Support Deployed Military With Expired Coupons

Did you know that US military personnel can use expired manufacturer’s coupons at commissaries on overseas bases?  Many deployed families really appreciate it when we take just a few extra minutes to send our expired coupons to them, but a lot of us just never get around to figuring out where to send them.

Reader Victoria has been collecting and sending expired coupons to overseas military for some time now, and has offered to take care of sending your expired coupons, too.  You can send your expired coupons to Military Coupons Program at 1445 Falcon Valley Hts #208; Colorado Springs, CO 80921.  Victoria will be sending them on an ongoing basis to a base in Okinawa, Japan.

Please keep this in mind when sending your expired coupons:

  • New – please divide your coupons into food and non-food (including pet food) categories.
  • Do not send coupons that are more than 2-3 months from expiration.
  • Only send coupons that are clipped – not whole inserts.
  • Do not send store coupons; only manufacturer’s coupons are able to be redeemed.

If you have any questions about this program, please email Victoria directly at

Thanks for supporting our troops in this way!



  1. I just wanted to confirm that printables are ok to send?

  2. I wanted to let you know there is a couponing group here in Colorado that also sends coupons off and meets to swap other coupons, along with learning the proper use of coupons, How to save, Where to begin, and many other things. We send our coupons to Italy & Germany!

    Thank You!

    • Do you have any details on this group? Where they meet,contact info, etc.?

    • Hi Crystal: we would love to partner with you in some way. we have a new couponing group @ Peterson and we would like to exchange coupons with people here in town. is there some way we can get together and widen the circle? I also receive tons of expired coupons so maybe we can partner on that also!

    • hi, I just came across this post and was wondering a bit more about the couponing group in Colorado springs? me and my sister are just starting to learn about couponing but could really use some guidance. please contact me through email if you guys have any info,

  3. Does anyone know if we can just drop the coupons off at the address or another place, postage is so high I don’t want to waste $$ mailing something across town.

    • I send coupons to my friends in Germany… we could always use them for up to 6 months after expiration… printables are fine, just not safeway or walgreens or something like that. If you would like, I can give you my address (through email) and you can drop them on my doorstep if it’s near where you live. I loved getting them when we were stationed there and people share the ones they can’t use with friends.

    • i know this is six months later but i thought if i could reply to you it might be helpful to others. the program in the springs has gotten so big that we have people who will pick up your coupons on a route and day. you just leave them outside your door or in a pre designated spot and we’ll pick them up. we agree, mailing them just adds to the $$ and doesn’t make sense. Please email me if u like and we’ll give you the details.

      • I have a stash of coupons that I have collected from friends & myself. They are only current or have expired in 2012, none for 2011. They are also already separated by food, nonfood, and pet. I would love to have someone pick them up, that can benefit others. The ladies I have previously handed them to, are not interested in receiving them at the moment.


      • I know this is an old post…I am not sure if everyone is still collecting for troops overseas, but i have a ton!! I myself am moving to Germany and I hope that my friends will send me all of their expired coupons! right now I have a HUGE bag full of expired ones…if anyone knows where I can send them Please let me know!! Thank you so much!

  4. I have been sending coupons to my daughter in Germany. They can use printed coupons, and they can be 90 days expired and still use them at the commissary. She shares the coupons she doesn’t need with the Family Readiness Group on base that supports the families of deployed service members.

  5. Angela Hoffman says:

    Is there a way to sign up to receive the expired coupons? i live in Baumholder, Germany and know LOTS of ladies that would love them.

    • Anke Menzies says:

      Hi Angela, if you want I can send my expired coupons directly to you or to your readiness group if you want. Just need an Address.
      There is another round of coupons that will expire today. 09/30/2011
      So just let me know and send me an email if you wish.
      I live in Colorado Springs, CO

    • Angela,

      I have tons of coupons that are expired and I am in a big coupon forum and am asking all my friends there to send me their expired coupons. If you email me your address, I would LOVE to send them your way. :) I am stationed at Ft Carson and would love to help out other military families. :) :)

    • ohhhh do i miss Germany!!!!!! my e-mail is…i have TONS of expired coupons get with me and i will send them to ya.

  6. hello, I just moved overseas to Guam with the Navy and was wondering if you knew of anyway to sign up to receive expired coupons. I am looking for yogurt, baby and dog coupons. Thanks for any insight. Nicole

  7. Hello. I am currently stationed here in Heidelberg Germany with my husband and 2 daughters. I was just wondering how I would sign up to recieve the coupons. Thank you! :)

  8. I have tons of expired coupons every month. Is there anyone who would like me to send mine directly to them. I would love knowing someone else could use them. I don’t have any small children so I can send all the baby ones I get. Please send me your info if you are interested.

  9. Hi, I am still trying to find out if I can get on an expired coupon pick up list. I have so many and it is expensive for me to mail them.

  10. I have a stack of inserts from the past 6 months that are expired. I have some that are clipped but most are full inserts, I do not have the time to clip them. If anyone wants to take them off my hands they are yours! I want them gone today or they are going in the trash. I live near Union & Research. Email me your phone number & I will call you to set up a time. babette (at) simanson . com

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