  5. I subscribed 18 months ago through & got a rate of $2.87/mo, for Sat & Sun. They kept delivering & billing that rate. Today I got a postcard in the mail, telling me that my rate was going up to $3.25/mo … not complaining – still a great deal!

  6. When I moved to Denver, I got an offer for the Sunday/holiday paper for $9.95 for a year. I got a renewal offer for the same rate. That’s $.19/week! I have tried to find that deal for a friend but couldn’t.

  7. I just tried to do this deal and was told that because I live in the Springs, which is a regular delivery area, I was unable to get it for $52. If I lived in an out lying area then I would have qualified for the deal. When I inquired about

    • Hmm… I thought the deal was *only* for Colorado Springs?! I actually tried using a Denver zip code and it didn’t work, but a Springs one did. Did you per chance happen to go through the order process online, instead of calling?

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