Easter Egg Hunts In Colorado Springs

Sarah just asked this question on Facebook:

Does anyone know where to find Easter egg hunts for younger kids – like the 2 or 3 year old group?

If you know of any Easter egg hunts going on in Colorado Springs this week, please comment! Feel free to share your tips for any age group.



  1. The only one I could think of is the one in Old Colorado City – but I’m sure there are others! Here’s info on the one in OCC:


  2. PikesPeakParent.com has a listing of Egg Hunts. http://www.pikespeakparent.com/blogs/easter-roundup-egg-hunts-easter-bunny-celebrate-spring.html

    Also, I know in the past when my girls were little some of the model homes in new developments would have easter egg hunts. Also, some neighborhoods have egg hunts for people who live in that neighborhood.

    Here is another link to a listing of egg hunts. http://www.cohomepages.com/Holidays_Easter_Events/page_2350046.html

  3. We’re going to an Easter egg hunt at the Ponderosa Retreat and Conference Center (off of I-25 and County Line Road in Monument) on Saturday from 11:00-1:00. Tri-Lakes Chapel sponsors it and there are lots of eggs to hunt and free hot dogs, hot cocoa, face painting, etc. We went last year, and it was lots of fun!

    • Sounds fun! I was just at Ponderosa last weekend for a retreat. Do you have to attend Tri-Lakes Chapel to participate? We have an egg hunt in our community but it is crazy with tons of people; last year my little boy didn’t get a single egg…

      • No, you don’t have to attend Tri-Lakes Chapel to attend. Open to all! Bring your own basket. Your little boy will for sure get some eggs/candy and have a lot of fun! :)

        • Thanks so much for your help! Sounds really fun!

          • Vicky Rasmussen says:

            Allison, you child will surely get some eggs. We attend Tril Lakes Chapel and there will be over 9000 eggs and they let the little ones out first, they roll out the kids based on age and they hid the eggs for the little ones in a different area so they are not trampled by the bigger kids. =) Hope to see you there!

            • Vicki,
              I take my kids to the Easter Egg event at Ponderosa! As a non-member of the Tri-Lakes Chapel, is there some way for me to make a donation? Your Church does a fantastic job and you all should consider a donation box for those of us who would like to say Thanks… even if completely anonymous. Thank you!!!

  4. I would avoid the one at the mall in conjunction with 99.9. We went last year and it was horrible. There were way too many people and they funnel you down one wing of the mall, so if you’re not at the very front of the pack, the eggs are all gone. Besides that, you have to wait in lines forever for two minutes of madness to return with an empty basket. They really need to do their big hunt in a more open area where people can approach it from more than one side. We ended up holding a hunt with three familes. Everyone filled a number of eggs (like 10 per each child in their family) and we told the kids they could find x amount. It worked really well and everyone was happy.

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for the heads up on the mall egg hunt because I was going to go, but it sounds too crowded and I’m not going there.The park sounds much better.

  5. Springs Community Church has an egg hunt along with Easter Crafts, face painting and a great puppet show. Saturday at 9am. on the corner of Lexington & Woodmen.
    It is very preschool appropriate as they only let a few kids out to the playground at a time and your child can fill up with lots of eggs.
    It is a great Christian event that is very well organized.

  6. Hello! I work at Springs Community Church at 7290 Lexington Avenue and we are having an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday April 23rd at 9am. It starts off with a puppet show from No Strings Attached and proceeds to the Eggstravaganza! Eggs will be hidden with candy inside for your kiddos to find.
    Please bring something to carry the eggs in and we hope to see you there!

    • This sounds like something my family would enjoy. What are the age limits? What kind of donations are expected? Thank You.

      • I am not aware of any age limits. No donations are expected – please just come and have fun!

  7. Rock Family Church also has a huge egg hunt at Mr. Bigg’s. They are doing it during all of their services — Friday night at 7:00, and Sunday at 9:00 and 10:45. They are planning to have 5000 filled eggs between the three services! They will also do the hunts in shifts, with the younger kids going first, etc. http://www.rockfamilychurch.com.

  8. First Evangelical Free Church (820 N. 30th St) has an Easter Eggstravaganza Saturday from 1 – 3:30pm. It’s for kids 2 years – 6th grade (and parent need to stay with them). There will be face painting, egg coloring, crafts, an egg hunt, an Easter Veggie Tales Video and the Easter story. They do ask that you RSVP to 634-3144 or pam@1freechurch.org

  9. The Gathering Community Center has an egg hunt open to the public at 10:00 on Saturday. It is located at 16275 Kingswood Dr, Colorado Springs. My kids went last year and had a blast! There were plenty of eggs to go around. My kids’ baskets were overflowing.

  10. Wow, I’m overwhelmed by the choices of places to take my 2 year old!! This will be a tough decision!

  11. Becky Pottinger says:

    Pikes Peak Christian Church is hosting a Community Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday April 23 @ Pinello Elementary. Starts at 9am! Kids ages 2-5 and Grades K-5.

  12. Toni Smith says:

    Chick-fil-a, Garden of the Gods will have an egg hunt on Sat. morning. might be very appropriate for little ones

  13. The weather is supposed to be cold tomorrow. Are there any good indoor easter egg hunts for my son, age 2? Thanks!

  14. Shilo Allen says:

    There is one in Manitou springs on Sunday ..starts at 1:00 Fields park west of the skate board park..

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