Reader Request: Affordable Preschool in Colorado Springs

A request from Sarah:

My daughter will be going to preschool this summer or fall – all of the preschools I have looked at are at least $130 to $165 a week. I am a small town girl so it’s all a bit overwhelming for me to choose from.

Does anyone know of a good preschool they would suggest that would be more affordable? I am located near Carefree but would be willing to travel for the right preschool.

If you can recommend a quality, affordable preschool for Sarah, please comment on this post!

If you’re thinking of doing preschool at home, you might find this post with preschool curriculum and ideas helpful!

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  1. First Step Pre-School in Black Forest (Black Forest Rd and Shoup) is WONDERFUL! They charge $168/month for 3 mornings. I’m not sure what the 2 day is, I think it’s something like $130ish. (although I think it’s going up a little starting in the fall, but I know that it’s less than $10/month) I can’t say enough good things about them! Not only are they affordable, but they have a quality, wonderful, pre school. Their website is

    • I second that! Right now we pay $127/month for two days – it is going up a bit next year, but only a few dollars. My son loves it and his teachers and he comes home and tells me so many things he has learned.

  2. Sarah,

    Can you give me a little more information about what you are looking for? There are lots! of choices in Colorado Springs and it would help narrow things down a bit. How many days a week are you looking at? Do you want full day or half day? Do you have a preference for style of program, for example more structured or more of a Montessori approach? Do you have a preference for a center or is an in home preschool ok?

    • I am looking for a 3 day a week preschool. My child can read words and I’m sure with the right direction she would learn to read easily. I am looking to send her to an actual preschool – not at my home. As an only child she needs more interaction with children. I was thinking I would send her for 3 full days – but this can be flexible.

      • By in home I meant that I know some people who have in home preschools for other kids but they might be a little far north. Handprints has a good program and seems reasonably priced. I would also recommend visiting to see how you feel about the preschool.

      • Just to echo what others have said I have also heard good things about Springs Community Church.

      • Just a thought. It sounds as though your daughter is doing really well when it comes to academics. I’m not a huge fan of preschool, but understand the need for socialization, especially if she’s an only child. Have you considered enrolling her in different classes, such as swimming, dance, gymnastics, soccer .. etc. Those will give her interaction with other kids, plus she’ll learn to take direction from another adult besides yourself? She’ll continue to thrive at home with the academics & enjoy the extra-curricular classes.
        If preschool is a must, I’ve heard great things about Springs Community & also Sunrise Methodist (Briargate Blvd).

      • I would be ok with an at home preschool too. I have looked into ads for home daycares that do preschool and my only concern about that is some of them take 2 yr olds and I think it might be hard to teach a 4 year old child and a 2 yr old at the same time and keep it age appropriate for both of them.

  3. Michelle says:

    D11 has a free preschool program.
    From the D11 website…
    “School District Eleven Early Childhood Office in conjunction with Community Partnership Child Development offers preschool at many locations.

    Students who are three or four years of age by October 1 may be eligible for attendance.

    If your home school is: Bates, Buena Vista, Bristol, Freedom, Freemont, Grant, Chipeta, Columbia, Edison, Henry, Howbert, Hunt, Jackson, Keller, King, Lincoln, Steele, Taylor, Trailblazer, Madison, Martinez, McAuliffe, Monroe, Penrose, Rogers, Rudy, Scott, Stratton, Twain, and Wilson, call the preschool office at 328-3111.

    If your home school is: Audubon, Carver, Midland, Queen Palmer, Twain, and Wilson, call 635-1536 for information. “

    • Regarding the D-11 free preschool program, you should be aware that spots are filled on an as needed basis. In other words, it is federally funded to help with early identification of learning disabilities, speech issues ..etc. Students that have been identified with “special” needs get priority. After those spots are taken, any vacant spots are filled with other students. It can take a year or so for a spot to open up in the preschool. I’ve heard the program is really great, but it can be hard to get in!

