$1 County Fair Admission For Everyone Tomorrow

Just a reminder that the El Paso County fair is going on out in Calhan and they’ve got a number of discount days going on!  You can check out the full scoop on state and county fairs here, but I wanted to let you know that kids aged 12 and under get $1 off admission today, and Wednesday is $1 admission for everyone!



  1. Kristine says:

    We went today for the first time ever…was surprised how much smaller than the state fair in Pueblo. If you don’t go on dollar day (tomorrow), it’s a bit pricey for the entertainment value and the drive is just a bit shorter than to Pueblo.

  2. It is a lot smaller than the state fair – then again, ALL the county fairs in the state ‘funnel in’ to state.

    If you have littles, that can be a good thing. The poultry barn is 4 aisles of poultry, including market birds…instead of row upon row upon row upon row.

    And if you’re in Whittemore, look in the 4-H area for a bright yellow folder entitled ‘How to Attract Wild Birds’ – that’s my daughter’s! She also took 3rd place in the pee wee poultry show on Sunday morning. It was her first time, and she did great! (She is five.)

  3. We spent 1/2 the day at the fair today – $1 day. It was a really fun family day for us. Thanks for posting it!

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