How Do I Get Coupons For Fresh Produce?

I seem to notice that while you get coupons on processed items, you get very few coupons for vegetables or fruits. Is there a way to get coupons on fruits and produce?

It’s true, there are few coupons for fresh produce, at least compared to the number of coupons for other products.  But, there are a few ways to get coupons on fresh fruit and veggies!

First, you have to remember that most fresh produce doesn’t have a “brand” – leaf lettuce is, well, just leaf lettuce, and there’s no coupon for no-name brands.

But, some produce, such as bagged salads or berries, does have a brand, and there are occasionally coupons for those brands!  Your best bet is to go to the websites of those brands and sign up for their email newsletter – they’ll usually either send you a coupon for signing up, or if not, if they do release a coupon, they’ll let you know by email.

For example, Driscoll’s Berries sends you a coupon for 50¢ off when you sign up on their website.

You’ll also want to keep your eyes peeled for coupons while you’re in the store’s produce section – I know I’ve seen little boxes with coupons for Fresh Express or Earthbound Farms salads from time to time.

Your best bet for saving money on produce is to buy what’s on sale and in season: if lettuce is $1.99 that week, it’s not a good time to have Caesar salad – choose something that is on sale instead.

You’ll also save money on produce if you shop at stores that specialize in it, like Sunflower Market or Rancho Liborio.  While Rancho Liborio’s quality can be hit-or-miss, especially near the end of their sale cycle, in my opinion it can be worth shaving off a few bad spots for how much cheaper it is.

If shopping at Sunflower Market or Rancho Liborio is out of the way for you, look at their ad and see what’s on sale, then plan to buy a lot all at once.  No, it’s not worth driving an extra 15 minutes to save 50¢ per pound on jalapenos, but if you’re also planning on stocking up on bell peppers, potatoes, zucchini, and apples while you’re there, it can be worth it.

Also, it will be farmer’s market season soon, and while I’ve not found any consistently amazing deals at the market, it is a great way to get pesticide-free produce for less.  (And I’ve heard if you know how to bargain for their end-of-the-day leftovers, you can get great deals, too!)

What are you tips for saving on produce?  Know of any other produce coupons out there?



  1. I’d be interested in a post all about how to get the most out of farmer’s market shopping. Farmer’s Market 101!!

    • I would, too – anyone want to write it? I have little experience to truly speak from!

  2. King Soopers has a free little magazine thing that you can often find in the produce department. Occasionally those will have coupons for produce (like bags of salad).

  3. Right now Safeway has a little brochure (simple nutrition) in their stores produce section. There’s a $1 off $5+ produce purchase on the back. I pick one up everytime I’m in the store.
    Like Carrie says, I pretty much buy my produce strictly at Sunflower or Sprouts. I buy whatever is on sale that week.

  4. Don’t forget about Produce Markdowns! Bagged Salads & Veggies often get marked down with a day or two left before the sell-by date. That’s a great way to pick up some salad that your going to eat right away. Also, look for marked down bananas, and other ‘very ripe’ fruits! These are great to eat right away, or to freeze for smoothies.

    • I buy red tape bananas frequently! A lot of times they aren’t even marked down because they’re ripe – they bunch up all the “singles” and sell them together since no one will buy a single, I guess. :)

  5. We moved away from Sunflower Market, and if you live near one, like Carrie I encourage you to go – that store is amazing! Loved it!
    Anyway, the price of a head of red leaf, green leaf or romain lettuce is 1.89-1.99 here, so I just have to buy it. The nutritional benefits outweigh the cost vs iceberg lettuce which is a lot cheaper, but basically just water.
    The main way I save on lettuce is marked down stuff, like someone else said. I can often find the organic “plastic boxed” spinach, arugula, and spring mix marked down. They always last quite a ways past the ‘ best by’ date if I sort the bad ones out of the lot.
    In the past I have also stumbled upon bags of apples marked down, as they had ‘best by’ dates on them that were close.However they were granny smith, and these last quite a lot longer than best by dates.
    You might find that the best time to find marked-down produce is in the mornings, as that should be when employees are marking down items for the day.

    • I’ve actually had good luck buying markdowns later in the day, believe it or not! I can’t decide what time of day King Soopers marks down their stuff, but I know I seem to find more stuff in the afternoons and evenings!

      • I can’t figure it out either! It seems to depend on the store. For a while I would stop by one specific store in the mornings and find great markdowns; but another store a mile away – nothing.

  6. you have to be careful about farmer’s markets. I’ve seen many every summer buy the produce @ the store on sale and sell it as their own. Like peaches & watermelons when they are dirt cheap @ Kings and then they jack up the price but forget to remove some of the stickers that say CA! Or one summer, a man tried to sell me “homegrown local vadelia onions”. Thats impossible. Real vadelia onions can only be grown in Georgia. Swindlers and cons everywhere ya go!

  7. I use coupons on produce all the time! This week I had a coupon for bagged apples, a coupon for avocados, and used coupons on raspberries and carrots.

    I use the Mperks digital coupon program and they have liberal amounts of store coupons for fresh produce.

    And today, my Meijer store coupon for 75 cents off of apples was combined with a sale, making the apples even cheaper.

    I also signed up for the Driscoll’s advisory panel and every time I complete a survey, they give me another berry coupon. I used those on raspberries today, combined with a sale. I also signed up with Earthbound Farms and they send coupons for organic produce straight to my email box on a regular basis.

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