      • I second a recommendation for the D-11 preschool. My experience was at Fremont (near Union and Academy) and it was *awesome*! My husband got laid off, so we went from full-time day care to less than 3 hours a day of preschool. My son really thrived, and the teachers were great. His class was not full for most of the year, so I think that at some schools you can get in year-round–if you express a willingness to go to different schools, I think you can get in. This was just this past year for us (son is in kindergarten now) so my experience is pretty recent.

  4. My son attends Bethel Lutheran Preschool and they have a 2 or 4 day option per week. It is located off Austin Bluffs and Farmingdale. Two days per week is $150 per month and I believe 4 days is $300 per month. It is from 9am to 1pm. They are doing enrollment for Fall right now, so you would want to call immediately. They have both a 3-4 class and a Pre-K class. This session goes through Mid-May, and I don’t believe they are currently full if you wanted to try it for a couple months. We LOVE it and do the 3-4 class 2 days per week.

  5. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a preschooler, but my advice is to visit the ones you might be interested in. That’s what we did and when we found the right one, we knew and price wasn’t even an issue. There are so many different ideas of what preschool is and we found a lot of them to feel more like daycare than preschool! We used Counterpoint preschool, but it has switched owners since we were there. We paid $250/month for 3 half days.

    We also used a D11 preschool for our other 2 kids and we were very happy with it! They had so much fun, but they also worked individually with the kids so they really progressed in their pre-reading skills. Of course the bonus was that it was free. :)

  6. Marsha Cook says:

    We go to Springs Community Church Preschool. We really like it there. The learning is not pushed yet it gets done. I feel the focus is on relationship building. It really has been a great place for my twins as well as their older brother.

  7. We have loved Fellowship of the Rockies Preschool for our kids. It’s $200 per month for 3 mornings per week (Tues,Wednesday, Thurs) from 8:30-12. There are still openings for fall 2011. Call the office and ask for Maureen or Lori for preschool info at 719-633-4659. It is located at 1625 s 8th St in the 80905 zipcode. The teachers are amazing and the kids learn more than they need to know for kindergarten – plus they are taught wonderful Christian values.

  8. We sent our son last year to Springs Community Church Preschool. We give it high marks. Last year it cost us $130 per month for 2 afternoons a week. Here’s the weblink for more information:
    My son, who is now in kindergarten, has asked why we can’t go back to preschool this year! I do believe there is a financial aid consideration if you need it. Also, there’s the option to go 3 afternoons/ mornings a week too.

  9. I’m a mom in Dallas, but I can offer general suggestions for finding affordable preschool: Look at Methodist Churches for a Mother’s Day Out Program. That is one of their missions, so alot of them tend to have a program. Typically, it is offered up to 3 days, usually no more than 6 hours a day, and for cheap. ($25 a day or less).

    Another place to look would be a YWCA. Childcare is a YWCA mission too. You can most likely get all-day, every day, daycare/preschool for $115 a week or less. Drop in day rates at around $35 per day, with a minimum of 3 days.

    One more idea: If you meet government income guidelines, look for a HeadStart PreK program. Often they are located within a local public elementary, and sometimes not. These are free and paid for by federal government. (In our area, spots not taken by kids who meet guidelines, are sold by lottery to paying parents. The price is usually much cheaper than regular preschool.)

    Hope that helps!

  10. Hi Sarah,
    My son started preschool last year at the Briargate YMCA for 2 half-days for $139/month and now goes 3 half-days this year for $170/month. I love the small class size, extra activities such as swimming and Spanish and find it enriching for him socially as well. There are other YMCA preschool programs throughout the Colorado Springs area and you can visit with the teacher or director to get more information. Hope this helps!

  11. Adrienne says:

    We use Calvary Preschool and they are great. I have had a child in their school for the last 4 years and will be sending another next year. They have a 3 day option for $176 per month or a 2 day option fo $130 per month. They are located on Austin Bluffs just east of Academy. The website is Good Luck!

