Review: Dollar World (Fillmore St)

Give a mom an afternoon all to herself (plus baby) and what does she do? Why, she goes price shopping at Sam’s and Costco and does thrift store reviews, of course!

A few weeks ago I stopped into Dollar World on Fillmore, after hearing from a few readers that that had some great stuff, different that the “typical” dollar store. Here’s what I found…

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at what this store carried! I’m not an expert dollar store shopper, but I do stop into Dollar Tree from time to time, so that’s what I would tend to compare it to.

The food was typical dollar store – mostly off-brand, with a few name brands mixed in. I didn’t spot any amazing food deals, and you’ll want to be sure you know your prices so you don’t end up spending more than you would on sale at the grocery store.

Here’s some great deals on what’s a good deal at dollar stores!

This store had a lot of stuff – everything from food items to flip flops to toys to kitchen goods and cleaning supplies. The usual dollar store stuff, but it seemed to be they had a lot of it!

I found these flip flops with characters like Curious Georgeand Strawberry Shortcake for just a buck! I didn’t buy anyway, but it sure beats getting up early to try to hit one of Old Navy’s $1 flip flop sale.

Shoelaces, anyone?  I don’t exactly keep a running tally of shoelace prices, but $1 seemed pretty good.

I almost bought this vintage-looking syrup container (a dollar?!) but I resisted since I already have a real vintage one.  This was a serious bargain in my opinion, though!

While overall I liked this store, there was one thing that was a little confusing: most items are $1.00, but some items are $1.50 or $1.75.  When I asked the owner about it, he indicated that there was one main section that was more than $1.00, with a few other items scattered throughout the store.

So, basically, everything’s $1.00 if it’s not marked with a different price sticker, but you’ll need to watch for those other price stickers.  There didn’t seem to be too many of them, but I did see a few scattered throughout the store so you’ll want to make sure you watch the price to make sure it’s what you thought it was.

Is this a “destination store” – worth driving out of the way to shop?  I’d probably say no, the deals were not that much more above and beyond a Dollar Tree to warrant spending extra time and gas to get to this store.  But if you live near it or are passing by, it might be worth a stop!

If you’ve been to Dollar World, let us know what you like to buy at this store by leaving a comment!

Dollar World is located at 710 East Fillmore Street in Colorado Springs. If you’re in the area, you might want to check out the Goodwill Outlet Store just a few blocks away!

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  1. cworkman says:

    Great local neighborhood Dollar store – not at all like the corporate dollar stores. As a guy, this place has great over dollar quality Pet Items, Hardware, Ceramic items and the Toys for kids are much nicer and don’t compare to the junk you find in the corporate dollar stores. They carry quality over dollar items for prices that are lower than the big box stores. Folks are always nice and as I found out, for small businesses, schools and churches they provide discounts for volume purchases and specialty ordering. Every time I go in I see lots of new stuff compared to the corporate stores that seem to carry mostly the same general items over and over. Some of the very same gardening items I have seen in the stores here and out of state for 2.99 to 4.99, they sell for a dollar. Their Hardware aisle is full of great deals as well. The place is always busy during the spring and summer and especially around Christmas because the kind of stuff they sell is bigger and nicer than normal $1 retail stores. My wife likes to go in and get latex and Mylar balloons that you can pick from and have them filled up while you wait like the party stores but for less. What I like the most, after I have been in a few times, they know my name and say hello good to see you – not something I experience elsewhere. They fill a niche in the community and since they are off Fillmore and close to the highway I would recommend to anyone to make the trip – you’ll find something you like there.

  2. I live in the San Luis Valley and a friend of mine purchased some alien figures he saw at Dollar World. I would like more of them so need to find their phone #. Do you by chance have that info? Thanks!

  3. I completely agree with cworkman. I miss the variety of the old non-chain dollar stores and this place offers just that. The people are far friendlier than the chains and offer name brand items as well as just higher quality on general. Just off I-25 I wouldn’t consider it “out of the way” but I live 75 miles from this store and never sorry for the visit! The items over 1.00 are located on the cashier side of the store. Take a look you won’t regret it and help keep one of the few mom and pop stores in business!

  4. I come down from Denver to go to this dollar store. They have everything and then some.
    Great family owned feel, not big chain. The products are better too. Can’t believe some of things I find there!
    Worth the drive for sure!!

    Thank you guys!

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