Food Co-Ops: Learning More About Provident People and Azure Standard

I’ve had a couple of people email recently sharing that they have started ordering things like grains and beans in bulk from food co-ops like Provident People and Azure Standard, and I thought maybe it would be beneficial to open up a post so you can share your experience with them and questions about how it works.  I haven’t ever done it, so I’m curious to hear what that of you who have like about it and what you’ve found to be a good deal.

If you’ve used Provident People or Azure Standard, or have questions about how they work, please join the discussion in the comments!

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  1. I’ve used Provident People a couple times. The rates change just like grocery deals, so it’s good to have an idea of what you pay so you can compare. In the past we’ve bought wheat, oats, milk, beans, and storage containers and other smaller emergency type products at good prices. They only do a large order once a year now though, used to be twice a year.

  2. I’m not familiar with these two companies, but I get bulk food from our local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints cannery (on Fountain). You can either buy food in bulk 25 pound bags or there are volunteers there to help if you want to can it for longer shelf life.

    A few current prices:
    Flour: $13.30/25 pounds
    Sugar: $21.15/25 pounds
    Rice: $13.85/25 pounds
    Beans (white, pinto, black): $16 – $18.55/25 pounds
    Powdered milk: $47.20/25 pounds
    Wheat berries (red or white): $11.25/25 pounds

    You don’t have to be LDS to go, you can just go with a friend who is (email me at if you want to go with me).

    • Actually, you don’t have to go with a member of the LDS church to purchase at the cannery. I went this month for some things (after phoning to make sure) and had no problems.

      Provident People does still offer two orders – spring and fall. Spring order is primarily Walton Feed, fall order is primarily Nutty Guys, with other items from other companies as well (those are just the primaries).

      I’ve never heard about Azure Standard, and will definitely check them out!

      • Is Nutty Guys cheaper through Provident People than it is with the Groupon deal they do all the time? I guess one advantage would be that you could order a lot more through Provident People that you could with Groupon.

        • Depends, Carrie. The fall order w/Nutty Guys is a bulk order, so items come in 5lb. increments instead of 1 lb. It’s great for stocking up on actual food (organic raisins, other dried fruits, nuts), and some years we buy 5 lb of one of the treats (say, choc. covered peanuts) and package them up for neighbors at Christmas.

        • I just purchased a Nutty Guys Groupon and spent it to buy almonds. We usually buy them through Provident People in the Fall. It’s DEFINITELY cheaper through PPN!! Through PPN last Fall, I paid 3.60/lb for raw almonds and only paid $6.20 for shipping on my large order. WIth the cost of the groupon and individual shipping (yikes!), I ended up paying more like 6.20/lb for the same almonds. :(

  3. We’ve just established an Azure Standard drop (route M-2) in Guymon, OK. It’s only been 2 months, but each time it’s been great. Now I don’t buy a lot of organic, but I’ll definately choose organic if I can get it for the same price or cheaper than non-organic =-)

    And with Azure Standard you don’t have to order bulk. I usually purchase the 3# bag of in-season organic apples for $1.90. And last month I got a great deal on seasonings (many organic). I did split the pound bags w/ a couple of friends, but it worked out great for all of us.

    There’s very, very few options for organic, bulk or natural foods in our area so getting to order from Azure has been a blessing.

  4. My sister-in-law from ND has been ordering from Azure Standard for years now, and I’m so excited that they finally have a route that extends to the Springs! I haven’t ordered anything yet, but I plan to in the future. I know that the sales that they have are usually pretty good and the fresh produce sales run at a great price. It’s also a good idea to go in with someone else on a order if your own order doesn’t reach the minimum. I’m looking forward to some good deals in the near future!

  5. So is there an Azure Standard drop point here? Anyone have any contact info or anything for that? thanks. :)

    • Taste of Life in Monument does Azure Standard ordering. 719-487-2858

    • If you order directly from, they will give you the contact info for the lady in Colorado Springs (I can’t find my paperwork that says her name). But, she is the one who will call you when the truck is ready for a drop off. The drop off happens once a month right before the entrance to the Air Force Academy.

  6. I have never heard of either one, can anyone explain a little more what this is please?

    • Azure Standard website says, “We specialize in natural, organic, earth-friendly foods and products. We deliver directly to customers, buying clubs and retailers by semi truck and UPS.”

      You can look at their catalog at, but you won’t get prices until you create an online account. Once I created my account, I think I’ve received one email a month from them (they aren’t hyper sales).

      I bake alot of bread for our family, so that was my purpose for finding Azure Standard. I was paying about $1/lb for whole wheat flour. From Azure Standard I’ve purchased 25lbs of flour for $12.95 (.52/lb). That’s been a huge savings for me.

      I don’t know about sale competitive pricing for dried beans (as I never remember to look during a sale), but I was able to get organic dried beans for less than any local stores non-organic dry beans. I priced Albertson’s, Walmart and Target before purchasing from Azure Standard.

      I also purchased stevia, sunbutter, gluten free flours, popcorn and etc. from them as it’s cheaper than Sunflower Market and Natural Grocers.

      I haven’t purchased produce from them, so I can’t address the quality.

      One month, I didn’t receive all that I had ordered and the next day called them. They credited my account for the next purchase without a hassle. I was please with their customer service.

      You do have an order deadline each month and it’s more prudent to order $50 worth or they will charge you an extra fee. They do charge an extra drop fee.

      When you place your order, the checkout screens will tell you when the drop off date happens.

      On the designated date, you meet the truck at a drop off location. (The last location I went to was by the Airforce Academy entrance)

      Even though it is a different process than going to the grocery store, I did think it was worth the effort to purchase quality food from Azure Standard.

  7. Thanks for all the information on these. This is definitely something I want to look into at some point.

  8. Hi there!
    I’ve been using Azure Standard for a little over a year now and LOVE it! Prices are great! You have the option of buying in bulk or in smaller quantities and you can order monthly from them. They have now become one of my main sources for grocery shopping. Love their customer service, LOVE their sales, love their produce and just LOVE Azure! I am so thrilled I found them!

  9. Is there a location close to Aurora Colorado?

  10. Hey ladies! I love that you are asking about Azure Standard. I am the social media manager for Covenant Ranch Trucking and we have been asked to take over serving the routes in all of Colorado. We are looking forward to serving each of you!
    You are welcome to join our FB page at, visit our website, email me or call us in the office to learn more. 785-380-0034.
    We are delighted to have the opportunity to serve folks in Colorado! Azure Standard carries so many different high quality and incredibly affordable products. Feel free to join their website to learn more as well.
    Looking forward to hearing from each of you!

  11. Hello! My name is Dale. Stephanie (my wife) and I are the Azure Standard drop coordinators for Colorado Springs. If you have any questions, please send us an e-Mail to

    We are not a store front; just a family living in Falcon that desires to provide local families with a central drop location for the products Azure Standard carries.

    Please note that the above e-Mail address is not the one you will order through. I’ve had to create an initial contact address to limit the spam.


  12. Debbie Lundy says:

    There are now several Azure Standard drops in the Colorado Springs area. As Dale mentioned he and his family head up the group in the Falcon area. My family heads up the new group for the Monument/Northern Colorado Springs area and Annie heads up a group in the Ft. Carson/Security area. If you have more questions you can contact any of us to get plugged into the group in your area.


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