  12. My daughter currently attends Springs Community Church Preschool and loves it. She is going 2 days/week right now and it is $130/mo. Next year she will be in the preK class and it is $185/mo I believe. Hope that helps. Definitely visit and check out the classrooms. It helped me make my decision when I started shopping around.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Hi Sarah,
    We absolutely love Counterpoint preschool downtown.
    Carla who owns it is truly amazing a “special soul” if you will. The children are exposed to so many different things from trips to parks to firefighter coming to talk. Plus their academic program during the school year is fantastic. I HIGHLY recommend Counterpoint. We pay by the month but I think it is 150 or 160 a week for full time (which is what we do) and like $35 a day for part time. Again you are welcome to email me or call me and I can give you more details. You can reach me on

  14. My kiddos (ages 2 and 4) go to the Love Club at East United Methodist Church. They LOVE it! And the rates are very reasonable. They are open Mon-Thurs from 8:30-12:30. You can pick whatever days work for you. They charge $16 per day and do not charge for snow days, spring break, etc. Good luck with picking out a preschool. Such a hard decision!

  15. We loved Wilson Christian Preschool at Wilson United Methodist Church. It is west of I-25 and Woodmen. Awesome teachers, great program, and less than $200 per month I believe. They have a MWF and a T/Th program, depending on age., 6460 Flying W Ranch Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80919, 719.598.8420.

    Good luck!

  16. Counterpoint is AMAZING!!! Don’t know how much it is for part-time, cause we go 5 days a week, but it was one of the best prices we found when we were looking. We couldn’t ask for a better place to have our kids. Talk to Carla and check it out. She is absolutely fantastic! I really can’t say enough good things about the school.

  17. I vote for Springs Community, too. My youngest son went to pre-K year there. My older 2 went to Calvary (on Beverly and Austin Bluffs). Calvary was ok. I liked the experience at Springs Community better.

  18. I am a state certified preschool teacher, and I used to work as an Assistant Director for a corporate preschool. However, I just recently opened up a licensed in home child care program in Stetson Hills. I have worked in centers for the past 10 years teaching and administrating infant, toddler, preschool, and school age classrooms. The centers that I supervised were Qualistar rated and NAEYC accredited. They are programs with extremely high standards in child care. I decided to open up my own program when I was pregnant with my son so that I could continue teaching and include my own children. Combining the two is a dream come true!
    There definitely is the aspect of mixed ages. However, I have worked in programs with children who were 3-5 years old or infant to three. It definitely takes an experienced teacher to know how to meet the needs of each child, but that is one of my strengths. Plus my degree is in Early Childhood Education, so I understand and use best practices for children. What I love is that I can provide children with the tools they need to learn in their early years, and I can also benefit their parents by providing a high quality program while being more affordable than centers.
    My rate is $30 for a full day. The price goes down to $26/day for Monday through Friday. My website, which has more info, is It is rare to find someone with my qualifications for home programs, and I have set up an actual classroom in my home. I’d love to talk with anyone who would like more information!

  19. When my youngest daughter was in preschool, she went to Handprints Early Education Centers (formerly run by CSCS, but now separate… but has the same superintendent). They have many different options for days and hours. Tuition is based on what arrangement you choose. Website is
    Fantastic for learning, social interaction, and Christian values…my daughter loved it.

  20. Hi Sarah,

    I’m the director at Sunrise Preschool off of Union and Briargate (Sunrise Methodist Church). We have an excellent program that is available for children ages 1-5. Mother’s Morning Out is available up to two days per week for ages 1($18 per day) and 2 ($20 per day). Preschool is available for 3 year olds (T/TH only) and 4 year olds (MWF only). Depending on what time you choose, 9:00-11:30 or 9:00-1:00 the cost is anywhere from $120-$260 per month. We also have a prep kindergarten class for 5 year olds ($270 per month; M-TH 9:00-1:00) who miss the age cut off or just aren’t ready for kindergarten. If you would like to take a tour, register for the fall or sign up for our summer kindergarten enrichment program please email me at We are closed this week for spring break but will be open again on Monday the 28th. Please feel free to forward this to anyone else who may be interested or go to our website at

    Have a blessed week!

  21. My kids attend the Love Club at East United Methodist Church. It’s a great preschool and have EXTREMELY reasonable rates. My kiddos love going to school! I know they have a few openings for this fall (Fall 2011).

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